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31 comments to “Eminem Threatens To Rape Iggy Azalea In New Leaked Song Snippet! Find Out Exactly What Iggy Thinks Of This 'Old Man' & His Lyrics HERE!”

  1. MiMi says – reply to this


    She really needs to get over herself. I mean, it's Eminem. If she's lucky it'll make her some what relevant. #HaveAseat

  2. Carrie D says – reply to this


    Makes me laugh how someone "young" always goes for the age card when they have nothing smart to say.

  3. selena chavez says – reply to this


    thats way stupid that old man just jeli cause she a hit n he not no more shut up eminem you old and out of date

  4. selena chavez says – reply to this


    Re: Carrie D – she did nothing to him so keep quiet

  5. bash00420 says – reply to this


    Iggy is lame …..

  6. Sandra says – reply to this


    Lol,there was nothing so great about what she said
    She just used the being "old" card against someone who has been called names you cant even imagine.Also Eminem in this kinds of albums really just messes around with who he wants.Like Dr.Dre(god how much has this guy endured),not only women.Also it isnt specifically said it's this Iggy so she might just be overeacting like nuclear-powered dildo on crack

  7. a says – reply to this


    all of you are rape apologists and eminem is still 100% garbage.

  8. KikiMae says – reply to this


    Iggy should feel fucking ecstatic to even have crossed the Rap God's mind!
    Plus, EMINEM is the artist who made it possible for rap to not just be for black music. If it wasn't for Shady, a white girl like Iggy wouldn't have made it in the rap game. EMINEM paved that slut's way… Seriously, she needs to show some respect. She doesn't even fully understand what she's saying.

  9. Ksharon says – reply to this


    This song has more explicit things and we are focusing on Iggy..??WOW!! Eminem is know for rapping about things like this.. How about you just not listen to his muisc and not support him.. oh and I think you forgot to mention all the racist and suppressing remarks that Iggy has said towards other nationalities and women.

  10. 10

    If she knew anything at all about Eminems writing, she would realize majority of his songs are phrased like that. No need to take it literal; if anything be flattered.

  11. ThisWebsiteIsShit says – reply to this


    Some people are soo fucking dumb nowadays. Em couldn't give less shits about that one hit wonder slut. "You gonna have to blow rape whistle on me" is a threat? Are you fucking serious, the only reason she even appeared on that song is because her name matched his rhyme pattern and the beat. That bitch has no idea what Em went through growing up, how can she possibly talk about balls and harassment etc.? He has been relevant, going diamond every single album for 15 years straight, Iggy will be sucking dick for coke in less than 5.

  12. annainparis says – reply to this


    The best thing Eminem does is to talk about himself, he has been doing that for the last 15 years and no one ever gets bored of it. I doubt Iggy can sustain an audience that long (talking about her irrelevant self)….Iggy exists by virtue of comparing herself to others (well others in the jayz clan, got to keep the family tight!)…she has no self relevance and Eminem can say whatever he wants, besides she can row for a while before hitting the dollar mark (his!)…keep rowing baby, keep rowing

  13. 13

    Well he is already saying he will rape someone. Join the Cosby rape club! Pathetic! I'm on her side.

  14. 14

    I love Eminem, but he shouldn't have said that. Even if he didn't mean it, rape is not a thing to joke about.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Kind of a criminal way of stating she's hot? Oh, right. It's just 'creativity.'

  16. 16

    So Iggy makes porn with lopez exploits herself and other women for money and admires all kinds of misogynists and is playing the victim now, sorry honey it doesn't work that way sluts don't get to play that card.

  17. Things that make you g says – reply to this


    I'm more surprised that no one has commented that Em knows that his dick "tastes like humble pie"

    now that's a flexible rapper

    self love is the best love

  18. rabbit biter says – reply to this


    if indeed this is way to make a come back its very weak and Stupid I'm not fan of Artist since her Music all about Partying and what not but its truly uncool to diss people just so he can Sell Album how would he feel if someone diss his Daughter again he didn't like it the first time he got all Mad and such and fought back track which is so whack not cool he is just hateful person who hates everyone even himself maybe he does

  19. raven Flower says – reply to this


    just wanted to say this I wasn't fan of all his Music not of his Hateful Music and such but I loved some of his good Music those the fans Stick by him throw thick and thin they even put up with his bs and Still liked him because they believe there was some good in him and the fans pray for him cause they Cared for him pray for him for god to give second chance to live and such he should be very thankful he has Angels watch over him and people pray for him even those he is jerk and Greed witch that love right there fans who loved em and put up with his crap and still pray for him that really loved right there but he doesn't seem to care anymore just wanted to say this just remmeber its the fans who believe in eminem not Hoes or Sleazy girlfriends but fans believe in him even he is jerk

  20. rape man says – reply to this


    rape her. if you can. i dont think you can. no one thinks you can. a

  21. melissa says – reply to this



  22. Snsns says – reply to this


    Re: selena chavez – you don't know that so YOU keep quiet!

  23. EMINEM IS BETR THN IGY says – reply to this


    obviously Iggy is so dumb to not actually understand the meaning behind the lyric. He is raping her in the rap game, plan and simple. Also simply shows how dumb Iggy truely is

  24. TJ says – reply to this


    Do we still complain about eminem's lyrics? I mean c'mon people at this point you knoiw he's going to say some offensive shit so if you don't want to look deeper than than the music or it's just too disgusting to even ponder don't listen to eminem. Honestly the fact that he's still making news just shows that people still enjoy his purposely offensive music. And he still wont give a fuck…

  25. Namely says – reply to this


    Not surprised that Eminem has more idiots defending him than Iggy. He's literally threatening to rape her and people are like, "Well she's hot and knows everyone wants to fuck her so why can't we???" That's what Re: anemov

    You're a fucking creep and a rape apologist. Just because a woman chooses to be sexual does NOT MEAN YOU CAN RAPE HER. Scary that you're basically an "average guy" who believes otherwise. Maybe you shouldn't be let out in society if you at all practice what you preach. Fucking dickwad coward, rapist LOSER. Stop watching violent hateful porn and maybe go seek help you piece of shit slimeball idiot shitdick. That goes for all you dudes who think rape is okay under ANY circumstance. You inferior piece of shit apes. Men need to either A. change & stop raping/condoning rape or B. Admit that they can't control themselves–which means that they ARE indeed inferior, so that fucking regulations can be put on THEIR bodies and rights. How backwards is dude logic?? "Wahhh, I watch violent porn and movies tell me women are nothing so I SHOULD BE ABLE TO RAPE THEM?!? Wahhhh I'm a dude! I face no danger unless I sign up for it in society or am a black man. FUCK YOU! Do society a favor and castrate yourself. Fucking Prick.

  26. hiphopgotshot says – reply to this


    Fuch iggy she should be honored to be relevant enough to be mentioned by a rap god! And as 4 her nephew. . If he's such a fan, he knows this comes with the territory & should be stoked. Prolly is! #sotiredofiggyshit

  27. hiphopgotshot says – reply to this


    Re: a – stupid. "Rape apologists?" Is that a thing? Pretty sure rapists don't apologize. So there's a group of ppl who do it for them? U sound sooo stooopid. Go listen to soulja boy dummy.Re: anemov

  28. hiphopgotshot says – reply to this


    Re: ThisWebsiteIsShit – HAHAAAA!! EXACTLY. THANK YOU!

  29. hiphopgotshot says – reply to this


    Re: selena chavez – u prolly got a mustache. JS

  30. raven Flower says – reply to this


    and what if was the other way around I wondered how he would feel about it if someone rap a song about Raping him or worse would he Enjoy it ? maybe he would May he wouldn't he is Mess up dude

  31. wizmukhim@gmail.com says – reply to this


    iggy beta sucks em dick n sHe wl neVa eVa bCme FaMouS rppr lke em .. neva