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Wendy Williams Reveals Bill Cosby Almost Ruined Her Career After She Dished The Dirt On His Alleged Scandal Back In 1990!

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Wendy Williams has a story of her own about Bill Cosby. It isn't another allegation of sexual assault against the actor, but it will make you question if the current accusations against him are true.

During her talk show this week, the host brought up her friend Janice Dickinson's recent confession about the comedian.

The model told her story on Entertainment Tonight, claiming Bill sexually assaulted her a few years after they met in 1982.

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After showing Janice's story, Wendy told viewers she had a story of her own and it had to do with the rape allegations against Bill back in the 90s.

Apparently the comedian tried to end the host's radio career after she "dished the dirt" on him, reading comments he made regarding sexual accusations against him in The National Enquirer.

[ Video: Bill Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations In 2005 ]

Wendy said that after reading his response on-air, her general manager received a call from Bill , demanding to have her fired.

She said:

"My own boss turned on me like a wild pit bull, called me in his office in the middle of… the morning broadcast and Cosby is on the speaker phone. Cosby dressed me down and called me everything but a daughter of God."


Watch her share her own story starting at the 12 minute mark (below):

[Image via Guillermo Proano/Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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14 comments to “Wendy Williams Reveals Bill Cosby Almost Ruined Her Career After She Dished The Dirt On His Alleged Scandal Back In 1990!”

  1. hannelore says – reply to this


    Wendy u r getting boring and have yet to say your sorry bout that crack you made about Canada not celebrating Thanksgiving..from Canada.Our town is thinking .Even though we have only 10,000 people here

  2. Lisa Lee says – reply to this


    Just like your self-hating ass tried to ruind Aaliyah legacy.

  3. 3

    Ugh. Wendy is getting on this bandwagon too?
    There are certain people she doesn't talk about because she knows she will get jacked up.
    So it is easy to go after an old man regarding old issues.

  4. Jeanie says – reply to this


    Dont doubt her one bit. Wendy has always put the cards on the table. She did back on 2005 and she is now.

  5. Regina says – reply to this


    I feel it is wrong to tear people down especially on live TV without evidence, proof, and documentation.

    First of all something that is allegedly happen 45 years ago.
    These women are coming out of the wood work because they are jumping on the bandwagon of all the other women telling the same story on TV, whoever and whatever will allow them to tell this horrific story and give them their five minutes of fame.

    Especially after the controversy Janice Dickerson came out on tv.

    If this act happen to anyone then you should of follow procedures such as; file a police report, go to the hospital, get a attorney, and have documentation.

    I believe these woman went on date with Mr. Cosby whom wined and dine them and now they want to scream rape for

    I say to Mr.Cosby don't give these women a cent and pay them no attention.

    Shame on these women to shame a man and his wife and children after all these years. Causing this man his livelihood and reputation to name a few.

    The media is doing the same thing to Mr. Bill Cosby as they did to Michael Jackson and Tiger Wood's.

    I thought in the United State's you were innocent until proven guilty.

    Even O J Simpson, was proven innocent. The black people stood in his corner and the

    Any black man with too much money and fame they go after them with a vengeance.

    A white man does anything he just disappear for while and it blows over.

    Do I believe racism still exist? You tell me!

  6. Dina says – reply to this


    Bill Cosby is not a good man. He's nothing like his TV persona from the Cosby show. I know for a fact he was more "self hating" than anyone back in his I Spy days. James Earl Jones was another one, but I never heard of Mr Jones mistreating women. I don't believe all of these women were raped, but I do believe he drugged some and raped the women that didn't go along with his plan.

  7. Delceeta says – reply to this


    Re: Dina – I agree that we need to separate his tv persona from his real life persona and obviously he has a problem in his real life with women; and I also think that he had a fling with most of them.

  8. Delceeta says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa Lee – I didn't know that girl was an angel and placed on a pedestal?? Why is that? Seems to me that she had flaws like the rest of us sinners on this planet. That's why she exited so early.

  9. MJT says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa Lee – GET OVER IT LEE

  10. Aaron says – reply to this


    Re: Regina – I'm sorry but you are in denial! Your view of women is rather strange. I think you should reassess.

  11. Shawn O'Brien says – reply to this


    Wow 17 women and now a talk show host giving another angle to who Cosby is but a lot of you Cosby sheepies are still defending that sick perv. Either you're idiots or you probably work for him. If there are fake yelpers, the old perv most likely hired a PR firm to post stupid comments defending him online. Dumbasses. SMH

  12. Get Real says – reply to this


    Re: Dina – It is you people who believe that someone famous cannot or should not be held accountable for their crimes just because their famous that is the reason that OJ was, ahemm, "proven", innocent of MURDER!! [p.s. read his book about "if i did do it. pretty much says it all right there!] Here's the bottom line. Most people are A-holes and with money and fame come power, and when you add A-hole + power you get the mentality that I can do whatever I want, no one can touch me. And it's people like you who keep making that possible. So be proud of yourself.

  13. anonymous says – reply to this


    I think Bill should say something,even if it blows everyone else's cover in Hollywood.There was a movie called 'Angel Heart',and it starred Lisa Bonet from the Cosby show-his onscreen daughter.There is a terrifying rape scene in that movie that left a few movie goers traumatised.Why the silence on this,Mr Cosby? If women from your own race were being attacked in the most horrific way,why not say something? Why was money and fame more important to you,when you knew what your race was going through in the entertainment industry? Seems that you are in fact a narcissist,who cares very little about how the black race is portrayed in Hollywood!

  14. RobynJ says – reply to this


    Why do you think Lisa Bonet left abruptly, was given her own show, and then did not show up for that even??