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14 comments to “Louis Tomlinson Goes On A Rant To Set The Record Straight About His Sexuality & Bashes A Journalist In The Process!”

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    Some people are just ridiculous. Gives me second hand embarrassment just to be in this fandom. It was cute at first to ship them but come on people they're humans too. Stop taking everything so serious. I'm happy that Louis supports gay rights. But that doesn't mean he is gay. And whatever the boys do I trust them to be open and honest with us fans.

  2. beyonugly says – reply to this


    how about the fact that their drug addicts???? come on people you know thats never going away, why are we not taking about???

  3. Hipsta Please says – reply to this


    STOP IT!!! it'n not him, it's their fucking management who tweet these vile things! louis ALWAYS supported lgbtq rights, he's one of us!

  4. Elle says – reply to this


    This was clearly his management and there's so much evidence supporting that he's gay. Whether he's with Harry or not is irrelevant. All of the girls that think he's straight are blind with the hope that they'll marry him one day.

  5. sara says – reply to this


    I think Louis didn't send out these tweets.I believe in him and Harry.

  6. kyle says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez, we all know that the real Louis is supportive to LGBTQ+ rights, those tweets are not his fault. One day he'll be free from these people who are so afraid of losing their money that prefere to make him look like an asshole instead of letting him be himself.

  7. Luna says – reply to this


    This is not about larry! This is about Louis with a homophobic and rude reaction! The independent published an amazing article and didn't mention anything about his sexuality ! i dont think that the real louis wrote it but anyway, who wrote it used his name so… i'm really disappointed! But what really pisses me off is the fact that nobody in the media says nothing really serious about it! And the tweets are still there! it ridiculous! is a shame for the lgbt community…

  8. Harriet says – reply to this


    Louis obviously never read the article. He tells her to google the apple logo when that logo is what lead her to surmise he was supporting "APPLE" CEO Tim Cook in the first place. Then he has to go on a tirade about how he "isn't gay" when she said no such thing: he sounds like a right ass. No, worse; he sounds like Tom Cruise.

  9. Grace says – reply to this


    Yep. El's here to stay. Until One Direction's contract with Modest! ends 😂😂😂😂

  10. j j says – reply to this


    Who is Louis Tomlinson?

  11. Sienna says – reply to this


    Since when does a rainbow on a shirt indicate being gay? Fucking hell. Fuck each and every person who doesn't support gays and their rights. They're all fucktards. 👬🌈

  12. Sara freeman says – reply to this


    Re: Grace – I am a hardcore larry shipper and always will be, but just so you know, one direction's modest contract ended and then they signed it again for another pair of years. This happened a while ago. If one direction wanted to stop working with modest why haven't they already?

  13. Jordan says – reply to this


    Anyone saying it wasn't Louis who tweeted is revealing themselves to be a Larry tinhat. Both Harry and Louis have flat out denied being a couple. And yet, four years later, and three years of Louis dating Eleanor, people still think they're somehow repressed by management and burying the greatest love story of our time. That somehow is real? It was Louis, he's straight and he has to be blunt to get through the foolish stubborness and denial of a large subset of the 1d fandom.

  14. JoeyB says – reply to this


    I don't care if he's straight. I still want to suck his dick