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Teresa Giudice's Daughter Gia & Her Girl Group 3KT Release The Music Video For Their Britney Spears Cover & It's EVERYTHING! But The Best Part Is Milania!

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Teresa Giudice may be heading off to jail, but it looks like her daughter Gia is heading to the Circus. LOLz!

The eldest daughter along with her friends Alexa Maetta and Cristianna Cardinale have formed the girl group 3KT, and their first music video is officially OUT!

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Watch A Preview Of 3KT's Circus Video HERE! ]

The girls decided to cover one of their idols, Britney Spears, and the music video for the song is quite the treat!

But, we gotta admit, our favorite part is Milania's cameo! She's HIGHlarious!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) and see our favorite moments — in GIFs (below)!!!

Making brownies is obviously the cool thing to do.

gia giudice 3kt music video brownies

Look at that acting!

gia giudice 3kt music video surprised looks

Dramatic flames!

gia giudice 3kt music video dramatic flames

Dramatic close up of the girls singing!

gia giudice 3kt music video dramatic closeup singing

Gia can totally DANCE.

gia giudice 3kt music video gia dancing

Look at them go!

gia giudice 3kt music video girls dancing

Oh, wait, what there's a rap in song? Who'd have known!

gia giudice 3kt music video rap 2

Natural Shakespeare over here!

gia giudice 3kt music video rap 3

Humble brags?

gia giudice 3kt music video complimenting themselves

Who leaked the video? MILANIA, OF COURSE.

gia giudice 3kt music video milania smile

But, like, is she serious?

gia giudice 3kt music video serious right now

Milania OUT.

gia giudice 3kt music video milania out

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24 comments to “Teresa Giudice's Daughter Gia & Her Girl Group 3KT Release The Music Video For Their Britney Spears Cover & It's EVERYTHING! But The Best Part Is Milania!”

  1. 1

    I cannot begin to express how WILDLY inappropriate it is for these children to be making videos like this with lyrics like that.

    I'm really surprised at Teresa, I thought she cared about her daughters, but I guess she cares more about money and fame, like she always has.

  2. JP says – reply to this


    This is sad and in my opinion disgusting! Gia is 13 years old dancing around like she's in her 20s and wearing very little!! It's sad that these girls are trying to be sexy at that age! Where is the parents teaching them do good in school and become smart first!

  3. victoria says – reply to this


    it was cute and they were not wearing inapporiate clothes ive seen 13 yr olds in alot less

  4. Steph says – reply to this


    It's disturbing that their parents allowed them to do this. I we wonder why little girls are sexualized so much as such an early age. Maybe it's because their parents are encouraging it! It's such a shame that these little girls have no innocence left…. :(

  5. troymetris says – reply to this


    @Hotmess.com little girls just begging from attention from grown men ashame!

  6. 6

    Re: victoria – Just because you've seen 13 yo in a lot less doesn't make it right. You think it's appropriate that their kicking their asses up exposing their asses and panties? who the fuck lets their daughters act like that anywhere, let along a music video.

  7. 7

    Re: pollopicu – Amen. If Teresa had a shred of credibility left, it's gone.

  8. dm says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Their asses, as you so eloquently referred to them, are covered by shorts not panties. And I would get your hearing aid checked because the lyrics are about how they love to perform and judgmental assholes like yourself will judge them for it. Seems really appropriate to me.

  9. THUMBALINA says – reply to this


    PROSTI-TOTS. Their parents should be ashamed. Sad, sad, sad

  10. syd3 says – reply to this


    The girls gave a credible performance for young novice teen dancers. Yes, the makeup was really heavy, OK … but with respect to the dancing … this is the way many of the kids dance now on the dance floor and even with/on some electric dance games. The outfits were actually not offensive; did anyone see any bit of breasts? or the nether regions? The outfits were of a type that dance performers use and the skirts were not any shorter than cheerleader outfits. I think what conveys the sexualized 'tinting' of the performance was the over-the-top heavy makeup. This appears to be Gia's 'escape' from parental issues, no?

  11. marie says – reply to this


    honestly this is hilarious. i loved it ! clearly this was a smart publicity tool because look at all the attention its getting! dont hate, appreciate people.:)

  12. OMG says – reply to this


    i cant believe you people talking about these girls. its fun!! whats discuting is the fact that i read that someone called them whores!!!!! how could you be a whore by doing a musicvideo with your friends!! stop hating and start to love this is something you do with your friends!

  13. EquiPro says – reply to this


    The video is what you get for $10K, which is to say that they got a lot of bang for their buck. There are several scenes, which look very professional. The lighting is really good, the background dancers and audience are great and the costuming is good for what the video is.

    Here are my issues: 1) The vocals are WAAAAY over-produced. It's clear that there were hours and hours put into audotuning and producing the vocals tracks and they still don't sound that great. The background tracks are particularly bad. 2) The choreography is really awful for the leads. Perhaps this was a necessity because they aren't trained dancers, but it's really bad. It's saved by the dancers in the gymnasium scene. 3) The makeup is really horrific as well. It is too heavy and not flattering. OK, it's just ugly makeup. 4) and finally, it's always a bad idea to do a cover of someone else's song when they have set the bar really high on the original, unless you change it so substantially as to make it your own and very different and separate from the original. The result is what you see here: a well-done vanity video that's little more than Karaoke.

  14. Julie says – reply to this


    I thought they were bankrupt? Teresa paid 10k for this; I don't understand ;how can you say you are broke but come up with 10k for a 13yr old to make an inappropriate video? How about starting to teach your children to be financially responsible so they don't make the poor choices their parents did? Also I have two daughters and I wouldn't want them to participate in a video like this; kids are growing up too fast these days.

  15. kathie says – reply to this


    Bravo should fire Teresa Giudice as a convicted criminal, but I am certain American Greed is prepared to tell her story in an unbiased manner.

  16. reese says – reply to this


    So the parents get jail time and now they have to scramble and whore out one of their kids? How soon before these girls are drug addicts or doing porn? There is nothing cute about this crap, by people saying this is the norm doesn't make it better. Child porn is alive and well and children can't even ride their bikes or play in their yards due to a our country being filled with pedophiles. For once I would like to see a 13 year old look and dress like a 13 year old. These people have already ruined their names with their illegal dealings, it's time for them to go away and live a quiet life. This is just gross and disgusting!

  17. kiara says – reply to this


    this group should be call .. the noses girls

  18. paige says – reply to this


    I am absolutely horrified. The way they are dressed, the clothes, everything about this video is incredibly inappropriate.

  19. Daniella says – reply to this


    So fucken stupid. Omg..i'm embarrassed for them. Also, Gia is so damn ugly.

  20. 20

    need nosejobs if they want to be famous. just being honest.

  21. MorristownMom says – reply to this


    Shame on those two and why is DYFS not removing those girls from that house? Who puts a 13-yr-old CHILD in such a highly sexualized video? Isn't Gia going to have to deal with enough ridicule without that video putting her up for more public humiliation?
    Teresa, did you even ONCE consider what pedophiles are going to be doing as they watch this video? I'd be concerned for my daughter's safety.

  22. Melissa says – reply to this


    Lighten up guys. Ok, so its a little too sexy for 13 year olds…but its not as bad as some of the comments would suggest. Give the girls a break. They're 13, of course they're going to be "pushing the boundaries" a bit. Unfortunately, they're doing it in the public eye under constant scrutiny. Would you want people to scrutinize the dance routines you and your friends did when you were 13?? Do you Gia! You're beautiful and don't get discouraged by what other people say. Things might seem overwhelming right now, but they WILL get better. Hang in there :)

  23. Lnewbie says – reply to this



  24. lisa says – reply to this


    Can we say some serious…..AUTOTUNE…..Poor girls!!!!#