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10 comments to “Lisa Bonet's Mind Boggling Tweet About The Ongoing Bill Cosby Allegations Was Super Shady, But That's Not The Craziest Part!”

  1. Be-atch says – reply to this


    I woulda taken the pills Cosby offered and invited Janice Dickinson to join us in a three way. At the height of the action I woulda had Janice go and get the video camera and secretly record Cosby f@cking the sh@t outa me. Problem is ole Janice left the lense on the camera !!!! Never trust a druggie slut with something important!!!! Lolololol'

  2. Enablers says – reply to this


    Bill Cosby sexually abused his own cast members who played his daughters on his show and paid off their families very well for their silence ask RS's dad where he got the majority of his money from too bad people will continue to protect him, as he did with all the special guest appearances by females that appeared on his show thanks to their alone time auditions in private with Bill Cosby- not so private to prying ears…

  3. Enablers says – reply to this


    Bill Cosby was a ruthless sex predator and taunted the world by actually telling them what he was up to in a commercial "I play a Doctor on TV but in real life I'm a mad rapist". (google it!) the nerves of this guy, he sure got a good laught out of that one daring people to dethrone him!

  4. Krystal says – reply to this


    Re: Be-atch – you're not funny. You have no sense of humor. What is going on with Bill Cosby isn't a laughing matter.

  5. Gerald says – reply to this


    Something is fishy about this. I believe that Lisa Bonet knew about Cosby's pervert ways. Wonder if she really had an account and something changed her mind.

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  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Re: KrystalRe: Krystal – …Ah ! Lighten Up !

  8. S Darra says – reply to this


    I have always admired and respeted Bill Cosby. Any idea what prompted all these women to come out with their stories so many years later? As everyone knows, Cosby has never been one to play to the left wing. Anybody checked into the background of these women to see who's behind this? All too, too suspicious….I smell a rat and we need to identify him/her.

  9. BRANDON says – reply to this


    All you haters can EAD!!!!

  10. Lisa Bonet Lover says – reply to this


    Lisa Bonet page was not fake. That was her. If you search that username on Favstar, you'll see that it was her that tweeted from that account