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EXCLUSIVE! Fifth Harmony Giveaway Contest! Win Your Very Own Set Of SIGNED Fifth Harmony Dolls HERE!

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Harmonizers, how great would it be to own a set of SIGNED dolls modeled after your favorite gals?!

Well, your day is just about to get better because that very thing could happen because Barbie just released a line of Fifth Harmony dolls, and we've got your chance to win BIG!

It feels like it was only yesterday the girls were grouped together on X Factor and now they're making moves and taking over the world!

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Fifth Harmony Dishes On Their Debut Album! ]

Each doll is a Reflection of their 5H member — isn't that funny how that works? Their respective doll is essentially them but in an adorable tiny-sized form!

perezhilton.com is giving YOU an EXCLUSIVE chance to not win one, oh no, but all FIVE dolls in an INCREDIBLE giveaway and it's so easy to enter!

Are you dying to know how to win Dinah, Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Camila??

Just comment (below) and let us know how YOU relate to each Fifth Harmony member! There can only be ONE winner, so make it good! You MUST be a U.S. resident. If you're the lucky one chosen, you'll be notified by email.

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Fifth Harmony & The Cast Of Faking It Spill Secrets!! ]

The contest runs from now until 11 p.m. PST on November 14th! What are you waiting for?! Type away!!

UPDATE: The dolls sold out over the weekend… but you're in luck, Perezcious readers! We have an extra TEN sets of un-autographed dolls to give away to ten lucky Harmonizers! While only ONE lucky winner will get the autographed set, comment below for your chance to win one of the ten un-autographed sets!

[Image via Barbie Collector.]

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327 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Fifth Harmony Giveaway Contest! Win Your Very Own Set Of SIGNED Fifth Harmony Dolls HERE!”

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  1. Madison says – reply to this


    Camila- because im still that awkward funny and shy girl no matter who im around & i love bananas.
    Lauren- because i stand up for what i believe in and i when i love, i love hard.
    Dinah- because i love my family and id do anything for them
    Normani- because im myself but when i wanna be fierce im FIERCE
    Ally- because im happy. I love everyone around me and i always try to have a positive attitude just like my idols :)

  2. Rebeca says – reply to this


    Normani- I'm reserved at first, but open up with the right people. I also love fried chicken and Beyonce is my QUEEEEEENNN.
    Camila- I've always been the shy girl growing up, but my passion for music helped me open up and become the goofball of my friends. I'm also Mexican and idolize Demi Lovato.
    Dinah- I love to play pranks and feel a strong connection to my heritedge. My culture and my family are immensely important to me.
    Ally- I'm protective and have a motherly instinct. I'm always willing to help a friend, provide support, or give advice.
    Lauren- I value intelligence and LOVE Lana Del Rey. I get mistaken for arrogant often, but I try not to let it get me down. I love tumblr, reading, and art in general. I am a first generation American raised speaking Spanish.

  3. dallas says – reply to this


    I relate to fifth vharmony because i caN sing..and, im confident in who i am..lol

  4. Sarah says – reply to this


    Dinah-because she is upbeat and so outgoing!
    Camila- because she is so clumsy and nice!
    Ally-because she is fierce and awesome!
    Normani-because she knows how to be a leader and I can to!
    Lauren-because she has a good dress style and she really sweet and nice :)

  5. Gia says – reply to this


    I relate to all the fifth harmony girls! I'm like dinah because I'm always wearing a sports jacket and I'm a bit athletic. I always do the kissy face in any photo and I'm always putting a smile on my face. I'm like normani because we both are huge fans of Beyoncé and we both used to dance when we were younger. Plus I love to eat just like her. I'm like ally because I always give advice to my little sister just like she does to her harmonizers. I also always make people smile and blow kisses just like ally does. I'm like Lauren because we both always make fun sounds like how she says hello. She also is so loving like me and gives hugs to any of her fans. I do the same and I give hugs to anyone. And if I sing I'm just like her I have the low pitch voice. I'm like camila because I'm always making people crack up almost making them pee their pants and I always act awkward not caring how people think about me just like her. I also wear bows and have the same style as her. And I think I eat more bananas than her possibly because I love them so much just like her. She also is the one to make people so happy just like me.

  6. Ellie says – reply to this


    These girls are my inspiration. They inspire me to be myself and express my feelings towards the world everyday.
    Camila- She is funny, caring, and always speaks what is on her mind, a lot like me.
    Lauren- She is a very fierce girl who's self confidence shines through her smile.
    Normani- She struts her stuff throughout her life and shows lofe who is BO$$.
    Ally- She is always smiling through the worse and always has a positive attitude.
    Dinah Jane- She can connect with her family in tremendous ways. She always cares for others.
    It would be wonderful to win this prize. Thank you Perez!!!!

  7. Ciara says – reply to this


    Ally- She has a sweet bubbly personality like myself which I adore
    Normani- Fierce like her inner Beyonce she is just boasting with confidence like me!
    Camila- She is an adorable fangirl just like me! She even likes the same people too
    Lauren- The one that inspires me the most. She is just truly herself and she is chill which is like me.
    Dinah- She doesn't care what people think about her! She does her own thing like.. yep you guessed it me!

  8. Ciara says – reply to this


    Re: Ciara – I would also like to add that Fifth Harmony are my true number one idols. They have really made me feel inspired and just happy. I feel a real connection which is just important.

  9. Brittany says – reply to this


    I'm like lauren bc I'm a sweetheart who's also soft grunge
    I'm like ally bc I'm encouraging and supportive to all my friends
    I'm like Dinah bc I don't care what people say about me and I live my life for me
    I'm like Normani bc I'm shy and to myself but when the time comes
    I'm fierce and own the stage
    I'm like Camila bc I'm a huge fangirl and I'm quirky and make bad puns trying to be funny

  10. Elisha says – reply to this


    Ally- she takes the sisterly role on with everyone, she will always be there to give the other girls advice and I can relate to that in the sense that I do the exact same thing with my friends.
    Dinah- her way with her siblings, she has a real connection to them and I love watching her with her brothers and sisters because I have a little brother and I'm the same with him.
    Normani- she is always smiling no matter what, even if she is having a bad day she will push that aside and put on a smile for everyone and that's what I do as well.
    Lauren- she's so inspirational, she will always stand up for something that she believes in and she will speak passionately about it and I'm the exact same.
    Camila- she is always smiling, she's also very inspirational and her way with words is life changing, she loves making time for everyone and I can connect on the same level as her.
    I love these 5 girls so much, they are my world and I wouldn't know what to do without them <3

  11. 11

    I relate to Camila because I’m shy and awkward and I have a bubbly personality, and sometimes that’s all hard to deal with, but she inspires me to be happy with myself. She inspires me to overcome my insecurities and be myself entirely.
    I relate to Lauren because she’s very fierce and opinionated. She’s very strong and independent, but she’s also very loving of everyoneand is just the cutest motherhugger alive. We are very alike in personality, and she inspires me to be carefree and enjoy myself.
    I relate to Ally because she’s a believer. No matter how hard everything might be, her family, her friends and God are always there for her, and she always trusts them with all her being. She’s a hundred percent trusting of everyone because she has a heart made out of solid gold. I wish I could be as optimistic as Ally. Her hope inspires me.

  12. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Camila-I love bananas
    Lauren-The love/value for art
    Normani-chicken wings,we both love chicken wings
    Dinah-The care we have towards our family

  13. 13

    Re: annabethchasy – I relate to Dinah because she’s family driven. Even when she’s a superstar, she always makes time for her siblings and her one dream when everything began was to be able to support them. She’s also very daring, takes inspiration from the people she loves and channels it into confidence and talent. She transforms everything into positiveness. That’s what I aim to do as well.
    I relate to Normani because I saw her evolve from a shy teenager who barely spoke in the XFactor days to a literal diva. She transformed right before my eyes and, when I look at myself a year ago and myself now, I can see the same type of transformation and I know having Normani in my life influenced that. She’s my go-to when I need to remind myself why to be confident.
    These girls really inspire me to become a better person everyday and they have saved me in many ways. It would mean a lot to win <3

  14. Jaycee says – reply to this


    Ally & I are both quirky & fun & we are people people like we both are outgoing & try to meet a lot of new people & help them. Ally loves cats bc she has 2 Tammy & Bobbi & I also really love cats. Ally loves to talk & so do I.
    Lauren & I like to speak our minds & share our opinions. We are very passionate about things we care about & we don't let other people form our opinions for us. We are adamant about grammar especially your vs you're. We also love the shows like Orange is the New Black.
    Dinah & I both have a goofy side & we have our moments where we aren't the brightest lol. Dinah likes to talk a lot as well but she also has a shy side like me. We also share a love for Beyoncé bc honestly who doesn't. Dinah has a great heart & is always there for her friends.
    Normani & I both absolutely love chicken wings. Mani has a shy side which I can definitely relate to at times. She always makes random jokes that are really funny and She loves Beyoncé like me & Dinah.
    Camila & I both make jokes that really aren't that funny, just random & weird, but we laugh at them anyways. Camila also loves to read & so do I. We also have a very similar taste in music like One Direction, Demi Lovato & many others. We also have a similar style like crop tops & skirts & bows.

  15. Allie says – reply to this


    Lauren- I stand up for things I believe in or I stand up for my friends and myself. I also get excited over the little things like what the sky looks like or a book and I want to share it with others
    Ally- I stay positive in the hardest times. I'm nice to others even if they're mean to me. Not all the time I'm able to remain cool and keep my calm. I try to keep my friends spirits up even in the toughest times because I know they need something to rely on so they don't get down on theirselfs.
    Normani- I stay positive when there's a hard subject I have to face. Like her I give 100% the best I can to succeed like she does on stage. My inner beyonce comes out so I can give my all like Normani does when she dances on the stage
    Dinah- I say random things at time that may not make sense but it's just how I am. I may show that I look unapproachable but I'm really a kind hearted person who cares a lot for people. She has a warm heart and would stop whatever she's doing to help someone no matter what the problem is, and so would I because I care too much for people.
    Camila- being funny sometimes, even if they're lame jokes that I find funny but no one else does, or even having that hidden smart side where I love to read and I could listen to music for hours and never get bored. In everything I see or do I see something beautiful. I see the world as a work of art as camila does and once camila said that quotes are her fatal flaw, to me it's mine too

  16. Aroubah Iqbal says – reply to this


    Camila-She's clumsy and a dork, im soo clumsy too but we're both very intelligent and have a deeper outlook on things.
    Lauren-we both have this introvert mindset, she's smart and she keeps to herself like me but is also outgoing. Nd her music taste is basically my whole playlist
    Dinah-OMG she LOVES football and volleyball and I'm actually on a girls Football team and the manager of volleyball aye.she's funny and keeps everyone laughing and sporty like me.
    Normani- Normani is shy sometimes like me but when she comes out of her shell she's destined to make others happy. She also loves BEYONCÉ and that's my queenn
    Ally-Ally is the little big girl, she's like the mother of the group nd takes care of everyone. That's my job in my group of friends, I am their mother lol
    Thank you

  17. James Tu'akalau says – reply to this


    Normani- I am like Normani because I love fashion and being fierce and having confidence but also being able to respect people plus Yonce and chicken wings chicken chicken chicken wings
    Ally- I am like Ally because like her I love making people smile and laugh cause you don't know what they're going through and you don't know if you just made their day
    Dinah- I am like Dinah because I love my family no matter what. I would do anything to protect them and through thick and thin I'd be by their side
    Camila- I am like Camila because I have a whole lot of quirks about me I'm awkward I have low sense of coordination but I love myself for who I am quirks and all
    Lauren- I am like Lauren because I speak my mind and am willing to stand up for what I believe in I also believe in equality for all

  18. Aimee says – reply to this


    How I relate to every girl

    Ally: Her positivity & love for people & everything, & her shortness because I am only 4’10”!

    Normani: Her FIERCENESS, & her love for chicken wings (seriously they are my favorite food not even lying!), & her confidence!

    Dinah: Her love for her family, her outgoingness, & she loves to prank people & I always prank my friends when I have the chance!

    Lauren: Her sense of style, her intelligence, her way with words, her love for music & books, her maturity, & she stands up for what she believes in & I have always been that way. I think I relate most to her just because all of the things I mentioned & I feel like I just understand her a lot!

    Camila: Her goofiness/awkwardness, her love for books & guitar, & the way she cares about people she really loves! She is always there for someone & I am like that too; whenever someone needs help or just needs someone to listen to I’m always there & I feel like Camila is that way!

  19. Brittany says – reply to this


    Camila- because I'm that funny type of chick and like to have fun.
    Lauren- because I really like to stand up for myself and others.
    Ally- because when somebody is down I always make them smile and always will be there for them no matter what.
    Dinah- because I love my family and if something happens to them I will be sad.
    Normani- because I'm that shy person when it comes to meeting new people but when I get to know them they will see all of my side.
    Fifth Harmony- because I love to sing and dance around the house and my family always yell at me because I always be loud sing yall songs

  20. Brittany says – reply to this


    Fifth Harmony- because I love how they meet people I. Sometimes I will just go to someone to be there friend. I am a very friendly person but I will be shy around them in till I get to know.

  21. Jackie says – reply to this


    I relate to Ally, Camila, Lauren, Dinah and Normani in the way that all 6 of us are Bo$$es. I'm a Reflection of Fifth Harmony, I'm a mixture of all 5 of these girls.

  22. Brittany says – reply to this


    Dinah because i like taking picture like her only on snapchat.
    Ally because she is always in a positive mood like me sometimes.
    Camila because she is a funny girl like me.
    Lauren because she wears spikes with her stuff.
    Normani because she is fierce and im fierce to.

  23. Jackie says – reply to this


    I am related to Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren, and Normani in the way that all six of us are Bo$$es. I'm a Reflection of Fifth Harmony, I'm a mixture of all five 5H members.

  24. Tran says – reply to this


    Camila - literally me in every way but in a different body💗💗
    Dinah - she always wants to have a good time and is super sarcastic like me😂
    Ally - she's so sweet and humble 😊😊
    Normani - my alter ego diva side 👌👌
    Lauren - she'll stand up for herself and I really look up to that 👊

  25. Noreen says – reply to this


    I relate to Dinah because she and I both adore children. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to be a teacher and babysit in my free time. Also, Dinah has taught me to be proud of my culture and who I am.
    I relate to Camila because we are both shy and awkward girls who are not afraid to be weird in front of our friends or in public. Also, Camila and I have favorites in common like: we both like pizza, BOWS, French fries, being weird and a whole list that good go on forever.
    I relate to Ally because my goal in life is to have positivity all around me and I would like to be one of the people who spreads positivity just like cute, little Ally. Also, we both love neon pink, the 80’s, pandas, Cher Lloyd and so much more.
    I relate to Lauren because she’s not afraid to speak her mind and always shares her opinion, which is similar to me. Also we both have younger siblings and both love Lana del Ray and have a fear of heights.
    I relate to Normani because she has multiple sides of her, like when she was auditioning for X-Factor she was a shy caterpillar and now she has transformed into a social butterfly. I feel that I am a shy caterpillar and will soon transform.
    Fifth Harmony is a huge inspiration to me and I love them to space, but always remember: space never ends. All the girls have such kind hearts, caring personalities and a lot more characteristics that make them some of the best girls in the world. I could literally write a book on why I love them. <3

  26. eckels says – reply to this


    I love them so such that i am singing one of there song for a project in my choir class.

  27. Thomas O'Gorman says – reply to this


    NORMANI- I relate to Noramni because she is feirce and loyal and alway teaching the harmonizers to never give up.

    ALLY- I realate to Ally because she has such a positive outlook on life

    Lauren- I realte to Lauren because she is SO passionate about her beliefs just like me.

    Dinah- I realte to dinah because she always reminds me you dont have to be a model or anorexic to be a superstar.

    Camila- I reslte to camila because shes so funny and shy and is always putting a smile on my face

  28. nyah says – reply to this


    How I relate to 5H:

    Dinah- we love BEYONCÉ ( Normani does as well), sometimes she can be sassy but then all adorable and cuddly. WE BOTH LOVEEEE FOOD

    Mani: she wakes up flawless (I don't actually lol) she's fun and when you're with her you can have fun. AND WE LOVE FRIED CHICKEN AYEEEE

    Camz: bananas are life, she can make a joke out of a lot of things and sometimes she's awkwardly adorable

    Ally: she's just an adorable little ray of sunshine, ally always has a positive attitude and is smiling all the time. She can make anyone smile

    Lern Jergi: she's the kind of person that will help you up when you're feeling down. she's a comforter. she doesn't care what others think of her she just forgets the haters ahah

  29. Daynolin says – reply to this


    Camila: I relate to her in a way a lot of us harmonizers do…she's a FANGIRL! Just like us. She loves 1D the way we love her and 5H. I also relate to the introverted side of her, she's not the most outgoing person and it takes a lot out of her. Just like her, I wasn't the most popular kid in school and I didn't have a lot of friends.
    Lauren: She has a very tough exterior and she can be intimidating, but she's a big old softy on the inside and that's how I act. I dress and look a certain way where people find me intimidating, but when they get to know me I'm a big soft goof ball, which brings me to my next person.
    Dinah: We're both poly/island girls! Represent! Haha. No but really, she's a huge goof ball and a dork a lot of the time and we love her for it. She acts and makes jokes that I make and find funny. That's how I relate to her (:
    Ally: Although I am a bit introverted and intimidating on the outside, once you get to know me and I get comfortable enough around you, I'm a huge ball of sunshine just like Ally (:
    Normani: She's a very shy girl and so am I which, comes from my introverted side. I'm not very outgoing, at first! Just like Mani. Once she breaks out of her shell, she becomes HILARIOUS and she is one FIERCE mama! She becomes herself eventually. And i can relate to that. I'm shy but when I get comfortable and break out of my shell I become myself. My goofy ball of sunshine self (:

  30. Katya Segovia says – reply to this


    I conncet to these girls in so many ways especially in a positive way because they never have up on their dreams and they encourage me to follow mine and to always be kind to others because u don't know what others are going thru I have learned so many great positive things thanks to these girls ! Lauren has taught me to always be kind to others we connect and that way . Camila is her own Bo$$ so I am myself and I dress how I want and embrace it . Normani is herself and expresses the things she likes we conncect in that way . Dinah is funny and loud and shows her loud side and it's okay to be you'reself forget those who judge you . And last but not least ally she has a big heart and it's okay to be a nice person and shows others that you care about them ! I conncect and relate to these girls in so many ways and I love them very much !

  31. Jenn says – reply to this


    Fifth Harmony is so dope!
    Dinah- I rep hard were im from and who I am. And have no hesitation beatin up someone with a banana.
    Camila- I never taking things to seriously because It prevents me from enjoying life and it's funny/happy side
    Normani- I have the class of a royal and moves of Beyoncé
    Ally- We are both Hernandez' and always put family as a priority and appreciate the blessings
    Lauren- I step forward when things needs to be said, speak my mind when things seem wrong and can stay loyal to my peeps

  32. Kourtnie says – reply to this


    Camila I know a lot of people have said this but it is true she fangirls over 1D like I fangirl over her and 5H. I can relate to the shy and introverted side her. I was not the most liked kid in school I got bullied bad and I knew that it would get better because she has shown me that it gets better. I can relate to Lauren because she is a sweet and compassionate person if you are feeling sad she will be right there comforting you. I also admire how she is not afraid to say how she feels and she doesn't care what the haters have to say.

  33. Kourtnie says – reply to this


    These girls honestly mean the world to me they are all Bo$$es and I love how they are getting more and more popular and haven't lost sight of who they are I hope they never lose sight of who they are because I look up to them so much and I love them so much it is not even funny how much I love these girls. Thank you so much to Perez for giving me this wonderful opportunity to win my idols dolls and they are SIGNED it will be a huge blessing if I win so please please consider me to win it would mean the world to me so thank you so much Perez!

  34. edith says – reply to this


    they are beautiful & talented, eacth one of them have inspired me to believe in myself & to never let people ruin my day. they give me confidence i am who i am because of them. they will be my idols till the day i have a reason not to. ♥️

  35. Brielle says – reply to this


    I relate to ally because I always like to see the positive side of everything. Ally is a ray of sunshine and I try to be just like her! I relate to Camila because of my awkwardness and silliness. I relate to Dinah because of her randomness. I relate to Normani because I allways take selfies! And finally, I relate to Lauren because we have to same fashion style and eyes!

  36. Chloe says – reply to this


    Camila- I am not lying when I say I dress exactly like her without trying to. And my name starts with a C.
    Lauren- I am a strong hearted person who stands up for their beliefs no matter what.
    Dinah- I am the the biggest family person. I spend almost all of my time with my family and I love them more than anything.

  37. Chloe says – reply to this


    Camila- I dress like Camila without even trying. My name starts with a C and I'm really quirky.
    Ally- I'm a bubbly person who is always happy.
    Lauren- I have really strong beliefs and I stand up for them no matter what. And I also value my intellegience
    Dinah- I am a massive family girl and I love them no matter the circumstances.
    Normani- I have a fierce attitude. I only open up to people I know I can trust. Oh and Beyonce is the queen
    5H- I can also relate to fifth harmony in general as I sing pop music. I am also the Bo$$ of my life and I refuse to be controlled by anyone.

  38. Angela says – reply to this


    Fifth Harmony has had such a huge impact on my life. I never thought that I'd get so attached to these five girls I watched come together to compete on a television show. I've grown to love and appreciate each of their qualities as individuals such as Lauren's brave mind, Camila's care and affection, Ally's relentless positivity, Dinah's free spirit, and Normani's self-confidence. They each have so much to offer to the group and make up the perfect role models to be chosen by Barbie.

  39. Hannah says – reply to this


    Camila- I can relate to Camila because she is always herself and doesn't let other people bring her down. She is constantly being quirky and funny without letting other people's opinions take that away from her. I try really hard to be like that, but I don't know if I am there yet. But Camila gives me someone to model after and helps me be more accepting of myself.
    Lauren- Lauren is a very strong person who also doesn't let anyone bring her down. I, again, try to model this. Her strength radiates and reflects on people to make them stronger, which is also what I a. Aiming to do. We also both have the same clothing style.
    Dinah- Dinah loves her family and I can easily relate to that. Family is extremely important after all. I am also like Dinah because she is very funny around her friends but relatively shy, but still kind around new people.
    Ally- Ally is extremely positive, which is a major reason why I can relate. Her positivity rubs off on the people around her, which is an awesome quality to have. Like the other members I am trying to reflect these qualities because they are all really good role models.
    Normani- Normani is amazingly confident! She doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her as long as she loves herself. I am trying to have this sort of attitude and having one of my role models "modeling" it for me makes it much easier.

  40. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Lauren- I relate to Lauren because, I’m very honest and I stand up for what I believe is right, because having an opinion is important and, it does matter.

    Normani- I relate to Normani because, in beginning I’m very shy and reserved but, if you give me a chance to show you what I can do, a whole new person comes out and stands in the spotlight.

    Dinah- I relate to Dinah because, I love my family and friends. I would literally do anything for them. They mean the world to me and I honestly don’t know what I would do or where I would be without them. Family and friends are always at the top of my list before anything else.

    Ally- I relate to Ally because, I stay positive even if there is a lot of negativity around me. Positivity is the road to success. It can open many doors for you. Negativity will only bring you down and keep you from the things you want in life.

    Camila- I relate to Camila because, I like to make jokes and I’m weird and quirky whenever I’m around my friends and family, and I like to give great advice.

    Altogether, that is how I relate to Fifth Harmony. Even with the fame and coming fortune these five young ladies stay humble to their fans, and are very thankful for what they have. One day I hope to reach my goal and become successful just like them.

  41. 41

    I can relate to the girls in alot of ways but there are no words that can describe it. These girls have helped me through alot with there music and their personalities. I Can honestly say that they have helped me in alot of situations that I felt alone in.
    Lauren, she once said "Every one is beautiful, maybe not in they way they look but in who they are." When I was in middle school I had this really bad bully and I really let her get to me. It got so bad that she ended up having to change schools. One day I was in my English class and she walked in and i had a panic attack even tho this was 5 years later. I ran out of the class room and looked down at my phone ant Latterly at that time Lauren tweeted and it said. "Don't let your past define who you are now". I calmed down and realized that I was stronger now than I was back the all because 13 year old me didn't have anyone to look up to… And now I have the best role model anyone could ask for. I have also played softball for 14 years this year and she played softball to. Ally taught me to help others, Dinah taught me to smile and Normani taught me to look for the best in people. Camila taught me to not let the bullies win in any situation.
    Lauren She taught me Strength, Confidence, and she showed me what a real hero is.

  42. Alika says – reply to this


    Dinah Jane Hansen: Like her, I have also realized that true beauty is what’s inside and accepting myself for who I am.
    Ally Brooke: I also try not to lose hope. I now know, “There’s always a sunrise after a sunset.”
    Camila Cabello: When I’m having a bad day, I like to listen to upbeat 5H songs; and remember…”Everything’s going to be okay, because nothing is permanent.”
    Normani Kordei: I will also, never change who I am and always remember…”Life is a gift of GOD, and we should all live it to the fullest.”
    Lauren Jauregui: Always remember to always…
    Be Confident
    Be Compassionate
    Be Intelligent
    Be Humble
    Be Generous
    “The universe returns to you, what you put out.”
    *This is how each lovely member of 5H, has inspired me in a positive, uplifting and life motivating way.
    With much LOVE and RESPECT 2 all the kool ladies of 5H,
    ~Alika =)

  43. Camila says – reply to this


    I love Fifth Harmony so much. I believe that 5H has saved my life I am bullied so bad at school that I get sent death threats but I know that with Fifth Harmony they make me stronger and make me believe that their are people that do love me and the fact that I can't afford to meet my idols is heartbreaking to me. I hope that Perez can make my world by having me win these dolls I wouldn't know how to thank him I would probably be crying hysterically.

  44. Camila says – reply to this


    Camila is a huge person in my life she is my sunshine. My real name is Courtney but I don’t like to go by Courtney because she is broken, but when I am Camila I feel inside that I am starting over and that I can actually be confident because Camila has shown me that you can still be awkward and adorable but then you can go to being a boss. I feel that in my heart I am just as outgoing as Camila but as much as I have been beaten down by kids at my school I am afraid to be who I am.

  45. Camila says – reply to this


    Lauren is someone I wish I could be she is not afraid to say how she feels and she sticks up for people and I wish she could be there for me when I am getting bullied but I feel that I have her support in my heart and that is what keeps me going. Lauren is very very beautiful inside and out. She is so passionate in her music and what she believes in. I have a love for music but I am afraid to get out there and show people who I am because I am afraid of judgment, but Lauren is helping me get stronger and stronger because she is the strongest person I know.

  46. Kourtnie says – reply to this


    Re: Camila – I hope things become easier for you love I really hope you win this even tho I really want to win I think you deserve to win. <3

  47. Camila says – reply to this


    Normani has the confidence that I need in my life to be able to conquer my dream she is so fierce and she doesn’t let anything stand in her way she is flawless. I also like to eat fried chicken because I know that is Mani’s favorite. Mani is so funny she makes my day when I watch YouTube video of these girls and how hilarious she can be.

  48. Camila says – reply to this


    Ally has really has been my positivity and my light she has made me a lot more grateful of life and how I should just thank god for my life because every life is precious and thanks to Ally and Fifth Harmony I believe this. Ally has helped me to be closer to god and when I watch YouTube videos of 5H I realize that she always has a smile on her face so I try to make sure that I smile everyday even tho I am broken. And thanks to these girls they are helping me to not be broken anymore.

  49. Camila says – reply to this


    Dinah is like me because she is very close to her family she is always putting them ahead of herself which I admire. She is also very fierce she is not afraid to be who she is I feel that all the girls are not afraid to be who they are and I wish I was like that. I think that Dinah is very caring and sweet I think it is so adorable when she is spending time with her family.

  50. Camila says – reply to this


    Now I am going to take the time to thank Perez for this opportunity I hope that you consider me to win I wouldn't know how to thank you so please please please consider me I don’t want to be a pain but I would really love to win you wouldn't even now these girls have changed my life forever they have given me a better outlook on life.

  51. Alex Russo says – reply to this


    Ally - I feel I relate to ally the most since we are both close to our families. I took a 5H quiz a while back and coincidentally we were paired because of that reason.
    Camila - My favorite of the group, she's goofy, like me, and loves books, like me!! Her quirky behavior reminds me of myself sometimes, and sometimes even shy. Also we looooove spiderman
    Lauren - I love her fashion style. I like to dress kind of dark and edgy every now and then. Lauren has a laid back personality like me; sometimes I don't even care and just lay there like a potato.
    Dinah jane - Dinah ties back to ally in a way. We have a strong bond in family, but our families are alike in a way. We come from the same roots, have the same party styles, dance moves, music taste, family bonding. It's like we're blood related, but we're not. She takes selfies a lot and I do too haha!
    Normani - last but not least, normani has this fierce aura. When I get heated and motivated, nothing can stop me and I feel like a boss. I know that Normani has the passion to do what she loves and is FIERCE like Beyoncé, her idol. And oh my gosh, is the chicken wing game strong.
    Now that I look back on this, there's a bit of fifth harmony in me. I haven't realized it until now but I know a lot about them haha and I guess I can see how much of a 'reflection' we share. Truly my favorite group, forever and til the end.

  52. Hayley says – reply to this


    Lauren - because if I am passionate about something I throw 110% into it. I try to find the good in every situation and look out for the people I love. I stand up for what I believe in and I don't like to be told I can't.
    Camila - because all though I can be quite confident I can often be shy and find comfort in just being alone in my own thoughts. I can be awkward but try to have fun and laugh off silly mistakes. I also like to share a smile with everyone and even make someone's day.
    Normani - because I do take my time to warm up to people but when I am I'm happy go lucky and love to let loose with friends. I can show people who is boss when need be and I ain't afraid to show my fierce side.
    Dinah - because I can be quite sporty and get really passionate about sport. I like to make people laugh but at the same time not afraid to give the ones I love a big hug and let them know how much I appreciate them in my life. Family is everything and I wouldn't be who i am without them.
    Ally - because I can take on a mother role over the people I love especially my younger sister making sure she is okay and keeping on track. I love to spread love and make sure that everyone is have a good day.

  53. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Camila because I am really nice and loving.
    Normani because I love to dance.
    Dinah because I love my family.
    Ally because she is really awesome.
    Lauren because she stands up for what she believes in.

  54. Haliena Hoang says – reply to this


    i relate to them alot, probably one of the reasons why im so OBSESSED with them and their music.
    I honestly relate to Lauren the most , we both arent afraid to stand up for what we believe and i just love her style.
    Normani she is so fierce, id like to think i am fierce as well i am CONFIDENT not arrogant. (theres a huge difference)
    omg my selfie queen Dinah, she is so family orientated and so am i, family always comes first!
    Ally my sunshine, i love her postive attitude on everything. i relate to her because she is so happy always and i do try my best to stay happy even in the darkest moments.
    i also relate alot to Camila because when you look at her you think "she must be so quiet" but then you get to know her and she crazy hilarious. i love that she isnt afraid to be her awkward self.
    thank you.

  55. Grecia says – reply to this


    It's too hard to put into words how alike I am with these 5 beautiful angels. Each and every single one of them I have something in common with from dancing to photography and posivity and confidence. Without these beautiful girls I wouldn't know who I am today.

  56. Karina Mackey says – reply to this


    I relate to Lauren because we have the same music taste and it's really cool to share that with my idol. Also, we are very passionate about the same things.
    I relate to Camila because she has a style that is very fun and exciting but also classy at the same time and I love to have a style like that. Camila also has a very weird personality (that's a good thing because normal is boring) that I can relate to because if she can be herself in front of thousands, I can be myself in front of my friends and classmates.
    I relate to Dinah because she has a very carefree personality and she straight up tells people things and I am kind of like that too. We both really have no chill.
    I relate to Normani because she is very funny and fun to be around. I have been told I am funny and it's something Normani and I have in common.
    I relate to Ally because she has a very laid back personality and she is so caring and never fails to call you beautiful.

  57. destiny Andrade says – reply to this


    Lauren- because I am a rocker girl, that is strong, but at time can be sensitive. I stand up for what I believe in.
    Camila- I am that awkward girl that everyone asks "are you okay". I am also that girl that is shy around others, but when getting to know me you'll know I am funny.
    Normani- I am a dancer. I am fierce. Beyonce is queen I have her tour movies. Chicken wings are dealing delicious.
    Dinah- people know not to mess with me can I hit back lol. I always play pranks on my friends and family. I come from a big family, and I love the people around me
    Ally- I am sweet. I love animals. I am one happy girl I try to keep positive thoughts.
    With those dolls it will be the closes thing I will have from the girls from fifth harmony 💖💞💗💕💘💓💋 I LOVE THEM SO FREAKING MUCH!!! Please pick me.

  58. Joselynn says – reply to this


    I probably don't need to mention this but I will, I love Fifth Harmony. I'll try to make this short and simple. Dinah Jane, we are bother a bit "gangster" if that's the appropriate word. I live in LA(not the cleanest area) and she lives in OC. I know exactly where she comes from. Normani Kordei, I relate to her in the way that we are both polite, and speak educatedly with our peers. I love the way she is so respectful towards others and thats how my momma raised me. Lauren Jauregui;I relate to her fashion-wise. I might not wear the most stylish clothes but I dress rocker-ish. Ally Brooke; Hands down our love for our family and the way we are always so cheerful. It could be 6 a.m and I'm the one who is cracking jokes and laughing just like her. Finally, Camila Cabello, I think I relate to her in the way that we are both weird. I am 19years old yet, I am not afraid to act weird every now and then. I really hope you pick me to be the winner, thank you so much for your time.

  59. Marisol Fajardo says – reply to this


    Ally, Lauren, Camila- They are the Latinas of the group. Being a Latina myself, it's very exciting seeing inspiring, young Latinas making it big in the music Industry. They are so unique and they differentiate from one another. I totally see little bits of my own personally from theirs.

    Dinah- My west coast girl. She is such a random, energetic ball of funny. I really would love to just hang out with her and put some Hip-Hop/ R&B and go to beach. I see in her what I see in my own sisters, personally wise and their tastes are similar as well.

    Normani- I hugged her once, and it was awesome. It might sound weird but it's true. She has this amazing aura about her, that is soothing and warm. I have so much respect for her and admiration. She is definitely one of a kind.

  60. Yajaira Rodriguez says – reply to this


    Ally- I try to be as positive as I can
    Camila-I'm shy and awkward and clumsy and I have also had problems with bullies.
    Dinah- I love my family more than anything.
    Lauren- I stand up for my friends and I stand up for what i Beileve in.
    Normani- I love chicken wings

  61. 61

    Normani: Like Normani, I have an alter ego when I perform. I come off as shy, but when I'm on stage, my inner 5H breaks out and I become a confident performer!
    Dinah: Dinah and I are both VERY family oriented. I am very close to my siblings too and all my family. I absolutely love children just as much as she does. I put my family first always and am always with them, and I also babysit for many different kids and I help teach a kids glee club.
    Ally: Just like Ally, I like to listen to others, make people be happy and stay positive as well as spread positivity. I also relate to her when she's very punctual and how she's a morning person because I always wake up early naturally in a great mood regardless the situation I'm in.
    Lauren: Lauren is so passionate about everything she loves, and because of this I can totally relate to her. She loves and cares for everyone in the best way possible and I know I love and care for others the same way even people I just met like she does with fans.
    Camila: I relate to Camila because she has such a huge heart and cares about everything and everyone. She always wants others to be happy. Just like Camila, I love to make others laugh and I laugh at myself and at my own jokes all the time and I'm very loyal and passionate about the people I fangirl over; I literally have been supporting these girls ever since they were on X Factor and til now and forever.

  62. Patty Rodriguez says – reply to this


    Camila-because I'm not afraid to be silly in front of new people.
    Normani-we both can dance ;)
    Dinah-we love family and it is everything to us<3
    Ally-I always try to find the positive in a negative situation :)
    Lauren-we both like to listen to the same music & I love the way she dresses :D

  63. CJ Robinson says – reply to this


    I would say I can relate to these girls in many different ways but the truth is these girls are unique and special and I think I can only relate to them by saying that I love them with my whole heart and they love their fans. These girls are the most genuine and caring people on this earth and I'm so happy that I have these 5 amazing girls as my idols!

  64. Jeremiah says – reply to this


    Camila-I'm shy and reserved but have a different voice & know how to use it for the better.

    Normani-I'm often underestimated and when my voice is needed I always come through.

    Dinah-I'm funny and sweet once you get to know me and my voice resonates when I speak up about my values and/or character.

    Ally- I'm bubbly and the more mature of my friends. I always look out for their best interest without putting their ideas down.

    Lauren- I'm tough and very resilient when it comes to saying how I feel. I always stand up to help my friends when they're in trouble.

  65. Jeremiah says – reply to this


    When I say voice I mean literal voice not singing voice.

  66. Evelyn says – reply to this


    I relate to Normani because of her confidence and the way she deals with hate, machism and racism
    I relate to Dinah because of her fierceness and unique personality
    I relate to Ally because of the way she makes everyone around her happy with her amazing energy
    I relate to Lauren because of her talent to speak up and express what she thinks
    I relate to Camila because of her love for others and unique sense of humor that makes everyone laugh

  67. Camila says – reply to this


    Hi Perez,
    I am sorry I keep spamming you like crazy but I would really really love to have these dolls every day I have hoped that I would get the chance to meet Fifth Harmony but sadly like I said before I can’t afford it. These girls mean the world to me I am so happy that they came into my life. They are my inspiration I look up to these girls so much, they really help me get through these tough school days with these mean bullies. I really hope that I could win these I would be beyond happy but if you chose somebody else that is okay too but I just wish that I could actually get to have something that the girls have actually touched and signed! Thank you so much Perez for this exciting opportunity I hope I get considered to win these dolls it would the world to me.

  68. Camila says – reply to this


    Re: Camila – *It would mean the world to me… sorry typo

  69. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I can relate to Dinah Jane because she cares for people with her enormous heart and will stop at nothing to make sure her loved ones are taken care of. Normani is relatable to me because of her patience; she can handle any situation with maturity and grace. Ally is relatable because she pours her passion for life into her every move, she also cares so deeply about others feelings and always wants to make sure people are happy. Lauren is relatable because of her open mind, her empathy, her ability to see things from other peoples point of view. Camila is relatable because of her natural warm presence, she can make you feel like you’ve been best friends with her your whole life with just one conversation.

  70. Hannah says – reply to this


    Ally- Ally has taught me to be positive through the saddest situations. I'm happy and positive because of Ally, and my attitude truly reflects it. (thx ally)
    Lauren- Wow I honestly don't know where to begin when talking about Lauren. She's my cinnamon apple & I wouldn't trade the weird connection I have with her for anything. Lauren and I blog all day, obsess over Matty Healy (who doesn't), listen to rock, and wear black to show our inner emotions (lol we go punk af) .
    Dinah- Dinah & I have this thing where we both are really good at insulting without the person being insulted knowing whats really traveling through our thoughts. We both listen to Queen B waaaayyyy too much, and support our family through thick and thin.
    Normani- Oh man. We love to shake our booty, but the only difference there is that she actually has one. We love to show off our dance moves to our friends because we are probably too confident & like to impress. Also, fried chicken in our eyes is like that feeling you get when you first start dating, you just really can't wait to see them again. Lmao.
    Camila- Mila and I are the weirdest out of our friends, always willing to pull pranks & hug the nearest person. When I say that I'm not kidding, hugging is a hobby honestly. Ed Sheeran is our fav. Also, Camila & I connect on a spiritual level, seeing that every experience we go through reflects on our actions later in life & we are able to learn from every place & person we visit.

  71. Nina says – reply to this


    I take pictures to capture the simplest forms of beauty. I store away names of songs and artists that have made my heart beat faster and rivers spring from the corners of my eyes. I'm passionate. I'm loyal. I stand up for what's right to me, not everyone else. I am Lauren. I spread positivity. I lend an ear when a person's only escape is in their words. I treat everyone with a smile and wave because we all get down, but tomorrow is a new day. A chance to be a better version of myself than the day before. I am Ally. I embrace every piece of a person because what matters is the soul on the inside, not the case protecting it. I believe that good things come to great people as long we don't give up. I try to surround myself with only positive people because that's how you learn to love yourself. I am Normani. I'm young, but I'm wise beyond my years. I have a big family that I'm close to. I believe that nothing is impossible. I can be who I want to be. I am Dinah. I'm an introvert. I believe in others more than I believe in myself. I can be articulate, but really some of my best lines come from books, Tumblr, and the deepest parts of my mind. I stay up too late because one day I'll be too tired to admire the beauty of life at 2am. I see the world in a kaleidoscope because life is too short to be seen in one color at a time. I am Camila. Fifth Harmony and I relate because we want is for everyone to find happiness in this imperfectly perfect world of ours.

  72. Michelle says – reply to this


    There really aren't words to describe what Fifth Harmony means to me and how I relate to them, but I'll attempt to put it into words that will do them justice. I relate the most to Lauren, because we have a lot of the same taste and appreciation for things. She is one of the most beautifully honest people on this Earth and I try everyday to be honest with myself and everyone daily. Camila inspires everyone to be themselves and I try my best to go with the flow and appreciate myself and beauty, because Camila has conquered a lot of negativity in her life and she inspires me to do that in my life. Ally is such a bright star on this Earth and while I don't exactly have the same qualities as her, I try every day to be more optimistic and see the positive things in life even at my lowest points. Normani is naturally funny and has really grown up and let herself just genuinely be her and I also have learned to just be myself and let my personality shine through. Dinah Jane is so loving and puts her whole heart into everything. I try my best to express my love and appreciation for everyone in my life but also to embrace my goofy side and share it. She also inspires me to love myself and my body, even if it's not this perfect little thing. She exudes a lot of confidence and I have tried to really work on my own confidence as well.

  73. 73

    I relate to Camila because we are both 17, Hispanic, immigrants, bilingual, can be shy, reserved, adore junk food, and a musician. I also speak Spanish and play the guitar, along with other instruments, and I love pizza! Camila and I both are brunettes and have brown eyes. I am quirky, dorky, and my friends refer me as the cutesy one too. We both like our alone time to just listen to music and read, or just think and enjoy the peace.
    Lauren and I both dig rock music, know how to play softball, and have a hipster/grunge style. We both are Hispanic, bilingual, and like to correct other peoples grammar. I like piercings and tattoos, People find me intimidating when I'm actually sensitive,
    Normani and I are both dark skinned beauties, grew up watching Hannah Montana, and have a couple of half-sisters. We have obsessions for T.V shows! Normani has a creative personality, and it shows in her amazing fashion. I am not a fashionista, but I am creative and show it through music.
    Dinah is from a big, artsy, loud family. I am also from a big, artsy loud family. Dinah's family has singers while mine has mechanics.We are both 17, tall and are the youngest of our friends.We both adore where we come from and aren't ashamed to show it.
    Ally is very family orientated, and so am I. We both like to remain positive. We both love carrot cake too! How can you not? Lastly, like Camila and Lauren, Ally and I both come from Spanish backgrounds.

  74. Kerstin says – reply to this


    Dinah - I love children and have many siblings. We live in a very small house with my grandmother in a not-so-good neighbor. I’m also tall like Dinah. I’m always over sleeping and running late.
    Lauren - I love Lana Del Rey. I love art, music and love to sing. I also love sports especially softball and basketball. I like to write. I have very light colored eyes like Lauren.
    Camila – Sometimes I’m socially awkward and shy. Music helps me escape. I love Demi Lovato and One Direction. I’m want to learn to play the guitar and I’m very silly, goofy, and messy.
    Ally - I like to bake. I’m the oldest of all my siblings like Ally’s the oldest in the group. I like Troy Ogletree song covers. I love Justin Timberlake. And I’m from TEXAS.
    Normani – I Loveeee fried chicken, buffalo wings, and the buffalo wing chips. I love Queen Beyonce’. I like to bedazzle things and was in pageants when I was younger. I like to take selfies and pictures. And I’m from Texas.
    Music is my passion and Fifth Harmony is my favorite group. I play their songs and videos all the time. My baby brother who is one year old knows their songs the minute that they start playing and he starts to dance. Thanks Fifth Harmony for your wonderful music.

  75. Arra Reyes says – reply to this


    Dinah- I'm a quite and shy person at first, but once you and I become friends I will be one of the loudest person you know.

    Camila- I get lost with my music and start to dance. I also have some pretty embarrassing moments at school and I love inventing new words to say.

    Lauren- I will say what I want to say and I won't give up. Also, I don't care what people say about my opinion or what I say. Another thing is that sometimes I'm the only person who gets my joke.

    Normani- I have a fierce ego. I also love eating buffalo wings.

    Ally- I love making people happy and I would give you an advice for anything you ask.

  76. Matheus says – reply to this


    Well you might think because I'm a boy I can't really relate to fifth harmony, but in fact I deeply do. I have a little piece of each one of them, I try to always stay positive and motivate my loved ones like Ally does, I like to make people laugh and joke around being silly like Camila, I'm just as confident as Dinah when she's on stage, you gotta give your all, I'm passionate about life just like Lauren and at first you might think I'm shu but when you get to meet me you see how energetic I'm just like Normani <3

  77. Camila says – reply to this


    Perez please I am begging you I really really want these dolls as you can see in the many times I have spammed you I just i am heartbroken that i cant even get the Barbie dolls when they come out in stores because I can't afford it so please Perez this would be huge for me if I had the opportunity to have these dolls please please Perez.

  78. Estephan says – reply to this


    Omg! One of the reasons I am such a huge Fifth Harmony fan is because I feel like I connect and relate to each of the girls so well!
    I share Ally's emotional vulnerability and ability to see the best in everyone.
    I share Camilla's taste in men (Austin is so fine) and clumsy tendencies.
    Dinah and I both come from large families and share a love of food! We are proud of our bodies and love eating what we want!
    Me and Lauren have such similar stances on feminism, LGBT rights, and music taste :)
    And me and Normani both have a loud and infectious laugh! We are both sweet yet sassy and of course idolize our Queen Bey!

  79. Lwam says – reply to this


    Camila- I’m always friendly to a new person I meet anywhere I’m at & I also love wearing my bows here and there.

    Dinah- I will bust a move to a Beyoncé song with my friends & I will booty pop when I really happy which is like a everyday thing.

    Ally- I belt out my voice and my high notes if I sing in front of a large audience & I also love it when I put a smile on someone’s face.

    Lauren- I’m feisty at times but I’m also caring about other people & I love wearing plaid skirts with I heeled boots.

    Normani- Beyoncé is queen , Chris brown is bae & dancing/music is Life

  80. Ericca says – reply to this


    Like Camila I joke around because that's the person I am. Not taking things to seriously & having fun is what life's about and that's how camila views life. To happy & smile because life is beautiful. With all of the grammar corrections and clever little jokes is something I do that is similar to Lauren. Speaking proper & acting proper makes you a respectable person. Lauren is a elegant girl who shows that in any situation she is mature which is how I am. People tell me that I remind people of ally because ally is a sweet girl who has a huge heart. She cares for everyone no matter who it is. Ally sees the good in everyone and believes everyone is perfect just the way they are. Just like her I strive to make others smile. Just like Normani I like to enjoy my life. Normani treats everyday like its her last and has a great time. I believe that you should pretend like it's your last day on earth everyday so you make that day your best day. Dinah has passion in everything she does. Her singing is deep. You know that she gets lost in the music sometimes because she relates the songs to herself and makes the personal or has pride in them. Just like Dinah I find something just like her & become passionate about it. I am passionate towards music and i turn to music as motivator.

  81. Julia says – reply to this


    Camila- I am socially awkward at times but also really goofy and silly. I am really passionate about everything I do and always finish what I start. I have a big heart and always support the people I love. Camila's passion and determination on and off stage inspire me everyday.
    Dinah Jane- I am super sassy and it shows through my style and personality. I love joking around with my friends and playing pranks on each other. I love spending time with my family and would do anything for them. Dinah is so incredible and I strive to be as confident is she is.
    Lauren- I am always looking out for my friends and family and helping out when I'm needed. I can be really sarcastic as well and I have a good sense of humor. I love Lauren because she is not afraid to say what she thinks or stand up for what she believes in.
    Normani- I can be pretty shy, but when I'm doing things I love my passion shines through and I turn into a different person. I love just chilling with friends and being myself. I always stand by the people I care about. I look up to Normani because while she can be shy, she is do determined to live out her dreams.
    Ally- I am really sweet and always stop to think about other people. I love kids and share the motherly instinct Ally has. I give advice as best I can and I'm always there for my friends and family when they need me. I admire Ally because she always cares about other people and is super sweet.

  82. Maribel says – reply to this


    Camila:because she dare to be herself like me.i am unique,awkward&funny and I embrace it like herself.
    normani: her fierceness and confidence in herself. I believe in myself and stand in confidence like her
    Dinah:I have a big family.i am a family of 12 &I am just like Dinah I am a family person
    Lauren: I love what I do and show the passion in my eyes.Her strong personality is just like me when I do what I love
    Ally: Ally looks out for her.I always stand by my friends and have a great outlook.She is so strong as I am

  83. Camila says – reply to this


    Hi Perez it me again I am very determined to win these dolls… you have no idea I would be really happy if you decided to chose me it would make my life change because I have my favorite girls autographs like I've said before these girls have changed my life and mean the world to me so please Perez. (I am sorry I keep spamming you this contest just means a lot to me)

  84. shar says – reply to this


    - camila is that im silly and goofy and a little awkward '
    -lauren im not afraid to speak what's on my mind '
    - Dinah cause I love my family no mater what happens I love spending time with them
    - ally is like a sister to me she teachs so many people to be kind and sweet to everyone
    - normani because I love beyonce and im fierce I mean don't mess with me lol I really love fifth harmony and im poor so please I have to have these dolls I would donate them to charity and keep one o please I don't even have a ruff over my head I eat out of the garbage cause I have no choice all I what to say Im really poor and I need these dolls

  85. 85

    I need these dolls im so poor and don't have anything to eat i don't even have a bed so please give me a set this is no joke im really shrugging to stay alive so i need this i would be crying if i don't get this so please chose me

  86. Jordan says – reply to this


    Normani- we are both are really shy. She has helped me overcome my social anxiety because since she can stand up and talk in front of thousands of people each day I know I can at least stand in front of my class for a presentation.

    Camila- we are both funny and crazy. We also both have the same birthday[so blessed to be born on the same day as one of them :D ] camila before Xfactor said she use to hide in the bathroom and sing, I do that right now because I'm afraid to sing in front of people.

    Ally- we both act like mothers. We are neat and always in order. We always find the best in every bad situation.

    Dinah- we both love our families. Dinah taught me that even though you love a family so much there is always times for fun pranks! We are also both the youngest(in her 5h family) and we are the toughest. We both love sports!

    Lauren- We both don't care what people have to say about us, and if we have a problem about something we address it. We both have the urban edgy dress style. We are both afraid of heights. We have the same music taste like: the script, flume, fall out boy, paramore, lana, ect… We both have the sarcastic humor. Legit I think Lauren and I are long lost sister because we have so much in common.

    These girls have saved my life(:

  87. Sarah says – reply to this


    I definitely have things in common with the girls. Ally is a constant ray of sunshine and is always trying to cheer people up. While I may not always be the happiest person, I always try to cheer others up because I hate seeing other people sad. I may not be as loud and outgoing as Dinah but we have some similarities, like her love of pranks. I may not pull them off but I try at every opportunity to prank people. In one interview Dinah said that when it comes to Dares she is all talk but when the time comes chickens out, I'm the same way. Camila is funny and is always making jokes but she still has times of shyness and awkwardness. I'm the same, I used to be very shy and wouldn't speak to anyone, now I'm more extroverted but sometimes I still go back to my ways of being an introvert. Normani and I are both confident on stage. I also like to sing but I have a hard time singing in front of a few people but I feel comfortable on stage. Lastly, the things I have in common with Lauren. I relate to Lauren the most. I'm very interested in literature and the arts. I may fail sometimes but I always try to stick up for myself and for others which Lauren does often. I love when people are passionate about things, they talk so vividly that it does matter if I don't understand or if I'm not as passionate about the topic, which Lauren has spoken about before. I won't continue for fear of boring everyone but I do really love the girls.

  88. Ana says – reply to this


    I hope i win these for my 4yr old EMMA
    I worked my ass off to be able to take her to all 3 concerts in Arizona and she said "mom this is the best thing ever!"
    Camila- innocent, loves bows, girly girl
    Lauren- daddy's little girl
    Dinah- fam. 1st, diva
    Normani- beautiful, fierce
    Ally- caring, loving
    I have to admit I love these girls as much as my daughter. I love the look in my daughter's eyes when she looks up to 5th harmony. When she sings all the songs, when she try Dinahs high pitch. My 4yr old listens to their music and feels like "anything can happen". Feels "c.o.n.f.i.d.e.n.t" !!♡

  89. Perla gutierrez says – reply to this


    I am one of many fifth harmony fans.Althogh I am their biggest fan I have always supported them from X factor to their concerts and CDs.i believe that I am some what like each member of Fifth Harmony. To start I am myself around everyone and some may say even shy like Camila. I can relate to Lauren because I value intelligence and am raised speaking Spanish.The member I think I am the most like is Dinah because I am very close to my family and would do absolutely anything for them.Normani is a true boss and always acts like herself around every one and I can relate to that in alot of different ways. The last member is ally I can also relate to ally a lot because I try to always smile and be happy towards all of the people around me. Fifth Harmony has absolutely changed my life in a big way.

  90. Jennifer M says – reply to this


    these girls are actually positive role models to young girls. My 13 is their biggest fan and not Because of how the dress, look or who they date. She loves what their lyrics and their posture attitudes!

  91. Lisa Benzaia says – reply to this


    These dolls are beyond adorable! My daughter would go nuts over them!

  92. Andrea G says – reply to this


    I relate to all of them differently tbh, but mostly Normani. I'm reserved at first, but open up with the right people. I love being me in front of my friends and not caring what people say. I love them all so much!

  93. Anna says – reply to this


    I relate To Fifth Harmony because i am kind, loving and passionate

  94. Taylor says – reply to this


    I relate to them in so many ways! I relate to Camila with her tiny hands and her fashion sense 😍 I relate to Lauren in her graphic tee's and her passion for signing. 😋 I relate to Normani in her confidence and love for her best friends ☺️ I relate to Dinah in her sass and her beanies 💜 I relate to Ally in her Christianity and how short she is 😙

  95. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Ally - I'm short like Ally.
    Normani - I love fried chicken and ain't afraid to get down.
    Lauren - I'm sassy & fierce like this queen.
    Camila - I make a lot of stupid jokes that are only funny to me sometimes.
    Dinah - I'm also a prankster and love to joke around.

  96. brittany says – reply to this


    camila - i'm a dreamer and i want to see the world as a beautiful place, even if it's not
    lauren - i'm outspoken and i believe in things that are morally right
    normani - i'm shy until it comes to something that i am passionate about
    dinah - i love my family more than anything and i wish to one day take care of them the way they have taken care of me
    ally - i'm the glue that keeps my friends together and i love to make others smile and laugh

  97. Lily says – reply to this


    Camila-she's pretty silly and awkward and makes bad jokes just like me 😂 also she started performing in front of people around 8th grade which is what I'm in right now and am starting to do.
    Lauren-she's very passionate about things she cares about and I like to think I am too.
    Normani- loves glitter and anything sparkly. Also has an obsession with hello kitty just like me
    Dinah-loves lion king and also babysits a lot and takes care of little kids which I love to do and did all summer
    Ally-well all of my friends tell me I'm exactly like ally but I guess that's because I'm short, and also I try to be as positive and possible and am sort of like the mom in my group of friends

  98. Taylor says – reply to this


    Ally - I try to be upbeat and happy like Ally always is! I give advice and always look out for my friends.
    Dinah - We are both extremely family-oriented and have the same sense of humor. I am very passionate about my culture. We're also the same height. :)
    Lauren - We both look out for our friends and stand up for what we believe in.
    Normani - I'm a shy person, but once people get to know me I'm crazy.
    Camila - We're both extremely goofy and I love bows just as much as Camila does! (I dress my baby cousin in bows) We both love Demi Lovato and share the same passion for music!

  99. Matheus says – reply to this


    People think it's weird me being a guy and relating to Fifth Harmony, but if there's something they taught me is that you need so stay true to yourself, be unique! I can relate to Ally and how she always looks for the bright out all the situations and how she always keeps her loved ones filled with light, I can relate to Camila and her goofiness, the way she embraces her weirdness as she says and her sense of humor, I can relate with Normani, she's a rainbow filled with different sides but not anybody gets to see it at first, you need to get into her to see all the color, I relate to Dinah and how confident she is and how she cares and protects the ones she loves, such as her family and friends, and last but not least I relate to Lauren, her creativity and uniqueness and how she sees the world in a different perspective, and how she's so wise at a young age.

  100. Nicole Fernandez says – reply to this


    I can relate to Lauren because I know what I stand for and I'm not afraid to fight for what's right. With Normani I can relate because there are times where I feel strong and confident and I will do what ever it takes to get what I want. Then there's the lovely Camila, I definitely have my cute dorky moments and I regret nothing! Ally is so outgoing and positive and I like to think that I'm like that sometimes as well. Finally there's Dinah, I know that like her I definitely have my sassy moments and I'm proud of them. I love Fifth Harmony so much. They deserve the best!

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