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Top 10 Thanksgiving Moments On TV! Stuff Your Face & Get Lazy With These Holiday Episodes!

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Ah, Thanksgiving! A time for family, turkey, and good TV!

Let's be real here, if you're not preparing the giant feast yourself, what else are you going to do? Watch TV, DUH!

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Many Americans are glued to their seats on this fateful holiday. If it's not the football game or the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it's probably reruns of HIGHlarious shows — or scary ones — whatever floats your boat!

To keep your TV schedule nice and full like your tummy will be after dinner, here are 10 Thanksgiving moments — or full episodes — you MUST watch on Turkey day!

10. How I Met Your Mother's Slapsgiving episodes were SO stressful because you just didn't know when Barney was going to get the hand! Out of the goodness of his heart, kinda, Marshall decided to give one of his slaps to Ted and Robin, they just had to decide on who was going to give it to the poor guy!

In the end, none of them slapped Barney. Instead, they all offered the slap to each other, causing Marshall to reveal his plan for that fateful Thanksgiving dinner. Marshall said the whole thing was to bring everyone together and he decided to let the womanizer go free, but not before giving Barnacle a giant helping of his hand!

9. Dharma & Greg had the CRAZIEST Thanksgiving episodes! In this particular one, Dharma and her man propose to have a separate Thanksgiving dinner for their families to avoid the shenanigans that tend to happen on that day.

However, their plan goes horribly wrong because the two took on more than they could chew — literally!

8. Just like Dharma & Greg, the same thing basically happened in Gilmore Girls! While it's great to be invited to a TON of parties (more to choose from!), it's different when you're asked by four of your closest friends… it can be pretty hard to decide where you want to go. So, what did the Lorelai and Rori do? They went to all four. LOLz!

7. The Thanksgiving episode where Jack comes out to his mother on Will & Grace was pretty funny. Jack basically kept the secret of his sexuality from his momma and took her on a wild goose chase, lying that he had dated Grace. Karen gets jealous, and then everything goes down hill from there.

However, the big surprise wasn't how Jack's mother reacted to his news…

6. Oh Thanksgiving, what's the meaning of the holiday if there isn't any family around?! Reba gets pretty upset when her children accept an invitation to have Thanksgiving dinner over at Barbara Jean's. She just can't seem to let it go!

It's a pretty funny and heartwarming family episode. Well, anything with Barbara Jean is HIGHlarious!

5. We're just going to sum this up in one sentence: What's better than having John Stamos cook Thanksgiving dinner??

4. Poor Jess, we've all been there, right? Stressing out about Thanksgiving dinner and making it perfect for your family! New Girl captures this yummy holiday wonderfully because, let's be honest here, Thanksgiving isn't all fun and games! Preparing a giant meal for your family is stressful!

Sometimes you even buy a turkey that's way too big for your oven! LOLz!

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3. Modern Family's regular episodes are usually on point, but Punkin' Chunkin' was HIGHlarious. It was definitely a warm-hearted episode with great one-liners from Phil! Although it was centered around their turkey day shenanigans, there's a super cute revelation at the end of the episode that will definitely make you tear up.

Sigh, those Dunphys-Pritchetts-Tuckers sure know how to make everyone laugh and cry at the same time!

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2. One person's pain is the whole world's laughter! In Bob's Burgers, Bob was having a pretty crappy Thanksgiving since his whole family had to pretend to be another man's brood. They weren't even able to go do their traditional Thanksgiving things together!

Poor guy! But the result of it all was pretty HIGHlarious. He started drinking absinthe in the kitchen, and, well…you'll see where it all goes from there:

1. It's so hard to pick a great Thanksgiving episode from Friends because, let's face it, all of their Thanksgiving episodes were pretty stellar. Remember when Rachel tried to make an English trifle and ended up adding ingredients for a Shepard's pie? Or when Brad Pitt made a stellar guest appearance for the holiday's ep.?

But the one that everyone remembers the most — whether or not you're a Friends fanatic — is when Monica put a raw turkey over her head, complete with a fez and glasses!

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