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12 comments to “Azealia Banks Tweets Her Support For Bill Cosby AND Gets Another Dig In On Iggy Azalea In The Process!”

  1. Ale says – reply to this


    Pinche vieja desubicada IGNORANTE ACOMPLEJADA…….como su música no suena tiene que hacerse notar de otras maneras….QUE HUEVA!!!!!!!!no publiques nada de ella….nadie sabe quien es!
    Por cierto,saludos desde México….!!!
    The original beaner

  2. anon says – reply to this


    ahahhahahah!! she is worse than amanda bynes!!!!!

  3. Anon says – reply to this


    WHO the hell is this chick and WHO the fuck cares. She's obviously irrelevant and trying to get attention. IGNORE!

  4. airick76 says – reply to this


    can someone put a muzzle on this BIT@! I mean ?girl? she is so annoying! just trying to be relevant since her career is over!

  5. Brooke says – reply to this


    She sounds very unintelligent. I don't care what ethnicity you are we all have struggles whether we are white or black or whatever the ethnicity. Grow up and stop playing the poor me I'm black card. It gets very old to have to hear that everybody is always against black people when that's just not the case.

  6. F.O. says – reply to this


    Azealia Banks = ignorant moron

    Funny how talentless idiots decide they'll get more publicity talking like an imbecile than they ever will with what they do.

    Defending a RAPIST, and then dissing two artists a million times more talented, important, and famous than she'll ever be.

    Azealia Banks - your 15mins are up, now please F*** off you talentless embarrassment.

  7. wrong says – reply to this


    She sounds like an extremist full of hatred whom came to some obscure conclusions very biased. Definitely a person that one must be wary!

  8. 8

    Has anybody listened to the lyrics to Azealia Banks's song "212" and is surprised by her comments? I'm definitely not.

  9. 9

    Never heard of her but if she is a rapper I do not follow rap.
    She sounds ignorant as heck, sorry.

  10. kmr says – reply to this


    Can someone share who this person even is?

  11. shaun says – reply to this


    oh god, talking about consciousness and she cannot even spell "into" office lol

    but hey racism breeds racism us "white folk" as we love to be grouped like that, all have one conscious mind honest we all think alike and walk alike…. sarcasm intended

  12. Rhonda says – reply to this


    One Question… Who the fuck is Azaelia Banks. This is the first I ever heard of the bitch.