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Taylor Swift Drops Spotify & Now ​Aloe Blacc Speaks Out About How Little Musicians & Songwriters Make From Digital Streaming Services Like Pandora!

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Earlier this week, Taylor Swift caught some flack after pulling her music from Spotify, comparing people listening to it to people taking pieces of a painting in a museum.

Well, another musician is speaking out now, and that man is singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc. He penned an essay for Wired, where he explained just how little artists actually make from digital streaming services. He wrote:

"Consider the fact that it takes roughly one million spins on Pandora for a songwriter to earn just $90. Avicii's release "Wake Me Up!" that I co-wrote and sing, for example, was the most streamed song in Spotify history and the 13th most played song on Pandora since its release in 2013, with more than 168 million streams in the US. And yet, that yielded only $12,359 in Pandora domestic royalties— which were then split among three songwriters and our publishers. In return for co-writing a major hit song, I've earned less than $4,000 domestically from the largest digital music service."

Yikes! That's all they made?!

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And Aloe backed up his and Swifty's stance even further by explaining how laws regarding the payment for use of music haven't been reviewed since before the iPod was invented, writing:

"Through performing rights societies, this summer songwriters successfully convinced the US Department of Justice to open a formal review of the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees that govern how the vast majority of American songwriters are compensated for our work. The world has changed dramatically since this regulatory framework was first established in 1941, but the consent decrees haven't been updated since 2001—before the iPod even hit stores."

This is extremely enlightening information, and while people love streaming, artists obviously need their fair share too!


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4 comments to “Taylor Swift Drops Spotify & Now ​Aloe Blacc Speaks Out About How Little Musicians & Songwriters Make From Digital Streaming Services Like Pandora!”

  1. 1

    That is not a lot of money for him, for me I can take 2 vacations to Mexico and have some money left over for $4k.
    Have never downloaded music so don't know much about it, hope they can get whatever redress is available if any.

  2. music says – reply to this


    If no one makes any $$ how is there still so much crap on the radio?

  3. Ian says – reply to this


    Someone should make it clear to them that their low earnings has NOTHING to do with online streaming, maybe they should speak to their record labels first about it before they go all immature and remove all their music like taylor swhore. Afterall, their record labels are the ones who are directly managing their music.

  4. BrianHof says – reply to this


    Whining, bitching musicians… Gives me a headache. Did they forget about the millions they make from album sales, tours, merchandise etc etc.. Especially for someone like taylor swift who has hundreds of different revenue streams. I can understand the frustration of some indie band who is touring around the country in a van barely big enough for everybody and their gear, living off Raman noodles and paying their own way trying to get their music out there. I can understand why they'd be frustrated to get "ripped off" as taylor swift is pretty much putting it, but taylor swift is worth over 200 million dollars so coming from her she comes off as sounding extremely greedy to me. I mean gee, just be happy you're doing better than the other 99.9% of Americans and shut up!