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29 comments to “​Law & Order Actress Michelle Hurd Says Bill Cosby Inappropriately Touched Her & Tried To Take Her To His House!”

  1. Rob says – reply to this


    He's sick . He needs help. I wonder how he treated the older daughters on the set of his tv show? I wonder if they would come forward . He got away with this for years because of who he is. He maybe a talented comedian but he is a sexual predator . His wife had to know and hear many things over the years.

  2. James says – reply to this


    Perv. Big ole perv.

  3. Tim says – reply to this


    For every woman that did not come forward, it increased his power. That is why he can deny it now and feel like no one will believe the victims. He considers them nothing but something to use and discard at his convenience. He doesn't seem to see his actions as wrong. Everyone, even his friends and possibly even family may have looked the other way because they did not think they would be believed……………………………

  4. Gary says – reply to this


    It is common for victims of sexual assault to wait some time before telling someone. When the person was assaulted as a child, he or she may wait years or decades. The reasons for this are numerous: victims may want to deny the fact that someone they trusted could do this to them; they may want to just put it behind them; they may believe the myth that they caused the assault by their behavior; or they may fear how other people will react to the truth.

  5. ela says – reply to this


    what a disgusting pervert ,I cant wait for his punishment

  6. Kathy Hanson says – reply to this


    "Cosby accusers suffering from shared delusions, study says" … seems legit

  7. 7

    Well, now we know the true meaning of "Hey hey hey, it's fattttt albert"…..

  8. ms trudy says – reply to this


    I believe most of them.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Someone was allegedly a very busy boy.

  10. beach says – reply to this


    Re: Kathy Hanson – bb WTF? If you're going to post something referring to a study at least tell us where you get your fricking information. WHAT STUDY? God I"m sick of ignorant people.

  11. 11

    You are not going to have classy professional women like this going out and telling a big fat lie! There is nothing to gain. She just wants people to know the truth!

  12. Kathy Hanson Troll says – reply to this


    Re: Kathy Hanson – The one suffering from delusions is probably you, you troll. Maybe you should tell us why you have this in quotes and where those quotes came from. My guess is from your own ugly head.

  13. sap says – reply to this


    walking casting couch..bet he is not only one

  14. MAD says – reply to this


    Kathy Hanson Shame on you! This man is a monster! You must share the same delusion of that monster, then! Right! Where is your humility and compassion for these poor victims.

  15. Say says – reply to this


    That Google eyed old man perv belongs in prison. So glad that these women finally have the strength and support to come forward. How sad they felt the need to be shamed and disbelieved….we need a cultural change when it comes to viewing women…stop blaming them and tell men to stop being animals snd raping. Simple stuff.

  16. Cameron says – reply to this


    Are you really being drugged if you willing take the narcotics, and don't ask what they're for?

    Did anyone say no or report to a cop? I understand some not doing it, but *all* of them?

    Janice Dickinson–really? How many years was she *the* "supermodel of the world" before 1982? Had she somehow missed the club scene, the drug scene, and casting couches? What did she think would happen when she invited him back to her room after dinner, and accepted his offer of wine and drugs? That they'd have a spot of tea?

  17. Me says – reply to this


    Same sites/people throwing Cosby under the bus are the same ones who put Bill and Hillary Clinton on pedestals. Very hard to take seriously.

  18. Be atch says – reply to this


    I woulda taken bills big black cock but secretly filmed it then use the tape as blackmail….

  19. hewalkedrightintoit says – reply to this


    Let this be a lesson to celebrities, especially comics, that feel the need to criticize Obama. The MSM has dirt on all y'all. No one is sacred.

  20. kat says – reply to this


    Wow… Sexual predator alert someone, please!?

  21. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Janice Dickinson. Admits to using a lot of drugs in the 70 s and 80s when she was young and good looking. I cannot see her being innocent when someone offered her a line or other stuff….and she also f@cked around a lot. Is she sure she did not give consent to this old Perv in order to experience black c @ck?????

  22. Jeffrey says – reply to this


    Makes you wonder about the beef between him and Lisa Bonet. Just saying……..

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jeffrey – Yes.

  24. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …I woulda said: "Oh ! Bill ! Take me ! Lets do a few lines, pop some pills, then u ravish me…f*ck me now, Bill ! C'mon - stick your big black bamboo in me ! ….Are u done yet…? " LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !

  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …I only hope and pray that Sabrina LeBeauf and Raven-Symone and Tempest Bledsoe don't start com'n out with tales to tell….unless they have already received 'hush money' …. ?

  26. And The Rest says – reply to this


    Re: MAD

    For sure the good old boys of Hollywood knew what he was doing and would not have let him keep doing it unless several of them were doing it too.

  27. 27

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  28. yeahokay says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – I only hope you die in a fire you seriously illiterate, insensitive person.

  29. Pattygail says – reply to this


    Mrs. Cosby and mrs. Jerry Sandusky should have s chat!