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Nicki Minaj Under Fire For Allegedly Flaunting Nazi Propaganda In Her New Lyric Video & People Are Outraged!

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We love us some Nicki Minaj, but what in the world was she thinking?!?

The singer released her lyric video for the new song Only, and the entire thing seems to be modeled after Nazi propaganda! But instead of swastikas, she uses the Young Money symbol.

Of course, people are outraged, including ADL National Director and Holocaust survivor Abraham H. Foxman. He made this statement:

"Nicki Minaj's new video disturbingly evokes Third Reich propaganda and constitutes a new low for pop culture's exploitation of Nazi symbolism. The irony should be lost on no one that this video debuted on the 76th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the "night of broken glass" pogrom that signaled the beginning of the Final Solution and the Holocaust.

It is troubling that no one among Minaj's group of producers, publicists and managers raised a red flag about the use of such imagery before ushering the video into public release.

This video is insensitive to Holocaust survivors and a trivialization of the history of that era. The abuse of Nazi imagery is deeply disturbing and offensive to Jews and all those who can recall the sacrifices Americans and many others had to make as a result of Hitler's Nazi juggernaut."

Well said, sir! It's hard NOT to see what everyone is upset about, to be honest!

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As if the Nazi imagery isn't enough, there are also planes dropping bombs, and Drake is featured as the Pope.

We hope Nicki speaks out about this soon, though, we wonder if there's anything she could say that would explain away what a poor choice this seemingly was!

What was her intent??

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15 comments to “Nicki Minaj Under Fire For Allegedly Flaunting Nazi Propaganda In Her New Lyric Video & People Are Outraged!”

  1. Clancy says – reply to this


    Saying that Nicki is "suggesting" Third Reich imagery is a massive understatement. The use of missiles, explosions, and other military visuals, combined with the banners and colour scheme, makes it a paint-by-numbers of Nazi symbolism. November is a month when we take time to commemorate and reflect on the horrors of war. I don't usually react strongly to celebrity stupidity but I find the timing of this really inappropriate. And I'm pretty sure Drake is half Jewish too. How pleased is he that his voice and face are used alongside Nazi imagery in this video?

  2. 2

    Tacky, but then again, what else would you expect from her?

  3. lizze says – reply to this


    This is a glaring example of the uneducated in history. You can't make a velvet purse out of a sow ear. Monkeys always show their ass+ niki minage

  4. Barbalou says – reply to this


    Pushing the envelope=controversy=$
    Marilyn Manson already did this.

  5. Ghost Writer says – reply to this


    I know

  6. Denise says – reply to this


    Maraj is a vile and disgusting human being. WHY would any person purchase her products? She is an example of "ignorance gone to seed," as we say in Texas. She is a horrible individual.

  7. Stan says – reply to this


    Agreed Perez. This is horrible and outrageous. Just all disturbing and wrong. Never Forget.

  8. Lisa says – reply to this


    Terribly offensive and sad that such suffering should be exploited.

  9. 9


  10. free says – reply to this


    The worst part of this video is the gas mask… Millions of people have died in the gas chambers during World War 2 and these people use that imagery to 'show' how they 'rule' over normal people (ie, their fans, among others)? This is beyond dumb and very ill-advised.

  11. Ghost Writer says – reply to this



  12. ms trudy says – reply to this


    she's so friggin' stupid that she's never heard of Nazis or the imagery associated with them. you'd think that one of "her people" would know better. But all that aside is this really music? just a lot of pathetic rhymes against a 3 note background. why oh why is she so popular ??????

  13. Scott Banks says – reply to this


    Cry me a river. Maybe she got tired of jew record company bosses pumping out video after video of black people waving guns around, shooting other black people and showing nothing but utter disrespect to black women. Maybe what the jews need is a good dose of their own medicine.

  14. shydawgwindycity says – reply to this


    I dont blue e she has did anything that deserves to be apologized for,the Jewish Ppl dont need to ha e thos
    e feeling BAbysitted,Africa an Americans put up with the Confederate flag American Indians deal with the racist Re: Scott Banks – braves racist symbol so why do one groups history has to be more sacred than others.

  15. * says – reply to this


    Whatever, Perez. If Madonna had done this, you'd describe it as brilliant and would remark how she's pushing the envelope or some other dumb cliché.