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​Robert Pattinson Gets Handsy With FKA Twigs' Backside!

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Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs pour on the PDA

He can't resist dat ass!

Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA Twigs have been adorably going strong, and they're not afraid to hide it!

After lunching together on Friday in Los Angeles, the casual couple left the eatery, and Mr. Pattinson was feeling frisky!

[ Photos: Best Celebrity Butt Grabs! ]

He kept his hand right on his lady's perky behind the entire time!

With a booty like that, we can't blame him one bit!

[Image via FameFlynetpictures.]

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24 comments to “​Robert Pattinson Gets Handsy With FKA Twigs' Backside!”

  1. jan says – reply to this


    Ugly is as ugly does. Rob is an ass…He showing this troll off as tho she's a trophy. When you play in the gutter then you stay in the gutter.

  2. London says – reply to this


    Cute couple!! I'm glad he's happy

  3. Yes says – reply to this


    Trim your fingernails dude…that is just gross.

  4. 4

    he's lost lots of fans 4 sure. sad

  5. 5


  6. chalimanoya says – reply to this


    rob est un acteur il sait se qu'il faut faire devant les photografes ,et elle sa lui fait de la pub .mais si ils s'aiment c'est leur vie

  7. Michele says – reply to this


    People who write nasty comments about people they don't even know are saying more about themselves than either Rob or Twigs. He seems really happy to be with her, and so what do you care if you don't think she's beautiful? He clearly does. Isn't that all that matters? For the record, I think she's really pretty, but even that doesn't matter — I'm not the one going out with her. But I have to ask why all the hate? How would you feel if someone you cared about was attacked like that, just because she was seen with you? I don't get why people can't just be happy for them, unless you're just so unhappy in your own skin, and can't stand to see other people who are happy.

  8. shaygirl says – reply to this


    I'm sure ugly black beards are much cheaper then some gorgeous girl.

  9. rclaurel says – reply to this


    Re: jan – get a life…it is his girlfriend, you Kstew idols are ridiculous.

  10. rclaurel says – reply to this


    You go Rob, I glad to see you happy….just disregard the haters

  11. jan says – reply to this


    Rob is a pig. He will hook up with anything in a skirt…just ask Nikki Reed. After this foul creature any women should make him be tested before a hook up. For all you lovers of this freak…watch her talentless videos and read her interviews. Pigs stay together in the mud!

  12. jeannie says – reply to this


    Re: jan
    What the hell happened to this guy?? the weight loss… He looks like trash and is acting like it. I'm embarrassed to say I used to like him and his acting. Really embarrassed. No wonder reed hated him.. visible when they did promos together .. and she didn't hide it She had his number. SO question is.. why did stewart ever give him the time of day .. she was too smart to have been bothered. And the money getting pulled for the film in Canade. He's turning into box office poison. total trash. And yeah right. new g. f isn' using him…. ???right believe that one and you really do believe a lot of stupidity.

  13. jeannie says – reply to this


    Re: divinah
    Sad but true divinah… Have to wonder if he realizes how damaged he looks and how destructive all of this is to everything he has worked to achieve. while it doesn't appear that his heart was always in acting…. the real question is whether or not he was always more or less a mess and able to hide the fact behind someone who helped him stay glued together.. stewart

  14. jeannie says – reply to this


    Re: divinah
    You're right. Why is he trashing what hes worked for. Don't think he was ever the worker that stewart was.. and now have to admit she probably covered for his shortcomings like a lot of her friends used to say. But doesn't he see how he's coming off. He can kiss his career goodbye. The people who have followed him are genuinely losing interest in the whole thing. And people really used to like the guy. Amazing.

  15. jan says – reply to this


    Re: jeannie – Rob doesn't take care of himself anymore since hooking up with this new fling. He used to be considered one of the good looking newcomers of hollywood. His career is still and her so mad all the time. Move back to England and let us remember Rob with class..not Rob with trash.

  16. j says – reply to this


    Re: jan
    Jan— Some brit tabloid made a statement a few days ago about all this. How trashed he looks all the time and the decisions he's making . The guy said.. hey folks he's a big boy .. he knows her history, how she's lived , what she's done and been. If he wants all that garbage she is carrying around it's his choice.. He's always wanted kids and couldn't get any quality women interested for any length of time or even casually. Let him have thes e kids he wants so bad… probably working on them right now, as we speak. Gotta admit the guy is right… I wouldn't touch her without getting my vaccinations for herpes and hepatitis but thats just me.

  17. j says – reply to this


    Re: jan
    Jan… so enlighten me. WHy?? why is this man self destructing. Thousands of actors would committ larceny to have his access and celebrity and opportunities.. Why would he feel compelled to toss all of this… What is going wrong ?? A lot of people are really wondering. People who self destruct are really fascinating to watch… the process … but it's still really sad to bear witness to

  18. jan says – reply to this


    Re: j – Rob said people were haters and racists against his lady friend. He claims he was moving. When his friend said derogatory things about Kristen…Rob said nothing. People will not see his movies…Producers will no longer cast him. Rob might as well go home.

  19. Kassie says – reply to this


    I just keep coming back to see how much more of a train wreck he can become.

  20. Hilary says – reply to this


    Re: jan – Well said jan - pratz is an arse - and piglet is not much better. Well I suppose she best enjoy it as he will definitely be the only one going there!

  21. 21

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  22. just me says – reply to this


    Re: divinah – *snorts* they all are still here

  23. twila says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl – He's not gay. And she's not ugly.

  24. twila says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl – You're saying he's gay, and she's ugly. He and she are both attractive when they make an effort. I don't think either is gay, but nothing is as it seems in Hollywood. And who cares?