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​Man Who Helped Bring Bill Cosby's Women To Him Finally Speaks Out

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Woah! This story gets more explosive by the day.

Not only do we now have lots of women saying Bill Cosby either raped, drugged, or sexually assaulted them, but there's also a former employee to back up their claims!

Frank Scotti worked at NBC's Brooklyn studios back in The Cosby Show's heyday, and he did a lot of things he's not proud of.

So, the 90-year-old is speaking out in defense of the alleged victims.

In a taped interview, Scotti talks about Cosby having Scotti run around town giving women up to $2,000 in money orders (in Scotti's name, of course), after they'd visited Cosby. He also talks about Cosby instructing him to get a Queens apartment for a woman at one point.

In fact, sometimes, Cosby would just hand Scotti a bag of $100 bills and he'd spend the day dispersing the money orders!

Worst of all, Scotti talked about when Cosby and the manager at a modeling agency would bring over girls. Cosby would tell Scotti to make sure no one went into his dressing room, after Scotti had brought the girls in there.

As for Cosby's camp, his lawyer Martin Singer said:

"What evidence does he have of Mr. Cosby's involvement? How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame."

Eventually, Scotti retired because he knew something unsavory was going on, and he didn't want to be a part of it anymore. When he told Bill, the comedian simply said, "Leave right now."

The unfortunate part for Cosby is that Scotti still has receipts for the money orders, specifically for Angela Leslie.

Who knows what horrible details and allegations will come out next!

[Image via NY Daily News/WENN.]

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18 comments to “​Man Who Helped Bring Bill Cosby's Women To Him Finally Speaks Out”

  1. anonymous says – reply to this


    wait, so, if we put this together are we to believe these women were raped, then opened their doors to a Bill Cosby employee and accepted 2000 in money orders? Or were raped and accepted REAL ESTATE?? And more than one rape victim willingly took money??

  2. Hello says – reply to this


    Re: anonymous – I think the money orders were for him? As in Cosby paid Scotti to bring him women, not paid the women to come to him? Not sure though.

  3. runette57 says – reply to this


    From what I've read over the years, many of the rich & famous pay for sex. Also, women throw themselves at them. I am not saying this is the case here, but that's the impression I get from this story. Nothing in this story indicates rape was involved, just consensual sex with random women that received payments.

  4. Anon says – reply to this


    He would have scotti give the money to women and ask them to go to a hotel or dressing room to meet with Cosby. Allegedly.

  5. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: runette57

    Nothing does? Really? Other than the women flat out saying he raped them?

  6. Egret says – reply to this


    Not at all surprised at this story. Cosby was at this constantly apparently.

  7. helloirene says – reply to this


    I wonder if his Wife is still looking at him with that big smile???

  8. Patrice says – reply to this


    His wife knew all along probably. Blink blink blink

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    The casting couch has always existed, and this was the 60's and 70's (and maybe beyond) when women were totally looked at as commodities…before equal rights for women and englightened talk shows had permeated to try to establish a new sensibility. There were still men who treated women with humanity, but there were a lot of men trying to get whatever 'free love' they could whenever they could in any way they could, maybe thinking birth control pills now freed them up from consequences.

  10. Tracey says – reply to this



  11. Tim says – reply to this


    I wish Lisa Bonet would come forward and make a statement about her time during the show. I wonder how many people Cosby has paid off…….no telling how many. No one would believe them so he just kept at it. How disgusting. He is a sex pervert and needs help. Not to mention a swift kick in the you-know-what.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Tim – For all of the moralistic Cosby story lines, someone was allegedly quite the user; no thought to how it made the women feel.
    Sociopathic tales.

  13. 13

    Wow this is so sad. I had been withholding judgment as I did not know what to believe. Loved his show in Vegas in the 80s and his first TV show, but it is looking more and more like there is substance to this story. If so, my condolences to the victims.

  14. Ms.Holloway says – reply to this


    What "victims"? He said he was sleeping with the women he was paying. As many wealthy men do. Where's the crime? Re: teeter totter

  15. Reese says – reply to this


    Thanks to this guy keeping the receipts now we will know who's lying about being "Victims" of Mr. Cosby's deviance. Funny how the women have either changed their stories or not taking calls from the media. Give it a week or two this all will be squashed in Cosby's favor.

  16. Lindsay says – reply to this


    If this guy knew all along something was going on why wouldn't he call police or do something for these women? Just as guilty in my opinion for watching it happen and doing nothing.

  17. Bethany Crosby says – reply to this



  18. Raul Valle says – reply to this


    So were they raped or paid and if they were paid and accepted the money would they NOT be consider prostitutes. Sex for money or apartments is the same is it not. Just saying. Now they want to press charges. What not enough money or is the lease up fo renewal.