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Rose McGowan Apologizes For Her Comments About 'Misogynistic' Gay Men (Well, Sort Of)

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Uh oh! It looks like Rose McGowan is doing some MAJOR backpedaling in regards to the insulting comments she recently made about gay men!

In a recent interview with the writer (and gay!) Bret Easton Ellis, Rose made some very gross generalizations about gay men which understandably pissed off a lot of people. Basically, Rose called gay men 'misognyists' along with a bunch of other offensive characterizations.

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In the interview, Rose said:

"Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so. I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I'm actually really upset with them. You wanna talk about the fact that I have heard nobody in the gay community, no gay males, standing up for women on any level?"

Hmmm, I'm sure there are a lot of gay men who would disagree with Rose!

The actress added:

"And I have seen not a single peep from these people, who supposedly represent lesbians as well… when the equal pay act was shut down by Republicans in the Senate, not a single man mentioned that. I see now people who have basically fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly [MDMA]."

What the what!? Gay men are only known for orange speedos and molly?! Rose, oh, Rose.

After Rose's comments majorly angered the LGBT community, she took to Twitter to apologize.

McGowan tweeted:

"I was pissed off when I said that, obvs a gross over generalization, for which I apologize. But my point stands. Could I have articulated my frustration in a better fashion? Undoubtedly. For that I apologize, but I stand by the overall point. Where does it say that because of a man's sexual preference, I don't get to point out a group's character defects? It's a human rights issue. Misogyny endangers me as a human. It also endangers the LGBT community."

Eh, while we're glad Rose apologized for her offensive generalizations, we don't think this is a full on apology! Basically, McGowan still stands by her point that men are apathetic to women's rights.

So, what do YOU think about Rose's apology?

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31 comments to “Rose McGowan Apologizes For Her Comments About 'Misogynistic' Gay Men (Well, Sort Of)”

  1. Tony says – reply to this


    Misandry and homophobia all at once. Brava!

  2. Markie says – reply to this


    She is right, as a whole our community does not stand up for what doesn't affect is as gay men. I wasn't offended because it's true.

  3. Rita says – reply to this


    There's no homophobia, she doesnt hate nor fear them she makes an excellent point but it couldve been said better

  4. Jennifer says – reply to this


    She has a point, whether you like it or not. I have always stood up for the LGTB community, but many of my gay friends have never stood up for my rights and I have seen examples of misogyny in the gay community. So, why call her out for something that isn't untrue?

  5. Jabeen says – reply to this


    So glad she apologised!

  6. KC says – reply to this


    Oh, please! She hit the nail on the head. Not only are gays some of the most misogynistic people out there, they're also some of the most racist, elitist, and ageist, as well as the most judgmental and backstabbing within their own community. But the minute someone calls them out on it, they scream "homophobia." Sorry, but we're hardly the model minority some of us like to pretend, and I'm saying this as a homo.

  7. 7

    Perez - you are a prime example of what she is talking about. You are constantly pitting women against each other, praising them (and berating them) for taking off there clothes, and promoting videos and music that are ridiculously misogynistic. Good for Rose for speaking her mind.

  8. 8

    Based on everything I've seen on your big gay blog, they are misogynistic.

  9. hales says – reply to this


    Obviously the generalizations were a bit rude, but to ask her to apologize further is asking her to recant her entire statement, which she believes in. She’s entitled to her opinion and to be honest, I completely agree with her. I find it appalling that we live in such a sensitive, uptight world that one can’t state true facts about a groups defects without being called homophobic or a bigot. Her points are true, as so many of us stand tall for the gay community and their rights there is little support for women’s rights. This needs to change. I’m sure there are some from the gay community that do care about women’s rights, but it’s such a small minority that it goes unnoticed. When looking at the big picture, Rose has a valid point.

  10. mia says – reply to this


    It is true that straight people stand up for gay rights all the time, but I don't see many men of any sexual orientation interested in being very vocal about women's rights during this whole crappy war on women.

  11. M says – reply to this


    This makes me angry on so many levels, and not just due to the fact that I’m a gay male. First of all, I’m so fed up with stereotypes. Not one person in this world is the same as the next. Everyone looks, thinks, and acts different. I know there are probably males out there that are misogynistic, and sad enough I’m sure there are some females out there as well. Instead of attempting to make a point, all she did was lose fans, anger people, and show the world that she is no better than the stereotype she seems to be so angered with. Also, you cannot hold the LGBT community accountable for issues with women rights. I can’t speak for a group of people, but it makes no sense to me that a group fighting for equality (made up of all genders, orientations, and races) would not want equality FOR ALL. Yes she “apologized” and yes she’s entitled to her opinion, as are we all. But come on, if you’re going to apologize make it at least somewhat meaningful. And Rose, you were great in Charmed, but as of now you are forever banned from my molly fed orange speedo pool parties.

  12. Learn history says – reply to this


    Maybe no one stood up against the rejection of the equal pay bill because it was appoint less bill. JFK passed a law in the 1960s that made it illegal to pay women less. The gender wage gap in this country is a myth. It's been debunked countless time. Look at the DOL study that was done. Maybe if people weren't such sheep and did their own research we wouldn't be worried about false statistics. The gays seem to have caught on

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: M – It's been her perception of things, SO FAR. She perceives what she perceives, so she said it and it opened up a dialogue. That's when you absolutely invite her to your parties, and communicate to her how it is for you; and it might give her some more pieces to the puzzle. I've sometimes perecieved what Rose spoke of, but your post helped peel back another layer. Communication matters, and speaking about it should lead to further understanding, not blackballing. Party on…

  14. alexia lima says – reply to this


    I’ll stand up for women rights when women start paying half of all bills with men, or when they stop going to gay clubs asking gay guy to pay for her drinks.

  15. Travis says – reply to this


    I wrote a full analysis of why McGowan is so wrong about this and why, as a gay man, I don't invest myself in feminism.

  16. Canon says – reply to this


    I think what she was trying, and failed, to say is that she and a major share of the female community have been loudly supporting the gay community so it frustrated her to see an important women's rights issue seem to go unsupported by the gay community as it failed to pass. We support them, they support us, and everybody wins. She felt that wasn't being reciprocated and it upset her since she does have a lot of gay friends. It's awesome that we are helping great strides to be made for gay rights, but it's important not to forget that women's rights are worth a good fight as well.

  17. Canon says – reply to this


    Re: Learn history – Current info as of today indicates women are the breadwinners in 49% of American households today. (often single moms) Then there are all the women who work, but don't make as much as their husbands do. So, they work and then have to go home and cook, clean, raise kids, keep a family schedule happening all while their husbands or SOs just go to work and at home mostly just take out the trash. Every woman I know who is married w/ kids has a husband who gets to go to bed at 9 while Mom is up at midnight doing laundry then gets up at 6 to get the kids ready for school and go to work herself. If her husband or baby-daddy ran off with another woman, then she has to do it all and make HER salary enough to raise those kids. It's even MORE crucial that women get equal pay. I see all the time, men get raises because they get married or have a kid, but in 51 years, I haven't seen a woman get a raise for it. Employers DO express concern that their work will suffer though once they marry or have a child and it's not uncommon for a woman to get 'layed-off' if she gets pregnant. It is a big problem, and it deserves equal attention. I 100% support and vote for gay rights, and it would be awesome if you supported me as well so that we CAN have equal rights for all. Yes, it's law they have to pay the same, but the FACT is that it just isn't happening.

  18. Leo says – reply to this


    WOW fighting sexism with homophobia, classy Rose!

    She lost a fan here. Refuse to support any future work she's in.

  19. Cads says – reply to this


    She has a point.

  20. Yo says – reply to this


    Gay men are some of the most misogynistic men out there. I've spent a lot of time within the LGBT community and, in general, gay men do not care a bit about womens rights and are often say the most horrid and disgusting things about them. Perez, you're living in a fantasy land if you think that just because a man is gay, he is any less affected by the terribly misogynistic society we live it.

    Rose should stand by her point, because it's true. Most men don't care about women's rights. And I think it's ridiculous you're so offended by this as you are one of the most misogynistic men out there. The way you write about female celebrities is almost always offensive, and yet you think you can get away with it since you're gay.

  21. Laerlooper says – reply to this


    She attacked us, plain and simple. Her accusations were serious. I owe her no forgiveness and I owe her cause contempt now. I'm not an activist to defend her right to hate upon me. The day I have the exact same rights as that str8 bitch in every state in this goddamn country is the day I'll respect respect anything the has to say, now.

  22. 22

    She attacked us, plain and simple. Her accusations were serious. I owe her no forgiveness and I owe her cause nothing but contempt now. By default she has more rights in every state in this country than I do, not just some. She and everyone who agrees with her are the epitome of entitlement.

  23. jimmy says – reply to this


    Well, this is a very warm welcome into feminism. Where do I sign up? /s

  24. uyuyu says – reply to this


    now you know why Marilyn Manson Left her !
    BITCH !

  25. anon. says – reply to this


    Definitely agree with her. Just because someone is gay does not mean they will stand up for women's rights

  26. 26

    maybe she should bac pedal the plastic surgery and people might be nicer

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Laerlooper – A lot of women perceive this, not just Rose, so don't blame the messenger. Uncomfortable? Mirrors often are. Do unto others…

  28. 28

    Re: @v@ – I don't you anyone anything in life. Get over that.

  29. 29

    Re: Laerlooper – …and if your point is that we gay men need to stop raping women, well then…um…okay. Lecturing your allies the way you would lecture actual perpetrators destroys morale. You suck at recruiting support.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Laerlooper – Never said you did.

  31. 31

    Re: @v@ – Then you have nothing to accuse us of. Please stop.