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Actor Turned Political Commentator Ben Stein Called President Obama The Most Racist POTUS In History! Watch Him Explain HERE!

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Ben Stein just threw some MAJOR shade at President Barack Obama during an appearance on Fox News (shocker!) this past weekend.

Stein, who is best known for appearing in Clear Eyes commercials and as the monotone teacher in Ferris Bueller, completely reamed out the POTUS by calling him… a racist.

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Yep, Ben called the leader of our nation and an inspiration to millions of people, a RACIST!

Stein explained:

"The president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans. What the White House is trying to do is racialize all politics and they're especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that's just a complete lie."

So, basically Stein is saying that the current problems with African Americans in this country is just an illusion drummed up by Democrats, specifically Barack Obama, to create conflict within America.

He added:

"I watch with fascination – with incredible fascination – all the stories about how the Democratic politicians, especially Hillary [Clinton], are trying to whip up the African-American vote and say, ‘Oh, the Republicans have policies against black people in terms of the economy.' But there are no such policies. The idea that the Republicans are making life difficult for black people is just nonsense, just absolute nonsense."

Hmm, we have a feeling there are A LOT of people who would disagree with Ben's claims.

What do YOU think of Ben's assertion that the President is a racist?

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25 comments to “Actor Turned Political Commentator Ben Stein Called President Obama The Most Racist POTUS In History! Watch Him Explain HERE!”

  1. Drajea says – reply to this


    What did he say that wasn't true?

  2. 2

    I vote Democrat and I think there is some truth in what Ben Stein said.

  3. 3

    I don't think Republicans just pick on African Americans. They also don't really care for Latinos or Asians or poor Whites either. There attempts to make voting more difficult (aside from being a solution in search of a problem) is also a brazen attempt to keep themselves in positions of power.

  4. Adam says – reply to this


    um perez, how is Obama "an inspiration to millions of people"? and being president doesn't make you not racist. The truth is the libs were celebrating proudly when Kanye called Bush racist!

  5. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Racism has always been alive and well in America. The republicans have a value system…me and money first (Trump). They are entitled and greedy and that is a fact. The republicans have a history of being Southerners and lets face it…they built their fortunes on dehumanizing people for free labour… Corporations run by Republicans have no soul…again greed and money…arms factories owned by Republicans need a war to make money…Stein brought up racism Obama did not.

  6. bTeri says – reply to this


    WOW… Perez… more proof that ANYTHING POLITICAL is way way way over your head. Ben Stein is far far more than commericals and Ferris Bueller…. he is a very successful financial analyst author and investor.

    And for the record he is 100% spot on that Obama (and Eric Holder) have sent race relations back 30 years.. For a candidate that ran on being a uniter he has been the most divisive President in modern times. And all the race baiting for the election tonight— every Democrat that tried to scare African Americans is going to have blood on their hands if anyone is harmed or killed when Ferguson MO freaks out that the officer acted 100% appropriately as he was under lethal attack by a 6'5" 300 violent young man.

  7. Marley says – reply to this


    Ben Stein is the son of Herbert Stein, a writer, economist, and presidential adviser. Ben majored in economics at Columbia University, graduated with honors, and went to Yale Law School. He was first a poverty lawyer in Connecticut before becoming a trial lawyer for the Federal Trade Commission. He has been an adjunct professor teaching about the political and social content of mass culture, as well as civil rights under the U.S Constitution. He is also a writer,and commentator on political and economic issues. Saying he is best known for his pop culture moments falls a little short.

  8. What?!? says – reply to this


    Re: Mitanni – omg did you just swallow a DNC thought control manual?

  9. Silver Slimer says – reply to this


    Not liking a black president doesn't make you a racist, Perez. Hating an imbecile who uses his skin colour to defend himself against ALL critics makes a lot of sense though.

  10. 10

    Re: Mitanni – Do you pay taxes? The minute I had to start paying a lot of income tax (and I was average middle class then, retired now), I started voting for both sides depending on who had the best candidates and in many cases yes I did vote for the Republicans.
    On topic, not sure if he is racist or not but Obama sure is divisive.

  11. 11

    Ben Stein is 100% SPOT ON.
    Obama HATES this country.
    He HATES white people, Christian people, Jewish people, Israel, wealthy people, successful people and those who serve in the military to protect us.
    Most of the readers on this website are un-educated 20-somethings with nothing but dreams in their heads of being on their own reality t.v. show.
    Here's some reality for ALL OF YOU: America voted today while you were home playing X-box, and told this pathetic loser of President and his liberal cronies to TAKE A HIKE.
    Get your head out of your i-Phones and X-box, stay in school, go to college, get a job, and get a life.
    PEREZ HILTON is for narcissists and whiners.

  12. Blue Note says – reply to this


    Ben is right on target…after the fantastic wins of Republicans last night, American agarees.

  13. RedStormRising says – reply to this


    Re: DesertChild – WOW….you are SO RIGHT. Totally agree.

  14. 14

    Obama is a god, and should become president for life, with Hillary as co/ president for life.
    And anyone who disagree, is a racist.

  15. 15

    Re: Mitanni – Really? I work for a company ran by Republicans. I don't know a single person with better benefits than me. I get 17 days vacation next year, they pay over half of our health insurance premiums, my bonus is phenomenal, they give us time off to do things like vote, they're very flexible with us in terms of taking off for emergencies, and we are paid well. I'm the youngest person in my position in the company, and the only one without a college degree. Hell, they'll even pay for my college if I choose to go. All of our material and labor is American-made. We could be getting a hell of a lot more profit if we outsourced material, machining, and what-not, but we don't.
    I work for the best company on Earth, and it's ran by Republicans. I plan on never working anywhere else.

  16. 16

    huh. i'm pretty sure y'all can still go visit the places where Washington and Jefferson housed their slaves.

  17. Rob says – reply to this


    Re: Mitanni – Well, I see you failed American History. The Republican Party is a northern party from the start. The south was and is predominately Democrat. In fact, it was Southern Democrats (called Dixicrats) that tried to defeat the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Lyndon Johnson only got it passed because of the republicans in Congress. Southern Democrats instituted the Poll Tax to keep blacks from being able to vote! Southern Democrats tried to keep blacks out of public schools (Eisenhower, a Republican, sent the 101st Airborne Division to Arkansas to protect the black students trying to go to a public "white" high school). And, finally, the KKK was a Democrat organization which was formed to fight Carpetbaggers, keep blacks from becoming voting citizens and keep the Republican party out of the south.

  18. Stophle says – reply to this


    "So, basically Stein is saying that the current problems with African Americans in this country is just an illusion drummed up by Democrats, specifically Barack Obama, to create conflict within America."

    That's not at all what he said. What he said is he thinks the president is making race a constant issue with the goal of dividing the public and that the problems are being blamed on Republicans specifically. He didn't state there ARE no problems for black people in this country. Don't be dramatic Perez, calm down and actually read what is said before overreacting to it.

  19. Maime says – reply to this


    Ben Stein is a clown, a racist himself and totally devoid of facts!

  20. Vee says – reply to this


    Re: Rob


  21. allan says – reply to this


    Ben Stein is nothing but a short ugly big eared jew

  22. knowledge says – reply to this


    Re: allan – glad to see you also are a liberal racist

  23. Charles says – reply to this


    Hard to believe Obama is the MOST racist president when TWELVE former presidents owned slaves, EIGHT while they were POTUS!!!!!

  24. John says – reply to this


    He couldn't be more correct.

  25. John says – reply to this


    And today you can travel the country and see where the Democrats house their slaves in all 50 states, not just the South.