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Darren Wilson, The Ferguson Police Officer Who Shot & Killed Mike Brown, Is Expecting His First Child

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ferguson police officer darren wilson killed mike brown expectin child

Well, uh, good news for him?

After the Grand Jury decided against indicting officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown, the former Ferguson policeman sat down with George Stephanopoulos and he admitted two very big things.

No, not that he regrets shooting the young man to death, nor that he would do anything differently if he were in that situation again.

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He confirmed for the world that he DID get married while he was on paid leave AND that his wife is currently pregnant with their first child. We'll let that sink in.

Not to mention the fact that he insisted to the world that they're just "normal people" who want to "live a normal life" and that he thinks his next career could be teaching.

Uhhhhhh, what?

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Officer Wilson explained what his life is like now, saying:

"You're always looking, wondering if someone recognized you, if someone's following you. I take precautions wherever I go. From where you sit at a restaurant to where you drive. Everything runs through your head."

We're just normal people. I just want to live a normal life. It's going to be different. There'll be a new normal, but we'll find it somehow.

I would love to teach people. I'd love to give them more insight on uses of force. Anything that I can get out of this career that I've had thus far and the incident, I'd love to give someone else."

How, errrr, innnnneresting?

Somehow we doubt anyone would want to hire the man who killed Mike Brown to teach them the uses of force, but we guess where there's a will, there's a way?

In the mean time, congrats on the baby! Let's hope it grows up in a more tolerant world than the one we currently live in.

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11 comments to “Darren Wilson, The Ferguson Police Officer Who Shot & Killed Mike Brown, Is Expecting His First Child”

  1. MICHAEL BROWN says – reply to this



  2. Mary Marie Partridge says – reply to this


    You truly are an asshole, and you belong in NYC, with deBlasio and his lesbian wife
    running the show
    The police are there to protect and to serve
    Mike Brown was a common thug, a brute, a drugged up punk, who attacked
    his buddy had a warrant out for his arrest

  3. Maria says – reply to this


    I have to agree. What other outcome could there be for attacking an armed man?
    Sad that there's very few people interested in forensic evidence of what happened or the released witness statements that concur with what officer Wilson said

  4. april99 says – reply to this


    So who cares what a murderer is doing? He got off because he was buddies with the prosecutor but hopefully they will file federal charges against him and he can rot in jail or hell………

  5. Rebekah says – reply to this


    Brown tried to beat the officer to death and shoot the officer with his own gun. Not to mention he was in the process of robbing a store at the time. What's is you point exactly?? You sound extremely ignorant so I can only assume your a liberal? Xoxo ;)

  6. 6

    Mike Brown deserved what he got from what I have read. Also read one of his parents were encouraging the rioting - nice family, huh?

  7. spinner99 says – reply to this


    how does it feel to be duped by punk Dorian?

    I saw the entire Wilson interview and I believe Wilson. He said his original statements matched the statements he makes now. And the forensics matches his statements. They found Brown's DNA and blood inside car supporting Wilson's claim and they found brown’s blood spread out on ground showing he was moving closer charging toward Wilson.

    Wilson talked for a long time answering every single question George S gave him. Critics like Piers Morgan say he was rehearsed but Wilson is not an actor. He did not know what questions he would be asked. There could have been a million combinations of questions and Wilson answered them superbly because he was honest.

    And I see on TV how people are afraid to say Wilson was being honest and keep blaming Wilson for shooting a black boy. But they seem to forget to mention that this 290 pound boy was really shot because he was attacking a cop.

    Obama sent his best men including Attorney General Holder and they still could not indict. Is it because Obama, FBI and Holder are part of white conspiracy? It is because cop has every right to defend himself against violent black teen. Under heavy questioning by the Fed, the dubious witnesses changed their stories. The area is full of drugs and gangs -the witnesses there are shady - and that include Dorian.

  8. shaygirl says – reply to this


    the entire grand jury transcript is available on line. blacks should be embarrassed about how many of them just down right lied were found out and made to admit they lied. may God bless the eight black citizens who came forward with the truth and were terrified that their neighbors should find out.

  9. Haley says – reply to this


    Your attitude here is just disappointing..Do you claim to be well informed? Have to read the court transcripts? Have you listened to what actually happened? Have you researched the kind of person Michael Brown was? This isn't Trayvon Martin here we are dealing with. A known criminal was shot in self defense as no other option was present if this officer wanted to LIVE. I'm sorry, but your ignorance and bias is showing…

  10. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: april99


  11. RalphD says – reply to this


    Wilson's a good looking man with a nice physique. He looks like he has good upper body development from the photos I've seen. I know he is 6'4". I'd like to see some full body shirtless photos of him. They did take some shirtless photos of his tanned upper back and neck area at the hospital. You can see a partial view of a tattoo on his left shoulder. I bet he'll be fathering a lot of babies.