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Jennifer Lawrence Broke Up With Chris Martin Because Of Gwyneth Paltrow?! What Did The Goop Queen Do??

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For such a private relationship, everyone sure knows a whole lot about how Jennifer Lawrence was feeling about it!

According to those close to the Hunger Games starlet, she was the one who decided to end her relationship with Chris Martin.

Why? Well apparently the Coldplay frontman was a little too needy and she felt Chris' relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow was a little…odd to say the least!

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An insider revealed that the whole thing was hard for Jen to comprehend.

They said:

"Everyone jumped the gun with this romance. It is hard for her to understand the feelings between Chris and Gwyneth."

While another source revealed the reason behind the breakup was because:

"She was tired of the spotlight on their relationship and she also thought that Chris and Gwyneth were a little too close for comfort. It was an odd situation for her."

Well, that is very odd of the former couple, considering that they are in the middle of splitting up.

However, Gwynnie IS still the mother of Chris' children PLUS, they had an amicable split.

Maybe J.Law felt the two were possibly rekindling the flames that once were?? She shouldn't have been scared of that, we all know the Iron Man actress has a new man in her life!

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Either way, Chris & Jen are totes over.

[Image via Brian To/Chris K./WENN.]

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14 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence Broke Up With Chris Martin Because Of Gwyneth Paltrow?! What Did The Goop Queen Do??”

  1. HD says – reply to this


    Wise to get out

  2. rookie says – reply to this


    Gwyneth knew exactly where the cameras were when she stroked chris' face. She has just driven away from them. Blatantly sabotaged Chris' relationship.

  3. Cyndy says – reply to this


    Yep..sure did. She's unbelievably manipulative.

  4. Ana says – reply to this


    He would be smarter to stay with his wife and kids.
    Any new woman will expect him to make efforts for her, so why not try harder for the wife he already has and save himself a bundle of money and grief.

  5. Stephanie says – reply to this


    What did this little girl expect? That he would break off all contact with his kids and his ex? So stupid. She needs to find someone her own age.

  6. 6

    these slut think its odd that a married man might actually like being around the wife and kids even if breaking up and expect all the attention on them deluded as all fuc jennifer is a
    stupid twat

    team gwenny

  7. tjpm says – reply to this


    Run Jen Run!!!

  8. KIARA says – reply to this


    sure jennifer didn't get the attention she was expecting. Chris is not a boy to manipulate ..

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …Ya just knew Ole 'Goop' was one jeoulous angry broad, and was gonna do whatever she could to screw things up for her ex. She just could ot stand him being with a pretty young thang who actually enjoyed eating NORMAL food, while she is look'n more and more like a HAG everyday…..

  10. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Goop needs a really good f*ck…..there is something wrong with her….

  11. lile says – reply to this


    I hate your new site Perez. i keep trying to make a post and because of all the moving pictures, it keeps disappearing.

  12. lile says – reply to this


    Chris and Goop’s relationship IS weird. There is nothing wrong with an amicable divorce, but this is way beyond that. Anyone with eyes can see that. They still go out on dates for God’s sake. Chris is going to find out real fast that NO woman is going to put up with this crap. There is a reason for the saying “Two is company, three is a crowd.” Chris is going to have to make a choice. If he wants a relationship with someone else, he cannot allow Goop to insert herself in the middle of it. This has NOTHING to do with his children. Jennifer is not an idiot. She would have loved his children, given the opportunity. But Goopy controls all that, just like she is still trying to stay in control of Chris while being with other men. And Chris is allowing it. On top of all that, Jennifer was in a lot of emotional turmoil – Kstew stole her boyfriend, the cell phone pics came out, and I’m sure she was really worried about her career because of it. She thought Chris was going to be her knight in shining armor and, for a little while, he was. But no woman in her right mind is going to get involved in a complicated relationship with a man that still includes his (almost) ex-wife. Goop knew what she was doing. She wants to keep Chris on standby in case her thing with Falchuck doesn’t work out. She’s not getting any younger, you know.

  13. chris says – reply to this


    such a complicated life

  14. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Goop needs to eat real food and have a good sh@ t….!