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Orange Is The New Black Star Breaks Down On Air Over Her Parents' Sudden Deportation When She Was Only 14!

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Wow, this is so sad to hear.

Orange is the New Black's Diane Guerrero went on CNN recently to talk about a very emotional moment in her life: the day her parents were suddenly deported.

Diane was just 14-years-old at the time, when her mother and father were taken away by immigration officers.

What's most upsetting is that there was no governmental outreach, either by an official or an agency, to look after Diane — who as aforementioned was just a teenager at the time.

She had to find out they were deported from her neighbors. WTF?!

At the end of Diane's harrowing tale, she advocated an easier approach to documenting families, so that stories like this won't happen ever again.

Ch-ch-check out her entire interview (above)!!!

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6 comments to “Orange Is The New Black Star Breaks Down On Air Over Her Parents' Sudden Deportation When She Was Only 14!”

  1. anonymous says – reply to this


    Tired of the Bullshit. If you come in here by committing a crime, it is still a crime. If the illegals have children, well then they are only punishing the children if they get deported. If a robbery takes all your money and gives it to a good cause, it still gets forfeited back to the owners, in most instances. Why is it even Perez, me and everyone else parents had to wait in line and there are still people still waiting in line following the laws and we are suppose to feel sorry to the ones who have broken the laws?

  2. galemoy says – reply to this


    Hear what the parents said. They knew this was going to happen and they prepped her for it. They took and chance and for THEM having a US born child was worth it. She is stronger because of it, and even though it sucks big time, it worked out for her. She will have a wonderful life in america, and her parents sacrificed all of that for her. My parents are legally here, but I still understand the beauty in what they did for her.

  3. Janaxx says – reply to this


    I understand those who argue that if you came here illegally then you deserve nothing, BUT that argument is not applied consistently. The reality is most undocumented pay taxes, to a system they can never benefit from. That is why the government invented ITIN numbers. With the ITINs, hundreds of thousands of US businesses, including the entire agriculture, construction, hotel and restaurant industries hire these immigrants and survive and thrive thanks to them. If the undocumented stopped working for one day the US economy would crash. So it is not fair that we take their labor and their taxes but can't offer them a driver's license, or a chance to formalize their situation here so they don't leave in constant fear.

  4. MariaS says – reply to this


    Re: Janaxx – you are very correct in your assessment of immigrant's working conditions in the US. Our lax immigration policies turned a blind eye because we needed cheap labor. With the downturn in the economy, we tuned on them and saw them as the problem, not part of the solution. Our foreign policies toward Central America supported dictatorships and civil wars for years leaving these countries in shambles. No comprehensive immigration reform has been passed since 1986, i's time we offer a path to legalization. BTW Perez is Cuban they get asylum by setting foot on US soil, not waiting in line like anonymous claims.

  5. 5

    Re: Janaxx – Sorry - but NOBODY made them come here ILLEGALLY and work and pay taxes with no benefit - the illegals made that decision for themselves. They take dead people's SS#s and use them or buy stolen ones. And BTW - my father was an immigrant who did things LEGALLY to come here and he did it all on his own when he was 17 (both his parents had died). SO if a 17 year old from Asia can figure it out (and learn to speak English BEFORE he came here!) other people can as well. There is NO excuse for coming in illegal and crying about getting caught and boo hooing that it is unfair. Oh, and by the way… illegals CAN get driver's licenses which really seems stupid, but they can.

  6. 6

    Nobody just gets whisked away one day without notice. There is a deportation process and an appeal process and notification of deportation date. I've been through it all with neighbors. Obviously her parents thought it would not happen and did not prepare for it. They probably saw no reason to burden their 14 year old daughter with worry. I am not saying it was right that her parents were taken away and she was left to fend for herself. I am just saying that is doe snot happen the way this was made out to seem. You are not here illegally one day and poof whisked away, no notice the next.