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Madonna Gets SHADED BY A Fellow Singer For Going Topless! This Diss Burrrrns!

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madonna annie lennox topless critique

Looks like not everyone appreciates Madonna's blatant show of boobage…

Because Annie Lennox just called her out on it!!

When the Scottish singer paid a visit to Loose Women recently, the topic of Queen Madge's seXXXy topless Interview magazine spread was broached.

She put the pictures into context by discussing her own body, saying:

"I did get things off occasionally, but not to that extent. I don't think it's down to me [to judge Madonna]…I think already the verdict is probably out. Would you not agree on that one? I think the question is, 'What is Madonna telling us? Anybody know?'"

But not only did Annie question Madonna's motives, she also agreed that the move was entirely "attention seeking"!

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When Janet Street-Porter said, "I think it's attention seeking", Annie very clearly replied with, "I think it is."

Well, maybe it IS attention seeking, but is there really anything wrong with that? The 56-year-old Queen of Pop looks smoking hot, and that's not something we'd want her to hide!

Madonna isn't the first celeb Annie's called out; she's also made controversial statements about Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus in the past.

Do YOU agree with what Annie is saying???

[Image via Interview Magazine/WENN.]

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31 comments to “Madonna Gets SHADED BY A Fellow Singer For Going Topless! This Diss Burrrrns!”

  1. Michele says – reply to this


    Is there anything wrong with that? Yeah. At 56 years old it's just sad.Whoever thought I'd be feeling pity towards Madonna, but I do. It' pathetic and it's sad that she's so desperate for attention and can't rely on talent alone.

  2. Rosebud99 says – reply to this


    As usual, Annie is right on the money.

  3. 3

    you can tell you're a stupid asshole on the payroll of Madonna and the kartrashians. You call this hot????? PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!! The lot of you should walk with bags over your heads all the time, you're all fugly as hell, no matter how much you try to alter the pics.

  4. 4

    The QUEEN is telling us that you could feel sexy at any age if you got it going on. Some people are in their 20's and they sure don't.

  5. april99 says – reply to this


    ANYONE can look "smoking hot" with photo shop………..keep that in mind.

  6. sm87 says – reply to this


    Oh Annie, thank god for her opinion. What a dumbass. If anyone knows anything about Madonna, is that she doesn't give a flying fu*k about anyones opinions, especially that of Annie Lennox. She does this shit for herself, and nobody else. Good for her.

  7. joinSD says – reply to this


    It must be hard to take the high road when all your life you've depended on your outer appearance.

  8. joinSD says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – But she does care, very much. If it was for her only we wouldn't be seeing this on perez hilton.

  9. Alex says – reply to this


    It is certainly attention seeking but much more. Madonna proves that she still have the incredible power to make her adorable, to make us happy just by seeing her. She is magic. For ever.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Madonna always trots out controversy around new album time. It boosts profile and sales. She doesn't mind.

  11. 11

    I love Madonna but she really does need a boob-job. Not like she doesn't have the money.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nobody 'needs' a boob job, unless they're causing real health problems.
    These women on the Loose Women show and the people buzzing this everywhere else are doing Madonna's PR for her on the upcoming album release. Madonna understands the power of the press and always has, and that's partly why she's so well off.

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    Annie is right - Twatdonna is a attention needy old hag that just doesn't know that her time has past. Sure she has her die hard fans that approve of any shit she squirts out, but she should have retired with dignity years ago.

  14. XXX says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – And for herself, you mean for attention.

  15. lol says – reply to this


    I would hardly describe Annie's comments as "burning." If anything, it was the reporter who said Madonna is just doing it for attention. Annie just agreed, and who wouldn't? When has Madonna NOT done anything for attention?

  16. Marc Miller says – reply to this


    Just more "tit 4 tat" …
    Must be her Depends & Prolia
    commercial endorsements went
    awry …
    Casting shade …

  17. th epainter says – reply to this


    I can not understand why the world is stunned about it … for Madonna ALWAYS was like that. She is a show girl, and she loves it, so why is the world still complaining about? Besides that why should she ever stop doing so? Because she is no more 25 years old? Common, what a square argument, and I am so very glad that she and other women do not let themselves be restricted by narrow minded mfers who celebrate their babbittry … keep on shaking their little boring minds up, thank you so much Madonna and all the others who DO!!!

  18. the painter says – reply to this


    to all you age complainers/bashers: Most of you did not have such a real charming face and body even when you were in your twenties, so just go home and cry about what you will never ever have, and don´t blacken others who have, ok

  19. 19

    I would admire Madona for putting herself out there like this if this wasn't photoshopped to hell and back. What is the point of "owning" your body at 56 when you are just doctoring it NOT to make it look like you IRL. This is just desperate, fake and sad.

  20. C says – reply to this


    Commenting and complaining are two different things. No one is complaining but you.

  21. Marco says – reply to this


    There is no 'SHADE' here - grow up. Annie has no 'feud' going on with Madonna - not fifteen seconds after these so called 'disses' she then went on to praise Madge's humanitarian work in Malawi… As usual, lazy journalism written by idiots who should probably deserve a little shade from the public.

  22. the painter says – reply to this


    Re: Marco – right, thanx for posting this

  23. OhDear says – reply to this


    Re: the painter
    "so just go home and cry about what you will never ever have, and don´t blacken others who have,"
    And who is the one who does have it, because it certainly isn't Madonna.

  24. styler says – reply to this


    Is Annie Lennox having her "Hot Flashes" Now? It sounds like it…Nothing wrong with attention….

  25. Makka says – reply to this


    Annie is a legend, she can say what she wants haha

  26. 26

    i’m a huge madonna fan but i totally agree with annie lenox. madonna used to use “themes” in order to inspire an album and promote it. the new naked pics are 0% theme, 100% attention seeking. so frustrating to see madonna’s music career so blank…

  27. 27

    and that’s not “shaddying”that’s a simple description about something based on personal analysis and observation. there is 0% of ill will in what annie lenox is saying, even if the media has stirred things a little.

  28. ? says – reply to this


    Re: styler – Hot flashes? Really? Annie is only 3 years older than Madonna. Just saying.

  29. jonson says – reply to this


    The scandal is necessary when you want people to pay attention to you. She is being doing that from the begining of her career .It s called action a reaction.or pushing buttons like she said.

  30. Johnny Lopez says – reply to this


    ohhh Annie I did use to to enjoy your music, but with this lame ass comment, c'mob girl?? Really?? Get your ass outta the US and go back to your country!!! BLAH!!! Madonna keep doing your thing girl, age isn't nothing but a number!! We live our lives the WAY WE WANT to!!!!

  31. adamz says – reply to this


    attention seeking?? c'mon its madonna! she doesnt need to seek, she gets it! 1st, its called the 'art edition' - its an artistic shot.. 2nd, every feminists promotes 'love yourself' causes, so this is how she wants to do it - everyone is responsible for their on actions, well.. she does! ugly people always think ugly things… why dont people see the beauty side of it instead of trying to act noble…. hellooooo its 2014 already!