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This Response To The New York City Catcalling Video Will Annoy The Crap Out Of You

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This was obviously going to happen, but we still don't love it.

In a response to the video of a woman being catcalled on the streets of New York, YouTube channel Model Pranksters made a video of their own.

And… it's rather annoying.

[ Video: Woman Gets Catcalled While Walking Around New York City ]

Guys just don't have to deal with the harassment that women face on a daily basis unless they actively try, so documenting these almost fake catcalls in pretty insulting.

Plus, Hollaback recorded ten hours of footage, compared to this one's mere three hours, so they didn't even put in the same amount of effort!

Ch-ch-check out the unfunny prank (below)!!!

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11 comments to “This Response To The New York City Catcalling Video Will Annoy The Crap Out Of You”

  1. jan says – reply to this


    The women also has something written across her ass in her video….edited videos deleted it. I'm surprised she got any cat calls….she was manly when she walked…not graceful and she wasn't really that attractive.

  2. MrsMommy says – reply to this


    Women "holla" at men too. They just don't want to admit it. This phenomena has been happening for a long time. I have even heard women say that they want to "rape" some good looking guys before.

  3. lee says – reply to this


    You know what I think is funny, that in the end of the day a man will never understand how women are treated or do anything about it because of assholes like this that think they are so funny and clever when in actually they look like even bigger assholes. A man will never know the fear of a women walking down the street, late at night when she is alone, and has to walk past a group of men….. He will never understand how women are judged as objects as oppose to people, and a man will never understand how women will have to work harder just to prove that they are what any man refuses to see… better then them.

  4. katie says – reply to this


    How were these "almost fake catcalls"?? They looked pretty real to me! However, he's a model in a tight white t-shirt….the chick was pretty normal looking, so it's not a fair comparison. On another note, that guy could kick some ass…a chick, on the other hand, would be pretty hard up if a dude decided to act on his impulses…

  5. guapita says – reply to this


    he is way hotter than the girl who did the first video.

  6. guapita says – reply to this


    Re: katieRe: katieRe: katieRe: lee – wow women are such victims. and guess what> I AM A WOMAN AND WE CAN BE SO BITCHY AND MEAN FULL OF VENGEANCE. Women are NO better than men.

  7. Anon says – reply to this


    OH come on!!!!! He looks like he's in a wet tee shirt contest while the other girl was covered and looking like she was off to school with a backpack! talk about an unfair comparison.

    I also think that this video proved the first video's point - men are aggressive. The majority of the harassment was from MEN. There was one girl who asked for his number for a friend. One girl who looked in his general direction. PUHLEASE!!! I live in NYC and I've gotten followed home and assaulted. Even in sweatpants, I can't walk down the street without getting a comment. Of course It will go away if i get ugly or old, but it's f-cking scary when someone follows you. really scary.

  8. Janet says – reply to this


    Most of the catcallers were men and the woman were not agressive. As a woman everytime I got catcalled it was nasty, agressive and almost always sexually explicit. When I got older it stopped and the sense of freedom I felt was amazing, I could walk down the street with my head held high and swinging my arms. Now my 12 year old daughter is getting the catcalls, TWELVE, for gods sake, shes a child.

  9. LeCiritc says – reply to this


    The astounding reaction to this video: “It’s your (women's) fault that I’m (some, not all, men) acting this way (read: I am an animal who acts impulsively so am therefore am neither in control of or accountable for my own actions).”

    Read more on my anger and my thoughts about this video here:

  10. Bill says – reply to this


    A comparably attractive man wearing a comparably tight-hugging shirt - gets the same response. Whodda thunk? Bear in mind women are getting artificial breast implants to get that kind of attention. Men don't do that.

  11. Sage says – reply to this


    Re: katie – They looked totally fake to me.