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How Many Times Did This Woman Get Catcalled Just For Walking Around New York City??

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Well this stinks.

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A woman set up a hidden camera and walked around New York City to see just how often women are typically harassed on the streets.

And… the results were pretty upsetting.

It's actually crazy how much unsettling footage she got in just ten hours.

But some good did come from the young woman's ordeal.

The video was made to support Hollaback, a non-profit that aims to end street harassment, and we'd say it certainly got its message out!

You're just going to have to see it for yourself.

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!!!

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29 comments to “How Many Times Did This Woman Get Catcalled Just For Walking Around New York City??”

  1. Adam says – reply to this


    The new American way, don't talk to ANYONE or its harassment…don't compliment, don't bless, do say hello, don't pursue, because all men are freaks with one thing I'm mind. They all want to rape and molest, so any advances are criminal, what a filthy outlook. What a filthy cause. For the few advances that end in trajedy a generation will live in fear and solitude for your course of action. Good job.

  2. Keza says – reply to this


    Really harrassement come on society is getting too uptight, 20 years ago she would have been flattered !! Next time have a print on your tshirt that reads: sillicon free

  3. Barbara says – reply to this


    That used to happen to me back in the day….now I am old and no one notices me at all. Kinda miss the attention now…lol

  4. Monica says – reply to this


    Is there something wrong with me? When I am in New York and I get cat called or if someone wishes me a good evening I look at them and wish them a good evening too. Also secretly don't care if they think I am hot, sad will be the day when I am like 50 and they aren't paying any attention. Also I am half Colombian and men do the same thing in Colombia and the women don't care and they don't call it sexual harassment it's just part of the culture. I do think it was creepy that the guy was walking next to her for 5 minutes and so on. Most guys are just looking for a reaction and when they ask for my number I always say I have a boyfriend.

  5. elle says – reply to this


    as an example the other day some normal looking guy told me "you look beautiful tonight" i said thank you. he goes my name's ron what's your name? i said don't worry about it and he grabs my arm with force and says are you sure? in nyc especially it never ends at simply a nice compliment. and i usually ignore the usual "hey baby" (even when i'm wearing a turtleneck and jeans) but don't fucking touch me!!! i'm 17 also so i just find catcalling especially creepy and invasive

  6. Dina says – reply to this


    One of the many reasons I left NYC. Men are like that all over the world, it's just NY men are more desperate and aggressive

  7. Anon says – reply to this


    Yes..anytime someone says hi to you or tells you your beautiful it's a horrible thing? WTF?! Sorry ladies..but if you can't handle a simple hello or compliment then keep your asses at home! I'm tired of you bitches assuming every man who is friendly or compliments you is a perve. Grow the fuck up already.

  8. Paul says – reply to this


    I lived in NYC a few decades ago and female friends of mine complained about the harassment they received, especially when walking past work crews. Some of the people this woman attracted seem psychotic! The two who kept at it, following her… man I hope someone on the crew took them out before they made a grab for her! That is if there was a crew. or maybe she martial arted them! I'd love to see that out take!

  9. 9

    A woman's existence is not an excuse to approach her and violate her space. Yes, this is a problem. A BIG problem. It's not merely saying "hello" or "you're beautiful", it's that it is indicative of the type of 'male as superior' interaction that puts females at risk for things like sexual assault.
    Of course there are different degrees of harassment and no one is saying a simple "good morning" is the problem, there is no denying that this woman is being objectified.
    Two guys (at least) AGGRESSIVELY followed her. For several minutes, followed her…
    In what way is that okay? In what way is that non-threatening. Imagine if there weren't other people around?

    We live in a world where women (especially WoC) are harassed, threatened, and even killed for not responding to unwelcome advances. It's happening. It's systematic objectification and sexualization of women that make men think it's okay to approach a stranger like that. That's why it's wrong. Think beyond the case by case, this was just ONE woman in ONE city…extrapolate that.

    (Girl killed after refusing prom invite April 2014)
    (Woman stabbed after rejecting street harasser Jan 2013)
    (Man Knocked out for Standing up for Women being Harassed)


  10. Cheryl says – reply to this


    This sort of thing is NOT COMPLIMENTARY it is HARASSMENT plain and simple. She was approached 108 times in 10 hours, 10 times per hour, which means every 6 minutes her day was interrupted by unwanted and unsolicited attention. Why is it her responsibility to respond to every stupid jerk who thinks she looks good? If a man had to put up with grab-ass, stalkerish "compliments" from total strangers every 6 minutes while he was on a phone call, trying to get a cup of coffee or just thinking his own private thoughts, I'm sure there would be laws against it. Time to start respecting women and stop treating them like sex objects there for your enjoyment.

  11. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Re: Adam – then how about the men stop catcalling and harassing. The victim is not the problem. She is walking down the street minding her own business and men are approaching her and being scary about it. That is not ok. The men need to stop.

  12. Cheryl says – reply to this


    Re: Anon – - hey there "anon" - nice to see you can't even come up with a clever name for yourself. How about if these disgusting catcalling losers kept their stupid, disgusting misogynistic (look it up) asses at home so that women don't have to be afraid to talk a walk in the middle of the damn day?

  13. Moki says – reply to this


    Re: Anon

    Nice try - guys are just trying to be nice. You grow the fuck up, dude, and realise the reality of people who are not you! Spoken by someone who doesn't have to put up with this crap - as someone else said, it never usually ends at 'hey gorgeous'…. there are creeps out there that see a polite response as a green light for more aggressive & unwanted pursuit. 'then just say no thank you' - sure, that works so well with the jerks of the world. If I genuinely thought that most of these men were just being sweet, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But I learnt through experience at a young age that they're usually not 'simply complimenting you'. This dude's comment screams 'never had to deal with potential threat of anything' in my life. I'm sure he gives directions and stops to have conversations with strangers who shout things at him all the time… what a dillhole.

  14. Bellaindira says – reply to this


    Harassment??? Really? Wow, what is this world coming too? The only bad thing I saw was the creep following her. How is saying hello harassment? Smh. Thats NYC for you, the more rude you are, the better smh. And thats the only reason I dont like NYC!

  15. All Bear says – reply to this


    Wear a uniform and a badge and people will think that you are some kind of an officer or protector. Wear a big red nose with paint on your face and people will think that you are some kind of a clown. Wear dirty clothes with un-kept hygiene while begging for money or help and people will think that you are a vagabond. Wear a twenty-five to fifty-thousand dollar tailored suit and people will think that you are affluent. Wear form fitting apparel that reveals the intricate forms of the body and people will think that you are some kind of promiscuity. Appearance forms the impression that is pressed upon those around you. If you are of the opinion, perceive and or your state of mind leads you to believe that the majority is judging you on your appearance, it is true. However If you are of the opinion, perceive and or your state of mind leads you to believe that the majority judging you on your appearance is somehow not normal then you should probably seek council for some kind of a superiority issue that you may be having to pinpoint it's origin and start your recovery process. A thank you is polite when a compliment is given. Especially when trekking silently through the most social city in America

  16. Crotchgrabber says – reply to this


    Re: Anon

    And people are tired of all women being referred to as 'bitches' and being told where their arses should be. Why the hell should women do anything you want them to when you speak to people that way? You grubby, shite-minded little knobjockey. There…. I'm showing you the respect you show women (ie: none). Show none, get none, fella.

  17. 17

    not one guy was mean or rude woman who walk around alone are more able to be approached ok the guy next to her for 5 mins was a bit much.. this is society a woman alone will be approached by men … as for saying she was harrassed GET REAL a guy saying hi isnt harrassment u want woman to all become overreactive to a man even speaking to them .. STAY INSIDE AND DONT WEAR UR TIGHT JEANS … Re: Barbara – yes i got whisteled at when i was walking down the street by some work guys years ago i honestly didnt mind …

  18. 18

    The total number of times this woman considered harassment is inane.

  19. Starlitkate says – reply to this


    So in other words the video is saying we shouldn't receive compliments. Lord forbid someone says 'hi' to us.

  20. mktb says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – You're pathetic. "Don't wear tight jeans!" Man, I hope you never have a daughter. That poor girl will get blamed for getting raped if it ever happened. Disgusting POS.

  21. 21

    Re: Cheryl – "Her day was INTERRUPTED" ??? Seriously - walking down the street? Other than the guy who followed her for 5 min and the guy who kept bugging to give her his number, the rest were innocuous comments. A simple smile or nod or thank you would not have killed her. Those 2 guys were harassment - the rest were not. I do not consider someone saying hello to me or giving me a compliment harassment. I DO consider men who follow me or insist on giving me a number a problem. I used to get "cat called" ALL the time when I was in college by construction workers and COPS - I just laughed it all off. And, oh yes, I have been chased by guys who wanted to attack me, so I know that end of it also.

  22. societyinruin says – reply to this


    Thank you man sooooo much for acknowledging me. I am so grateful you noticed me. I just need that reinforcement so I know I am a woman.

    I don't think I could go on without a stranger's approval of what I look like.

  23. katie says – reply to this


    Okay, I get the cause, but if anyone were to actually donate, how could the organization actually stop "street harassment"?! Police can't give tickets out for what the offenders would enviably call "just being nice" and if they eventually did, then men would be terrified to take a chance on a woman they really wanted to date.

  24. I'm with stupids says – reply to this


    Fans do this all the time with celebrities. Maybe our gouvernment should pass a law to protect them, especially the female celebrities!

  25. alexander grayson says – reply to this


    donate money??? for what? and what are you gonna do with said money?? higher PMC's to follow all females around or arrest people for it? or create a group to stop cat calling? im all in for the stopping sexual harassment but you aint gettin my money, there are maaannnyy more ways to stop this then donations.

  26. 26

    Re: mktb – go off and have a child alone and stay away from men . ever!

  27. 27

    she look slike a ugly verson of kim kardissan

  28. reader. says – reply to this


    I have a question about this video. How was it filmed? It makes a difference if people can see the camera or not.

  29. 29

    How about instead of making a ton of excuses, men just adjust their behavior. Just don't talk to women on the street. Don't do it. We don't care that you want us to have a good day. We aren't looking for validation from you about the way we look that day. We have shit to do. Get out of the way. We don't have to respond like any of what you say is pleasant, whether it is meant to be or not, just stop.

    You don't have to justify it…just don't.