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Lorde Drops Her Next Hunger Games Song! Listen To The BRILLIANT Bright Eyes Cover HERE!

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No THIS is the sound of a revolution!

Every time Lorde releases a new song, it's like an arrow of pure brilliance that pierces our heart!

[ Video: Lorde Spits Fire As She SLAYS An Unexpected Cover Of Jeremih's Don't Tell 'Em! Watch The Royal Rapper HERE! ]

And this new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 cover is no exception!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to hear Lorde work her musical magic on the Bright Eyes' Ladder Song!

Come on, Nov. 21st! Get here sooooooner!!

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7 comments to “Lorde Drops Her Next Hunger Games Song! Listen To The BRILLIANT Bright Eyes Cover HERE!”

  1. Fletch says – reply to this


    I'm from New Zealand (yes, the homeland of Lorde), but am pretty much over all things Lorde. I don't really care. Listening to this new song, she sounds like she is trying to channel Rickie Lee Jones, without being as good as Rickie.

  2. BrentSP says – reply to this


    Well I cried the first time I heard it. Maybe it triggered memories buried in my old mind. I too are from New Zealand.

  3. Shush says – reply to this


    All her music sounds the same to me.

  4. Proudly Kiwi says – reply to this


    Re: Shush – I also cried. Except I cried ’cause I'm a Kiwi and whenever anyone mentions Lorde, I feel ashamed to be from the same country. I liked it better when they thought she was an Aussie! I only listened to this piece after reading your comment and thought, well, I'm open-minded, maybe this piece of music is better than Royals. So I listened and well, yep, I'm convinced more-than-ever that not only can this girl NOT sing, but she in is in-fact, bat-shit crazy. I'm sorry, but I'm a bit of a fossil, been around music for a long time and I have trouble acknowledging this is even close to singing. I too could release a song and I'm sure I'd sound better than this… ANYONE would sound better than this!! My kids sing in the shower and hell, they CAN'T sing, but still, they sing better than this!!

  5. Proudly Kiwi says – reply to this


    cont ….

    The girl needs to find herself a proper stylist, by that I mean some-one who's been doing it longer than her creepy weird boyfriend. I get the black look, that's ok, but what's with the parachute pants? And PLEASE, stop showing us your legs up to your thighs! For starters, you're only 18 and you're NOT a Kardashian, the people I can't stand but expect to see that kind of slutty from. Dressing in black or black and white is great ALL the time IF you're Angelina Jolie (and by god that'll never happen), but the red lipstick, which isn't even applied correctly, makes you look MORE like a drag queen. I love drag queens, but you're NOT one!!

    Like I said, I have kids and a couple have gone through puberty suffering from acne and such and I get it. But if you're going to continually slot yourself into photos with 'celebs' (I use that term lightly), please, PLEASE, get some-one who knows what they're doing, to cover those craters on your face!! Black clothes, with bright red lipstick drawing people to your face and BAM, shockingly bad skin. It's not your fault, but PLEASE find a professional to help you cover it up or stop the red lippy, take it down a few shades.

    cont ….

  6. Proudly Kiwi says – reply to this


    cont …

    Being a Kiwi and proud of all thing Kiwi, I was happy when you ventured onto the scene. I mean, honestly, there are any number of Kiwi women who can sing and perform FAR better than you, are much older, but have not been given the opportunities you have in this modern world. However, the day you began dissing people in your industry, people who had been there long before you, in the business long before you, showed your complete lack of maturity and respect. It's only because Universal anyone even knows who you are after your tirade of attacks. With you disappearing as quickly as you appeared, they went into damage control. Ta da… let's pair her with Taylor Swift, get her to go to Taylor's birthday party (where you looked like the third wheel), and get those photos out at a rate so fast it was insane. Best friend?? Rubbish!! Damage control, definitely!!

    You should consider yourself one very lucky young lady to have the opportunity not afforded to most people. The way you carry yourself, the vile comments that come out of your mouth, is so absolutely unbecoming, don't be surprised when no-one wants to be there when you need saving again. Show some maturity, some respect, some decency, some grace. No-one should begrudge anyone of the accolades they receive, however, when you continue to act like a spoiled brat, it's no wonder people will be happy to see you lose.

    cont …

  7. Proudly Kiwi says – reply to this


    cont …

    You want Kim Kardashian to be your Mom?? Oh yes, it was a joke, right? What sort of person/role model are you when you make ridiculous comments like that. That woman has over-exposed herself and sold herself out so much, nobody gives a rats anymore. What mother thinks it's a decent thing to do, to put her entire body out for all to see, like we hadn't seen it enough anyway. People are dumping the KarTRASHian's quicker than hot potatoes, so they MUST find a way to SHOCK us back into seeing them. Well, now we've seen it all so where do you go from there?? Down, that's where!!

    You're 18 years old and your condoning that. It actually makes me question how your parents have raised you or are you just so narcissistic that you WANT to comment about them so YOU stand out more?!! Either way it's sick, just plain sick.

    You are like a party crasher. You seem to be inserting yourself into just about every celebs life right now. You're not only a photo-bomber, you're a bloody fame-bomber!! You're a 'singer,' stop thinking you're SO much more than that and have a little humility.


    For ALL the people that hate me right now (there's likely to be a lot of you), let the mud-slinging, insult-bashing comments begin. Bring it on bitches!!