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Chris Brown Talks All About Rihanna! See What He Had To Say About Their Relationship HERE!

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He's revealing a lot these days!

Does that mean he's finally accepted his behavior was out of control in the past, and is looking forwards towards a new and changed future???

Chris Brown recently stopped by Hot 97 to appear on the Ebro In The Morning radio show where he talked extensively about someone whose name has dominated his life for the past number of years…


And it seems like Chris Brown has thought A LOT about what happened in the past!

The singer at first talked about how he was feeling after his infamous arrest for assaulting his former girlfriend, and how his relationship is nowadays with Rihanna.

He also revealed how he's A LOT different now that he's 25 years old instead of 17 or 18.

Here's what he said in the interview published this past Friday:

"Honestly, I just kinda listened to the wrong—'OK, we need to to do this' PR strategy—I really just wanted to be like, man, f–k y'all, and that's how I feel, because it's my personal life. I'm going through a troubled time right now. I feel like through the years, I've said [I f–ked up] enough now to where it's like, bro if you're still on that then I feel sorry for y'all, because it's over with. I don't have animosity about it. Obviously I have remorse about it and it's something that's really serious, but as far as the situation—like me and her, we made amends, we good. She's my friend. So at the end of the day, I knew that was a mistake I would never make again, but I take into consideration like, dang, I was like 17-18—I'm 25 now—so I look back at it now like, dang, and I'm still doing community service and seeing the judge every month and a half over that situation. It's something that, in your personal life, you definitely wanna keep those skeletons in your closet but because I'm an artist like me, you gotta be public about it. Everybody has their own demons and their own skeletons, but it's only how they handle it after when it's showcased. Some people have great political speeches, I can't do that. I can talk about it like this. I can give you a great song."

But that wasn't all Chris Brown talked about!

He revealed why him and Rihanna tried to ignite their faltering romance afterwards, and a large part of that decision was due to Chris wanting to prove to Rihanna that "I could be the man she wanted me to be."

And it was actually her interview with Oprah that made him realize he still had feelings for her. Brown said:

"She's showing me she cares because I didn't know for a while…I was actually moved by it."

He also mentioned why he thinks RiRi decided to date Drake, and how he's been able to stop being angry about all that, and actually squash the beef he felt back in the day with Drake.

Here's what he said:

"I'm content with who I am, so whoever decides to move on or do their thing, that's cool. You gotta consider that was in the thug Chris Brown era when I was…that was when I was all up on runnin' up on dudes. In a way I do…It's understandable. It's the game, we young…we do that at that age. I think once we hit our 30s, we're in a mature stage of life and we're not focusing on that."

Chris Brown and Drake were able to move past that infamous nightclub brawl of theirs which Brown described as a "stick yo' chest out contest. That's all it was. That was a, 'who got the biggest account in the room?'"

But it is when Drake and his camp reached out to Brown that the two rappers decided to end their hate for one another. Here's what Brown said what his thoughts were at the time:

"Let's break this whole beef thing and make light of the situation because it shows growth and maturity."

It absolutely does, and we're glad Brown finally sees it that way!

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Obviously Chris Brown has done a lot of growing up these past few years, and while he may not still be perfect - it seems at least like he's attempting to put his best step forward nowadays.

And that's all you can really ask of the guy at this point!!!

Watch the interview with Chris Brown down (below) !!!!

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18 comments to “Chris Brown Talks All About Rihanna! See What He Had To Say About Their Relationship HERE!”

  1. ela says – reply to this



  2. maddie says – reply to this


    who is he trying to fool.. he should be in jail, not in rihannas pants

  3. tammy says – reply to this


    He doesn't have animosity about it? That's nice, he doesn't have animosity that he beat the piss out of a young woman and years later is still dealing with the legal end of it because he can't keep his nose out of trouble. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

  4. Ramtha says – reply to this


    Blab blab blab blab

  5. elle says – reply to this


    This is so 2008

  6. 6

    It's not over because you can't keep it together man. You lied about doing your CS and you continue to do stupid sh*t! Own up to it.

  7. 7

    Chris should move on. What has happened isn't worthy of a 2nd chance. Enough is enough. Rhianna deserves a better guy. Is Chris has learned a lot from that experience, hope he's headed on handling relationships without those assaults. Totally unacceptable.

    "Hey get your gag items and funny pregnancy prank stuff at Fake a Baby!" :)

  8. 8

    Who cares about these two potheads? No one.

  9. Common Sense says – reply to this


    You're all blind haters, Chris is successful and nothing that anyone does or says will stop him from being popular.

  10. lil says – reply to this


    Haters!!!Fuck u….Chris will always be successfull and give us great hits

  11. ed says – reply to this


    "He revealed why him and Rihanna tried to ignite their faltering romance afterwards…" Perez, HOW MANY TIMES are you going to use direct object pronouns in place of SUBJECT PRONOUNS? It should read "He revealed why HE and Rihanna tried…" This bizarre mistake litters your site.

  12. Siyabonga says – reply to this


    Chris brown shows life…life without ups and downs is nt life if u don't have any means you are a living dead…as humans we don't always be on the peak no matter how much wealth you have.

    Chris my man u the best

  13. 13

    i think even if he sais he has changed, he is not got for rihanna. man like him threat bad their girlfriends once and again.
    I think if rihanna accepts being his girlfriend, he will hurt her again. its just my opinion

  14. Get Over It says – reply to this


    Man, you tools need a life. I can easily call you haters but you are more than that. Never in his interview did he say that he wanted to get back with Ri right now, so you can shut up about that. Also, who are you to judge? What he did was wrong, he knows that he's still paying for it. I totally agree with him when he says, anyone who is still stuck on what happened years ago needs to get a life. You really are pathetic. Everyone makes mistakes. I think if anyone is going to be talking smack about how angry he is needs to take a look at themselves. Some of these comments are so yawn. Get over it.

  15. I'm just kidding... says – reply to this


    Chris Brown has the gene for violence in its DNA and nothing at the moment can be done about it. Except maybe if we were already at an era, with a technology that could modify the human genome on a human being already formed.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gene for violence? I think Brown can afford, has done and is doing the counselling needed to give him a whole bunch of new tools to deal with things intelligently and cerebrally rather than the street way, and he's already doing it. He will grow up as he moves out of that age. He's probably scolding and tuning in his posse already. He's a smart guy who only had the tools he learned growing up, and they were the wrong ones. He's a good vocalist, and can dance like nobody's business.

  17. PuhLease says – reply to this


    growth and maturity…some PR person fed him that. lol Two words that are not in his vocabulary.

  18. angle says – reply to this


    I will hope you change because she is a beautiful woman and she could have given up on you all time of go….. Chris Brown I'm bron on your birthday may 5