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Two Boys Survived Being Buried In Snowbank Because Of A Small Air Bubble!

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We're just glad they're OK!

Two boys experienced a miracle this past Wednesday after they survived being buried under five feet of snow for nearly seven hours, and it was all because of an air bubble that had encircled them!

The two boys are cousins and are nine-years-old and eleven-years-old and got themselves in the predicament after building a snow fort in upstate New York when a snowplow rolled by and made the fort collapse on top of them!

The eleven-year-old Elijah Martinez revealed what they did when that happened when he said:

"We started screaming and telling him to stop."

Normally you wouldn't think two boys could survive something like that for so long, but police Sgt. Aaron Weaver revealed how it went down when he said:

"They were probably in about 5 feet of snow. But however it fell, there was, like, a dome around their heads, so there was air in there, like space for them."

The boys tried to think of a way of getting out, but were nervous about messing with the collapsed snow fort and making it collapse even more!

Martinez said:

"We motivated each other to not go to sleep, keep yelling, keep moving our bodies, trying to break out. Cause I knew if we would've fallen asleep…we probably wouldn't have woke up because we would be so cold, frozen probably."

When the two boys didn't return home, the parents became worried and called authorities who went out on a manhunt for the boys.

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When Newburgh police officer Brandon Rola saw an abandoned shovel in the snow, he began digging. He said:

"I pulled the shovel out, and I definitely didn't put it together then but just kind of decided to start digging."

After it became clear that was where the boys were, dozens of people joined in on the effort and they eventually got the two kids out safe and sound at around 2am.

They were hospitalized, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Which makes us so happy! Since this could've easily been a tragic situation instead!

[Image via CBS.]

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