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The Walking Dead Shows The Return Of Ruthless Rick & Says Bye-Bye To Two Characters! Plus, Details About Beth???

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Obligatory ***SPOILER*** warning: If you didn't watch last night's episode of The Walking Dead then STOP reading right now!


Alright, we good readers? Let's talk about last night's episode Four Walls and a Roof, because it was pretty effing crazy.

We don't know where to begin, honestly.

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Actually, let's begin with the demise of the BobBQ that ended last week's episode!

So, the world is left wondering what's gonna happen to Bob at the hands of Gareth. Are they gonna keep him with them as a food source until the cannibals eat his whole body? Will they leave him there for Walkers to eat?

Turns out it's none of those things because Bob got some pretty epic revenge.

After sounding like he was sobbing from Gareth being an all around dbag, Bob starts laughing manically and screaming that he's tainted meat and they 'eatin' tainted meat!'

tainted meat you eatin it

Because everyone's suspicions were confirmed and he showed everyone the bite he got from a walker during the food raid!


Meanwhile in the church, Rick and the Gang find out that Gabriel the priest is pretty much a terrible human being and locked the doors of the church therefore killing a bunch of people who didn't have to die.

i locke the doors at night

So, while all this is happening, Gareth and his Termites continue being the POS's that they are and drop Bob off outside the church, where everyone finds out what happened to him and they want revenge like NOW.

bob on the ground

They also painted an A on the church in blood, which no one seemed to notice except the cameras. If you remember, however, the train car Rick & the Gang were kept in at Terminus was A, so this must be some sort of scare tactic Gareth was implementing that clearly did not work…

a on the wall

Anyway, the group decides they're gonna leave the church to seek out the Termites and kill them, because they're people of their word, so they leave and moments later…

They show up to the church because this was the plan all along?

group leaves group comes

Thinking they've got them cornered, Gareth tries coaxing them all out of their hiding spot and then JUDITH ruins it all.

judith cries

Have no fear, however, Ruthless Rick is back and shoots off Gareth's fingers before he can even come CLOSE to harming his precious and adorable baby girl.

rick shoots fingers

Well, Gareth pleads for his life, but Rick is a man of his word and - SURPRISE - hacks him up using the machete that he promised he would kill him with.

ruthless rick kills him

Oh and Sasha BEATS and stabs the guy who tried to kill Judith/the one who Tyrese DIDN'T kill in the cabin and it freaks Tyrese out BIG TIME.

sasha goes crazy

After the team triumphs and Gabriel freaks out because 'this is a house of God' and Maggie SHUTS HIM DOWN, Michonne is reunited with her sword, and then there are a lot of heartwarming moments.

Then Maggie, Glen, Abraham, and the rest of their cronies depart for DC, Michonne talks to Gabriel for a bit and then something rustles in the woods…

Is it a walker? Are they still being watched? Has Morgan finally showed up?


NOPE! It's Daryl, who seems to be alone until Michonne asks where Carol is and he beckons someone/something/some people forward from the woods.

AND THEN THE EPISODE ENDED. Talk about the mother of all cliff-hangers!

However, it looks like in the preview of next week we will FINALLY get to see what happened to Beth.

So hopefully some answers will be given then!

What did YOU think of last night's episode? Does Judith warm your heart every time she's on screen?

Are you happy to see Ruthless Rick back in action? Let us know (below)!!!

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7 comments to “The Walking Dead Shows The Return Of Ruthless Rick & Says Bye-Bye To Two Characters! Plus, Details About Beth???”

  1. Ashleigh says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez? Maybe have your writers actually watch the shows they write about ESPECIALLY if you are gonna claim spoilers in it that are not so much all spoilers as misinformation. The ‘A’ painted on the door is a nod back to the season 4 finale. The train car Rick and the group were put into was train car ‘A’, and I think Gareth left this on the door of the Church to try and scare Rick and his people further…..saying that although you escaped Terminus you’re still the cattle and this church is the new train car because we are going to eat you all anyway. Also, Gareth did not have his hand shot off. Rick shot off two of his fingers……….

  2. amy says – reply to this


    Re: Ashleigh – good call on the A on the building.

  3. Christine says – reply to this


    Re: Ashleigh
    Just came to say that!! Also, Sasha didn't beat Martin, she stabbed him. I mean, seriously? At LEAST watch the show if you're going to write about it.

  4. Ashleigh says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – Hahahaha seriously! They changed the article to be accurate now, WE WIN!

  5. texasannie says – reply to this


    soooooo awesome what Rick did. And he said he was gonna do it too. Bad Ass rick is back. Garath got his gooooooooooooooooooood!

  6. Paul says – reply to this


    What two characters? Bob died but no one else did. Just cause Glen and Maggie went with the group in the bus does not mean they are gone from the show. So who else in the cast died?

  7. amy says – reply to this


    Re: Paul – they didn't know where Daryl and Carol went.