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Abigail Breslin Has One Message For 5SOS' Michael Clifford — You Suck! Listen To Her Telling Lyrics HERE!

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Ooh, girl. Drag. Him. Through. The. Mud.

Abigail Breslin has released some new music and she is pretty upset at the guy that screwed her over. So much that she wrote a song and basically dedicated it to him!

Word on the street is it's about Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer! But wait, wasn't she dating Jack Barakat from All Time Low not too long ago??

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Well, that's what we thought too, but the lyrics are pretty telling! At the beginning of the song she sings:

"I'm laughing ’cause I lied, you know/I said you sound like All Time Low, you really don't/Even though, you try hard."

The shade is so apparent. The actress-turned-singer wouldn't say Jack sounds like ATL if he's already in the band!

Also, did anyone catch that Try Hard reference? It's one of the first songs 5SOS sang back before they became big boys!

The Ender's Game actress also makes a reference to bleached hair and hoping it falls out — which is TOTALLY something the 5SOS fam jokes about since Mikey dyes his hair more than the average human being.

Ouch. Need more proof?

Just watch the music video (above) and see if you can catch her scathing lyrics about Mikey!

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40 comments to “Abigail Breslin Has One Message For 5SOS' Michael Clifford — You Suck! Listen To Her Telling Lyrics HERE!”

  1. Kathy says – reply to this


    did you really just say Jack Barakat is the lead singer from all time low??

  2. You'd wanna know says – reply to this


    She ovbviously is fucking obsessed, she wrote this after a while of breaking up with him. I'm so done. Like this song is giving me cancer. And it's pretty clear she only actually cared about how he looked, "your band mates are hotter than you. " like ahaha can you not

  3. Emily says – reply to this


    Jack is the Guitarist of All Time Low. ALEX is lead vocalist.

  4. Yeezy says – reply to this


    jack barakat isn't the lead singer of all time low but nice try

  5. Kelsea says – reply to this


    This song is a piece of crap. Jack isn't the lead singer, Alex is. That's common sense and god, she needs to learn how to write better lyrics (or her song writer, one of the two).

  6. Cassie says – reply to this


    Yo not cool saying that his hair is going to fall out, we know it is. And I can't wait for 5SOS to do a cover/parody of this song

  7. Zylec says – reply to this


    Jack Barakat isn't the singer of All Time Low. Alex Gaskarth is.

  8. Samanda says – reply to this


    It seems everyone is forgetting Michaels To The Moon tattoo that she clearly talks about when she begins the song.

  9. kath says – reply to this


    blatantly insulting your ex is pretty classless and unnecessary.
    also Jack's not the lead singer of ATL

  10. 10

    I love this song?

  11. Ali says – reply to this


    Jack is not the lead singer of All Time Low, by the way. You make me laugh.

  12. Melanie says – reply to this


    Jack's not the lead singer, Alex is… Jack is the guitarist

  13. Katy says – reply to this


    Can 5sos please do a cover of this song? Its a terrible song anyways so…. But the lyrics are kinda funny

  14. Avery says – reply to this


    Wow I've been listening to all time low for years and I had no idea he was the lead singer wowwww

  15. You wish says – reply to this


    Wow really? Dissin Mikey? Wtf! All y'all are worried about all time low? When obviously this song was about Mikey?!!! Wtf!

  16. lumpsnbumps says – reply to this


    awks when the lead singer of All Time Low is Alex Gaskarth

  17. Alexis says – reply to this


    They went out a year ago. She is obviously obsessed if she's just writing a song about him. And downgrading him too. I want 5SOS to do a cover of this song, but downgrading her instead. Now, I would buy that version.

  18. Zoey says – reply to this


    Her and Michael went on ONE date and I'm assuming he never called back and she's butthurt

  19. alksdjfl says – reply to this


    Jack Barakat isn't the lead singer of All Time Low. He's the guitarist. Learn your facts.

  20. Larissa says – reply to this


    Jack isn't the lead singer hahahaahhaah

  21. Nat says – reply to this


    Jack Barakat is the GUITARIST. Please be accurate Perez….w

  22. Tiffani says – reply to this


    OMG You hear what sounds like an Australian accent in the video.

  23. 5SOSFAM says – reply to this


    i hate this bitch
    stay strong michael for 5SOSFAMS PLS !

  24. Kay says – reply to this


    Lol it's obvious Micheal wasn't interested don't become the kinda old Taylor Swift. To tell the truth I've never even knew they went out but she needs to grow up and stop acting like a baby just because someone doesn't like her back.

  25. Emily says – reply to this


    I bet that rock wouldn't even want to date a mess like her

  26. Betty says – reply to this



  27. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think the whole song is really cruel… like if it was just talking about how he screwed her over, well, whatever. But dragging him through the mud for how he looks?! C'mon, that's just NOT classy and terribly malicious. It just makes me sad. Especially being rude about his scar. (I have a scar on my head, and if anyone said that to me, I'd probably die inside.)

    On another note, that guitar riff in the beginning sounds EXACTLY like 22 by Taylor Swift. Who she's obviously trying to emulate. WHY, ABIGAIL? WHY?

  28. blueness says – reply to this


    I had no idea Abigail even got into music. This really is terrible and sounds like so many pop fluffs songs. Do not really care about the drama behind it, but this is just disappointing. I like her as an actress but not this.

  29. You know says – reply to this


    It's pathetic that some one would actually write a song about other peoples flaws like honestly how low can you get?

  30. You know says – reply to this


    It's pathetic she would write a song pointing his flaws like tbh she just made her self look bad.

  31. 31

    If you like this article you may enjoy this opinion piece “How to p*ss off the internet in one song–Abigail Breslin: You suck”

  32. Julia says – reply to this


    Just a slight correction Jack Barakat is not the lead singer of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth is. Jack is lead guitarist and backing vocalist.

  33. rose says – reply to this


    Why would you bad mouth someone. I could get writing from experiences but when it crosses the line to just being plan mean its to much.

  34. Jade says – reply to this


    She is obsessed and Michael isn't the one who sucks. Taylor swifts brrak up songs are better than this.

  35. Boo says – reply to this


    Will the media please get their facts straight. Alex is the lead singer of All Time Low. It's not hard.

  36. Brianna says – reply to this


    Home girl needs to stick with acting.

  37. Rach says – reply to this


    Are you even aware of how much older Jack is? You really need to get your facts straight before you start talking about ATL mate.

  38. Snowflake says – reply to this


    Did he just say Jack Barakat is the lead singer of All Time Low? I've lost all faith in humanity…

  39. alana says – reply to this


    jack barakat doesn't sing in all time low.

  40. John says – reply to this


    Oh for fuck's sake, who gives a shit who the lead singers are and in which band they sing? Both bands suck ass. They think they brought punk back but the truth is that punk has died and has been dead for a long time now. Why would anyone take punk artists seriously as real artists with integrity? Punks don't even sing well. You want real singers, listen to Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Sam Smith, etc. Now those are examples of people who can sing. Pop singers though they may be, they make a strong impact and left a stronger and more lasting impression and are more memorable than any of those loser fo punk wannabes. Punk indeed. The very thing Avril Lavigne rebelled against in the beginning of her career. Why, you may ask? Well I'll tell you why. Because people saw right through her. She is not punk, and she is not rock she is pop. There's nothing wrong with being a Pop singer. What there is something wrong with is people who discredit others who are pop and then they try so hard to pretend to be something they are not. In the beginning, Avril Lavigne made an awesome debut album, but then she fucked it up on her second by trying so hard to act like an emo punk. Experimenting with different styles of music to try something new is one thing, but don't say that you despise a type of music because you claim it's not real, then come out with an album that is of the genre of music you despise.