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10 comments to “​Shia LaBeouf's Art Show Collaborators Sort Of Confirm He Was Raped! Read Their Statement On The Attack HERE!”

  1. Sonny says – reply to this


    Cray cray!

  2. 2

    So Shia was forced to become aroused with a bag over his head that was too heavy to remove as he was raped by a much stronger female in the presence of hundreds of people who didn't say a word on social media or take a single picture of video. This pig thinks it's funny to mock rape.

  3. no no no says – reply to this


    Re: anemov – "This pig thinks it's funny to mock rape."
    Are you fucking kidding!?

    Waw… That's sadly what happens when the mind ceases to use rational thought and falls into the emotional.

    Gawd! You are such in bad faith with that comment. ugh.. I could swear while reading you that I was watching some Fox news commentators..

  4. fid says – reply to this


    If you tell people they can do what they want in a privacy of a room with an individual for an art piece. And the person in that room just has a paper bag over their head and is not bound or gagged and can freely move/leave. And you go in that room and think "well they said we could do anything, so I'm going to have sex with him" and that person begins to have sex with the individual. And the individual does not make a sound or utter the words "no" or "stop", what is the legality there??? You never said no, by all accounts you gave permission to do "anything". So how is the person to know that it's unwanted, if you are not bound of gagged and do no utter a word, or move them away etc? Seems bizarre to me.

    I'm not discounting male victims of sexual assault, but Shia's story has a lot of pieces missing. And also, if the event coordinators witnessed something, why didn't they call police???

  5. briana says – reply to this


    Sad that people find it so hard to believe. It's hard enough to talk about rape when it occurs, but worse when people don't believe you. I feel bad for him and hope he can find a way to over come the trauma. He might be famous but he's a regular person to.

  6. Whatever says – reply to this


    People who are raped fight like hell to avoid being raped. They kick, scratch, claw, bite and do whatever necessary to avoid being raped unless a weapon is held to them or their life is somehow in danger or they are a scared child. For him to claim rape is a travesty to every person, male or female who has been forced to have sex against their will. He did not even utter the word "no", did not whisper it, did not push the woman away, did not even kick her….

  7. Lilltu the first wife says – reply to this


    Awful! People are so insensitive nowadays! He didn't ask for that- and to minimize his claims is to condone rape.

  8. CousinPookie says – reply to this


    This is horrible- He wouldn't have said anything if he wasn't offended. He should be taken seriously, and not criticized for speaking up. Negating his claims are as bad as those a-holes who say a woman dressed a certain way is asking for it"

  9. ShiaLabeoufthebest says – reply to this


    Seriously I don't think he's mocking rape. Use your head dude he never said a word at all. So he didn't say yes. So guess what it's still rape. Oh yeah and FYI I believe he was raped.

  10. annomynous says – reply to this


    Shia Labeouf needs to be out of the celebrity lime life. No one needs to put their values and moral down for money and fame. SEEK JESUS CHRIST for he can get you through it. This boy is or was part of the ILLUMINATI SATANIC INDUSTRY –SEEK JESUS CHRIST and REPENT for any SATANIC thing you done to GOD. THEN YOU WILL BE AT PEACE