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Spotify Fires Back At Taylor Swift For Yanking Her Music: 'We've Paid Over $2 BILLION In Royalties!'

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Ever since file sharing became easy on the internet, the music industry has had to start changing.

One of the biggest adaptations to modern times was the streaming music service. Spotify is one of the largest.

That's why it was such a big deal when Taylor Swift pulled all her music from one of the world's favorite sources of good tunes.

She said:

"I'm not willing to contribute my life's work to an experiment that I don't feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music. And I just don't agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free."

This obviously made Spotify super upset seeing as how Taylor is like the biggest artist ever.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek actually totally agrees with Taylor, saying:

"Taylor Swift is absolutely right: music is art, art has real value and artists deserve to be paid for it."

So then what's the issue here?? The problem is the middle men. The record companies are multibillion dollar beasts that soak up large chunks of royalty money before it ever reaches the artists!

Spotify claims to have paid out over $2 BILLION in royalties already! Daniel continued:

"The music industry is changing–and we're proud of our part in that change–but lots of problems that have plagued the industry since its inception continue to exist. As I said, we've already paid more than $2 billion in royalties to the music industry and if that money is not flowing to the creative community in a timely and transparent way, that's a big problem. We will do anything we can to work with the industry to increase transparency, improve speed of payments, and give artists the opportunity to promote themselves and connect with fans – that's our responsibility as a leader in this industry; and it's the right thing to do."

Spotify is basically just asking everyone to hang in there as they really grow and find some solid footing.

Their top artists are apparently "are on track to exceed $6 million a year," and they expect that figure to double within a year!

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So, basically Taylor Swift just denied all her Spotify-using fans access to her music and blew off $6 million in royalties?

She must reallllllly not trust Spotify.

Is Taylor Swift justified in pulling all her music from Spotify??

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Is Taylor Swift justified in pulling all her music from Spotify??

  • No, that's lame. What the heck, Taylor? (60%)
  • Yes! It's her music and she calls the shots! (40%)

Total Votes: 2,869

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7 comments to “Spotify Fires Back At Taylor Swift For Yanking Her Music: 'We've Paid Over $2 BILLION In Royalties!'”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    She's right to get out. I hope more stars follow. Sure, they paid out a lot in royalties but how much did they make? Let's hear the truth here.

  2. yo says – reply to this


    At first I was ok with her pulling her music, but now that I've found out about the royalies I'm kind of on the line about this.

  3. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Nashville whore is such a stuck-up slut.

  4. LOL says – reply to this


    This non-singing, no talent groupie is full of shit. It isn't about royalties. If it were, she'd pull her albums from the remaining streaming sites. Spotify wouldn't kiss her and her sleazy manager's asses, and they got mad, and they pulled her crappy music from Spotify, which made their service a much more enjoyable listening experience.

  5. Ben says – reply to this


    I'm glad majority of us find her actions unjustified. Spotify pays as much as if I were to buy her dumb album, otherwise there would not be so many artists jumping onto the streaming bandwagon. Maybe it's time for her to change her record label.

  6. Ian says – reply to this


    2 billion on a service with 40 million active worldwide users is just an understatement. iTunes can't even hit that number with just music sales alone pffffffffffft

  7. Tommy says – reply to this


    time to fire up my dusty torrenters again!