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Canadian Woman Who Gave Birth Unexpectedly In The United States Faces A Million Dollar Hospital Bill!

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This seems excessive!

A Saskatchewan woman is considering bankruptcy after she unexpectedly gave birth to her child in Hawaii, and was then awarded a medical bill worth nearly a million dollars!

Here's the story:

Jennifer Huculak was about six months pregnant when she delivered her child prematurely while vacationing in Hawaii. Her daughter then had to stay there about two months from all the complications in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Afterwards, Jennifer was given a bill of about $950,000 — and her family has no means to pay such a figure!

And the messed up part is she HAD insurance! She said:

"We were told we were covered. We paid our premium. We obviously still feel that Blue Cross should cover the bill. It's a very sad position to be in. I wouldn't wish it on anybody… As of March, Blue Cross pretty much washed their hands of the whole case. We've just kind of been sitting ducks not knowing what to do."

Give us a break with this, Blue Cross! Are you kidding us?? Doing the right thing is reason enough to do this, let alone to avoid the sh*tstorm as the story gains traction!

It's extremely ridiculous that this HUGE bill is marring the miraculous birth and survival of her child, and it definitely does not seem morally right!

The good news is that their daughter Reece is doing VERY well, and no matter what - that's the most important thing here!

Hopefully they can figure this out! Especially since it was the woman's doctor who gave her the OK! She said:

"My doctor felt my pregnancy was stable. Who can pay a $900,000 bill, not to mention the $30,000 it cost us to live down there? We're still paying catch up from that… I don't know what I could have done differently. We thought we did everything right."

Good luck to this family in sorting out this bills related mess!

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13 comments to “Canadian Woman Who Gave Birth Unexpectedly In The United States Faces A Million Dollar Hospital Bill!”

  1. 1

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  2. Kate says – reply to this


    She had insurance which expired while she in the states, she was almost 8 months pregnant and Chose to fly…what she could have done differently is stayed in her own country or made measures to get back home when she was put on 6 weeks of bedrest….the baby was never part of the coverage and that is who she should be paying for, nicu for a preemie is not cheap.

  3. 3

    She shouldn't have gone on vacation so late in her pregnancy.

  4. M. says – reply to this


    Re: Kate – she was 6 months pregnant.

  5. Opal_MoonFire says – reply to this


    This is why you stay in your homeland of Canada while pregnant, dumb girl. Thank goodness for OHIP.

  6. Opal_MoonFire says – reply to this


    Re: Opal_MoonFire – Only available to those of us in Ontario, but very lucky to have it. Don't travel abroad while expecting!!

  7. Yo says – reply to this


    She was only six months pregnant which is still within the acceptable time frame for travelling. She talked to her doctor and got the okay, it should have been fine. A lot of people go on vacations before their third trimester since they know once the baby is born it'll be a while till they can travel again. I don't think it's fair to blame parents who just wanted one last little hurrah, especially when their doctor okay'd it.

    The reason blue cross is refusing to pay is that they claim she had a 'pre-existing condition' which made her go into early labour, even though it was only a bladder infection which had absolutely no bearing on her pregnancy. It's ridiculous. Their travel insurance was suppose to cover them if anything like this happened, but Blue Cross managed to find a loop hole (that isn't even medically correct.)

  8. Hugh Guass says – reply to this


    Only in america. Funny thing is, if an american was in Canada it would be free! Lol what a crappy country to be connected to.

  9. Nic says – reply to this


    Re: Kate – Actually she was only just barely 6 months. She is from where I live. The doctor gave her the go-ahead and she went and got insurance on top of it so that if she did go into labour she was covered. So she did her due diligence. At that point she could have had her baby in the US no problem.

  10. Nic says – reply to this


    THANK GOD FOR CANADA. Have a baby in Canada = $0

  11. Nic says – reply to this


    THANK GOD FOR CANADA. Having a baby for ANYONE in this country = $0 Plus, she was covered. Half of you are missing the point. She did her due diligence. She got approval, got coverage in case she went into labour, and then did. So that's fine…she would have her baby there, no problem. Wrong. Blue Cross is getting a lot of slack for this and they should!

  12. twe says – reply to this


    Re: Kate – who are you taking about? this woman was only 6 months pregnant…

  13. twe says – reply to this


    Re: Opal_MoonFire – She was cleared for travel, obviously the birth wasn't expected. also OHIP is only in Ontario, other provinces call their healthcare system different things.