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Mother Chooses To Die So Her Son Can Live! Her Selfless Childbirth Decision Saved Her Baby's Life!

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This is so upsetting but so beautiful. It really shows the lengths a mother will go to protect her child.

Karisa Bugal of Aurora, Colorado, made a delivery room decision that ended with her death. But the risk to her was worth it because it meant her son, Declan, lived.

When Karisa was in the delivery room, ready to meet her son, doctors informed her she had a rare condition called amniotic fluid embolism.

Basically, the protective fluid from around her baby had escaped into her body and was destroying her organs. The condition is so rare it's barely been studied.

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Karisa was given a choice: have surgery to save her life but it'd endanger her baby OR have a cesarean that would save Declan but most likely kill her.

Rather than put her baby in any sort of risk, she immediately chose the cesarian. She survived the procedure long enough to ask about her son.

That's the saddest, most beautiful thing we've ever heard.

She leaves behind her husband Wes and her other child, a toddler. People have been so touched by this story they're donating to the family HERE!!

We're sure her kids will grow up to appreciate the selfless woman their mother was!

[Image via GoFundMe.]

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12 comments to “Mother Chooses To Die So Her Son Can Live! Her Selfless Childbirth Decision Saved Her Baby's Life!”

  1. nikler7 says – reply to this


    OMG I am so choked up right now. That is the true meaning of MOTHER! Wat an amazing woman I will definitely add her family to my prayers at night

  2. Long Beach 90814 says – reply to this


    Although it must have been a VERY difficult decision and she made the RIGHT one for HER. BUT she did leave three individuals without a mother And a Husband. That's a very heavy weight for her husband to carry…..

  3. Anon says – reply to this


    Sorry, but I would have preferred if she had lived and the child had not. You can always have another child. Now there is a widowed father and a motherless child left behind. Not good!

  4. Tay says – reply to this


    I'm torn. She did save the babies life, but she also left behind a husband and another child!! I can't imagine being the husband and dealing with all the grief. It would be unbearable! It is a very sad story! I will pray for that family.

  5. Karen Hester says – reply to this


    oh, the love of a mother….may god bless her…

  6. wozers says – reply to this


    Not my choice to make, but I would think that having one child with two parents is better than two young children and a single father. Can always have another child.

  7. Lisa says – reply to this


    My heart does break , however she should have thought about the child waiting for her at home that needs her.

  8. kat says – reply to this


    That was her choice, so shut up and leave her memory in peace!

  9. JD says – reply to this


    Please don't sensationalise; if she had an AFE then her chances were grim anyway and I don't know what surgery would have been offered that might have improved them, even slightly. AFE doesn't come with a good prognosis at all.

  10. ruthie says – reply to this



  11. JD says – reply to this


    Re: JD – Also, I have just read the page linked to at the end of the article here and it doesn't say anything about another procedure being offered, just that she opted for an emergency section - which would be an appropriate procedure to undergo if you've just been told you have an AFE and that you'll probably be dead because of it by morning. She didn't choose to die for her son, guys; it probably would have happened either way.

  12. 12

    Sadly I know a woman who had to make the same choice for the same reason. It was a horrible sadness for her husband and sister afterwards. What makes the situation even sadder is that the baby ended up developing cerebral palsy due to being without oxygen for a couple of minutes. This makes the struggle even harder for her surviving family. She and her husband tried for years to get pregnant. After several in vitro trials she finally got pregnant with twins. One passed away earlier on in the pregnancy but now her life lives on in her little girl. As a new mother, my heart breaks for the woman I knew as well as this mom who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for her child.