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High School Gym Teacher Is Facing A Misdemeanor After Attempting To Drag A 14-Year-Old Student Into The Pool

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High school teacher is facing misdemeanor charges after dragging a girl to the pool

Being a teacher is tough, but NOT making this decision should have been easy!

California high school teacher Danny Paterson is facing a misdemeanor after he caused injury to a 14-year-old student while trying to drag her into the pool.

Someone took a video that shows Paterson trying to get the student in the water while she's yelling that her top is coming off.

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What it came down to was that she'd had her hair done and didn't want to ruin it. The teacher could have chosen an academic punishment, but for some reason felt physical force was necessary.

Spoiler alert: it wasn't necessary. This video is a disgusting sight, and we hope something like this NEVER happens to this girl again!

Ch-ch-check out the whole sad story (below).

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29 comments to “High School Gym Teacher Is Facing A Misdemeanor After Attempting To Drag A 14-Year-Old Student Into The Pool”

  1. JoeJoe says – reply to this


    Teenagers are mostly retarded brats.

  2. Elle says – reply to this


    I watched the interview with the girl and her mother and they verified what I initially suspected - she had just got her hair done and did not want to get it wet. The teacher should definitely get disciplined but I can see the frustration when you are dealing with a bunch of teenage girls that wont participate in gym class because they are more concerned about keeping their hair and make-up in tact.

  3. 3

    Re: Elle – "what you initially suspected". They stated that in this video, you fucking idiot.

  4. 4

    I hope dad goes and beats the snot out of this coward.

  5. Jenna says – reply to this


    He should be charged with felony assault and possibly a sex crime since he put his hands near her chest and she screamed that it was coming off.

  6. Elle says – reply to this


    RE: ADG 100 - My point was that I suspected that BEFORE they mentioned it during their initial interview and before Perez posted this story. Please seek professional help ASAP.

  7. 7

    Typical vapid teenager…I should know, I was one. Why did she put on a bathing suit…I guess its a family payday…

  8. Maria says – reply to this


    Yes it can be frustrating for teachers dealing with teenage girls but there is no way this teacher should have chosen this option. Instead he should have told her to go get changed, sent her to the office and given her a failure for the class that day. Now he's going to be in a world of trouble, possibly lose his job and face a lawsuit. Was it really worth all that just to get the student to participate in gym class that day?

  9. 9

    That $60 hair doo and sheer determination to stay cute just won her a shit load by way of a lawsuit. His ass should no better. Don't put your hands on my child!

  10. ms trudy says – reply to this


    wrong ! wrong ! very wrong ! He should be fired. and she should have her head shaved for being so frigging vain. stupid kid.

  11. Courtney says – reply to this


    to everyone who says "well he must have been frustrated" send her to the principals office… there is NO excuse to put your hands on a student like that.
    she said NO. way to teach the rest of the class if someone is actively fighting and telling you no, you can just force them to do what you want.
    its disgusting and there is no excuse.
    you are a gym teacher… she didn't want to swim. big deal. life goes on

  12. ass says – reply to this


    Re: Courtney – Sure she didn't want to swim and he made a mistake. But there was no crime. No one was actually hurt. People should stop whining about nothing. He is a stupid gym teacher trying to do his job and she was a retarted 14 year old. That should be the end of it. Life goes on.

  13. 13

    Re: ass – Wrong. Putting your hands on someone with use of force is battery. Which is a crime.

  14. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: Courtney – AGREE!!

  15. 15

    Anyone put their hands on my child like that and I would damn well do something about it. I would also do something about my child not participating.

  16. 16

    I understand the frustration but he should have just given her a F and sent her to the principal's office. He's probably ruined his career.

  17. Bill Cosby's alibi says – reply to this


    I heard she was afraid to swim in public pools, because they may contain pee and others said she was in her period…

  18. J says – reply to this


    It's a bit disturbing to me that about 75% of the comments on here are shifting the blame towards the girl. Is she not allowed to have done her hair? I agree that if she wasn't gonna participate then she shouldn't have been wearing a swimsuit but her being "a stupid teen" doesn't excuse this mans behavior at all. He could've easily sent her to the principals office or given her an F for the day. That's it! Teachers are NOT supposed to get physical with students. That's common sense. At one point he had his hands way too close to her butt and when she said that her top was falling off he said "that's fine". Yet you guys are excusing his behavior. This is no worse than saying rape victims asked for it. I feel bad for some of you.

  19. Victoria says – reply to this


    What are you people saying you "understand the frustration of working with teenage girls"?!? I'm sorry, but what the fuck does that mean? That is a disgusting stereotype, and also you're blaming the victim!!! This girl made choice not to participate in a gym class; this man made a decision that he somehow had the right to physically punish this girl while she exclaims her top is coming off. Would he have had the same reaction if it were a boy who didn't want to get in the pool? It is NOT that girl's fault the teacher reacted the way he did. He abused his authority, and should receive a punishment.

  20. aspire says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – I agree, and then maybe drag that piece of shit along some concrete and into the pool.

  21. K says – reply to this


    Re: Elle – kay so what she got her hair done? if she chooses not to participate in pe then he can give her detention but for him to grab her and yank her across the floor while shes half naked into a pool is comletly unacceptable and downright repulsive. he can be frusterated at her of corse but to physically assult and harass her,he shoudl go to jail, what if he caused her harm whilst yanking at her arms and legs while she flaied around helessly, this man is so disgusting under NO curcumstances is this okay whether she was bign a brat or not

  22. dale says – reply to this


    teens LOVE drama, BUT, teachers pulling on nearly naked ones and listening to them screaming for a long time, are rather ODD. he should have not played around and grabbed her as he did. And even if he had a good friendly relationship with them all, the joking grabbing shouldn't have lasted more than a few seconds, this is utterly ridiculous and creepy to watch. maybe he's just immature or on a power trip… that's the hopeful thought, and it's nothing more.

  23. alec says – reply to this


    woh.. YOU DON'T KEEP HOLDING a child like that while they're screaming for you to let go. and she's only got a little top on, that is slipping off at the end, and he's still grabbing at her… dude should be let go, and what the H was he thinking? this wasn't a family get together where he was playing with his niece, this is at school with OTHER people's children! you can't do that stuff. simple touching, even joking a bit with a pull towards the pool, but to ignore her demands over her refusal to get wet are creepy.

  24. 24

    Re: adg100
    this made my day lmfao.

  25. SMelliott says – reply to this


    That little girl should get her ass whipped and get grounded for a month for defying her teacher.

  26. 26

    You can still get into the pool without getting your hair wet. It would've been a different story if she was on her period as some people argue, but otherwise she's just being a huge brat. Only a toddler would lay on the floor and start kicking around like that. Nevertheless, the teacher should have acted differently on this and just give her detention or something.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Times have sure changed. If you show up for swim class in a bathing suit, and then refuse to participate because you might 'get your hair wet' then you don't understand the concept and are putting looks above learning to swim in gym. That said, you just can't put your hands on anyone, even though when I went to school and gym not that long ago, a group of them would have thrown the refuser in the water and that would have punctuated that. Then the parent would have scolded the refuser when they got home.

  28. clay says – reply to this


    The coach is wrong. Send the girl to the office and fail her. If it were my child, and the coach touched her, let alone dragged her across the deck, he could be very sorry.

  29. clay says – reply to this


    Re: Elle – Fail her!!! A teacher/ coach never ever touches the student.
    Have the student removed by security and failed for the course. Never, ever physically engage the student unless one's life is threatened . The video is repugnant and the coach is a felon. If he did that to my daughter, answers would be found.