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Janice Dickinson Tearfully Urges Bill Cosby To Admit He Took Advantage Of Her In 1982

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This is so deeply upsetting.

Bill Cosby remains silent as the accusations against him (over a dozen now) continue to pile up.

After talking to Entertainment Tonight and accusing the Cosby Show star of raping her back in 1982, Janice Dickinson recently sat down in another interview with CNN to retell her story.

The 59-year-old supermodel recalled the night she was allegedly drugged and sexually assault by the actor.

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Janice's story is very similar to many of the other women that have gone public — just so sad.

Watch her tearful interview with CNN (below):

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26 comments to “Janice Dickinson Tearfully Urges Bill Cosby To Admit He Took Advantage Of Her In 1982”

  1. Love reign says – reply to this


    are we just going to ignore the fact that this was 34 years ago and she haven't said a word till now… She's one of the biggest attention seekers in Hollywood today… I feel like there might be some truth to some stories but not 20+ women who could have had rape kits performed and who could have came forward before. Let's not be naive tothe power of "THE BANDWAGON". They are attempting to destroy a legacy of excellence

  2. Jessica says – reply to this


    Once again, the comment before me shows an ignorant, uneducated pig who is victim-blaming. A large majority of rape victims don't come out because of this exact fear - that nobody will believe them, or that the rape was somehow their fault. Bll Cosby was a powerful man during that time, and with many predators, they go after young, naive, and vulnerable women. The reason that women come out one after the other with their stories is because they realize that they're not alone. It's a much safer environment to come out with other victims than to be the ONE person who comes out and get scrutinized. Janice Dickinson may be an "attention seeker", but that doesn't discount the fact that she could've been a victim to this disgusting man.

  3. Stop Victim Blaming says – reply to this


    Re: Love reign
    Obviously you have never been a victim of rape. Back then, and even today, coming out about being a victim of rape is met with victim blaming, a "you were asking for it" attitude, and overall sense of dirtiness on the victims part. Numerous women I know, including myself, have been sexually assaulted, but have kept it amongst ourselves considering we did not have the courage to speak up when we needed to. I could easily tell my story here, the name of my rapist, where he lives, what he did to my 16 year old virgin body. But what would that do? No I would not want money or fame, or even the slightest bit of attention honestly. But I would want him to admit what he did, word for word, in front of everyone, more specifically his mother. No man wants their mother to know what harm they did to a woman, or even a girl at that. The only way we can get victims of rape to come out in time to prosecute, is to change how society treats the victims after coming out. Teach your boys to cover a unconscious girl with a blanket, not f**k them.
    If I had it my way, the guilty rapists should have to choose to get raped themselves or have the word "Rapists" engraved onto their forehead so the world can now look at them in disgust.

  4. PUERCOS EROTICOS says – reply to this


    Re: Love reign – "Legacy of excellence"!!!? Did you ever hear of "between CONSENTING adults"?

  5. MariaS says – reply to this


    Love reign? more like ignorance reign! These were young women who were isolated from their families, trying to get a career in an industry that still doesn't value women for their talents. So what that she waited 34 years? Does that discount it? Do you not see the pain she is in? That fact that she still hasn't processed this puts her right back in that very vulnerable position. 20+ women have come out with very similar stories who have nothing to gain but being shamed by ignorant bastards like you. 1 in 4 women are reporeted to be victims of sexual assault, if everyone of them reported their assault that number would be much higher, but I'm afraid society would still not believe them and blame them.

  6. r says – reply to this


    I have such a hard time believing this woman, period. In everything that she's said and done. If it's true, I hope she gets justice.

  7. Michele says – reply to this


    How can anyone not believe her? Come on people, you'd have to be blind! I hope Janice had gotten help for trying to come to terms with this, and that she can now feel better (if there is such a thing with rape) knowing that pig Cosby has been outed and is finished. And her coming out and telling the truth has been a factor in that. Good for you, Janice. Please know that you did great. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to do what you did, and I applaud you. Stay strong.

  8. 8

    Re: MariaS – Still hasn't processed it??? I believe she came out several years ago saying she left home because she was molested by a family member. Just seems odd to me she keeps singing the same song SO many years later. And, oh BTW I was raped in college so It is not like I don't know the victim's side. I didn't say anything because i felt nobody would believe me and my parents would not either. On;y a few select friends know about it. Janice was a "powerful" woman at some point and could have spoken about it LONG ago. Like I said - she had no issues talking about other abuse.

  9. 9

    Re: r – Yes, it is hard to believe anything she says. While I hate to believe it. the more women who come forward it makes it harder to discount. I hope if it is true, they get some justice.

  10. 10

    Re: Michele – It is EASY not to believe her with her history. She has a very colorful past and has been known for extremes, to exaggerate and to not be 100% truthful in the past. Top that off with being a HUGE attention seeker. The ONLY reason to consider believing her is the 14 other women speaking up.

  11. riiiiiight says – reply to this


    Wonder how much she got paid for this interview?

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Another woman (Canadian) came forward today.

  13. Em says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – there were no rape kits in 1982. Opposing someone like Bill Cosby is probably unfathomable. Esp. the Bill Cosby of the 1980's.

  14. life is short says – reply to this


    It's so sad that Janice has become old..
    And say that before she was such a pretty woman… As what goes up must come down!
    As regards the alleged rape: Who really knows?

  15. 15

    There may be some victims. But I can't see Janice Dickinson being anybody's victim. She does what she wants to do. Let's not forget what she did to Sly Stallion….. But if she
    can prove it…..hmnmmmmmm……….

  16. loolll says – reply to this


    LOL at all the comments talking about blaming victims this is hilarious!! It's so easy nowadays to accuse men of rape because the victim must be so fragile blablabla! Newsflash everyone: Not everyone who claim they've been raped TELL THE TRUTH! and its just as fucking bad to not believe an innocent man as not believing a victim. This whole saga is a joke all these allegations happened over 20 years ago! And no they didnt come forward because they know they're not alone somebody out there want Cosby down and he's forking $$$ over to do so! Otherwise why would the first one even come clean? She couldnt bear it anymore? If it was that unbearable for that many years these women would've committed suicide so please lets keep our eyes open and stop being manipulated by everything you read

  17. annainparis says – reply to this


    It"s awful because she was so young and beautiful back then. I am sure they mounted her like horsepowers starving for fresh meat…or just any kind of meat! But you know what? Camille is the lowest of the lot, she is the most diminished woman

  18. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: Love reign – 'a legacy of excellence'??? Sort of, cosby is very caricatural, he is to comic whay aunt jemima is to syrup/food, the typical caricatural bully (no Wonder he raped just white women)!!! Happy the black race has moved forward in elegance and creativity since then.

  19. charhug says – reply to this


    Re: Love reign

    Dear Love Reign: You obviously have never been raped. I have. I know the shame, and I've played the blame game against myself. I hope, if you have a daughter, she doesn't go through what I and these women have gone through. People like you are the reason so many rape victims keep quiet and live with the pain. And, guess what? There is no telling how many more Cosby victims are out there who are too ashamed to come forward. You should be ashamed of yourself for judging us so harshly. I hope your ugly words don't come back to haunt you.

  20. charhug says – reply to this


    I hope all of those who make nasty comments about rape victims will get a chance to live through something like what the rest of us lived through. Do you have a daughters? Be careful what you say because your words just might come back and bite you in the butt.

  21. charhug says – reply to this


    Re: Paris France

    Don't be stupid. Oops, it's too late, you already are.

  22. charhug says – reply to this



    How can someone consent when they are unconscious? You need to shut up so you don't make a fool of yourself. Oh, well, it's too late because you already have.

  23. RP says – reply to this


    I didn't want to believe that Rolf Harris had sexually assaulted so many women, either, but he has been convicted and now in prison in the UK for many assaults and more women have come forward since the trial. Some of these famous guys are Jekyll & Hydes ….. relying on their fame to intimidate their victims.

  24. fay_jay says – reply to this


    I thought the title was funny, especially since there were no tears.

  25. 25

    Re: charhug – Like I said if she can prove it!!!!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  26. J says – reply to this


    What a crock of sh#t! And the award for biggest leaching, washed up has been looking for a dime goes to Janice Dickinson. Are you people that support her blind?! She's broke, desperate and looking for any way to cash in. I'm surprised she can even squeeze a tear out with all that Botox and cosmetic surgery. It took her 30 years to come forward with this? How utterly convenient in terms of timing. Do I think Cosby is innocent, absolutely not but do I think that Janice is a coked up had been that will do anything for a check…absolutely!