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Mariah Carey Goes LIVE For All I Want For Christmas Is You Performance! Are These The Vocals You Expected To Hear??

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Ummm, this is NOT the Mariah Carey we were expecting.

The diva with the voice like no other didn't live up to her name when performing her hit Christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

While her performance was supposed to be pre-recorded, she had to do it live after missing the pre-taping of the Christmas tree lighting.

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And we're guessing she wishes she could have that moment back and make it to the recording session ready to go because this live performance had her struggling with her high notes and then some. But at least it was definitely LIVE!

You can check out the performance that aired (above) AND the actual mic feed of her performance without the backup music (below)!

This might be rough, but luckily we still love Queen Mariah and this damn catchy Christmas song!!!

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24 comments to “Mariah Carey Goes LIVE For All I Want For Christmas Is You Performance! Are These The Vocals You Expected To Hear??”

  1. Joannah Yu says – reply to this


    Give her a break, divorce sucks and issues can strike at anytime. She is just human. It wasn't bad bad.

  2. unique says – reply to this


    well i think that she did an awesome singing, despite 2 second high notes missing^^.
    wasnt she cold? is it not snow there now?. and one more thing; does she perfome there every christmas(?), maby i could fly frm scandinavia and check her out next year.

  3. allan says – reply to this


    re unique don.t waste your money

  4. tessa says – reply to this


    why do we expect performers to sound exactly like they do when their voices are recorded in a studio, when they are singing live? I would rather hear live versions than a pre-recorded,over-mixed,"photo-shopped" version any day.It might weed out the ones who have no actual talent but are just marketable.

  5. denise says – reply to this


    I love her

  6. Michele says – reply to this


    She sang her heart out. If I could sing one hundredth as good as that, I'd be happy. Give her a break.

  7. liz says – reply to this


    loving the positive comments. thought everyone will hate on Mariah :( lol i still love her regardless because she has left a great legacyy and shes great

  8. kookookachoo says – reply to this


    stop picking on her…she still sounds better than 90% of artists when they sing live.

  9. Sherry says – reply to this


    She sounded good, still better than most

  10. Dwight Blake says – reply to this


    Many have said that she didn't show up for her sound-check before the show, and she was to meet with the producers the day before and she showed up late, and was commuting via her cellphone the entire time………….Well if that was the case, then Mariah it's your fault- You ought to know that unless you have a trusted Engineer, you can't just go on stage and sing without a proper sound-check…. Now if all of this just happened from Natural causes…….then i say to the CRITICS, You should have gone and taken the microphone and try to sing "AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE AS MARIAH CAREY"

  11. gh2d says – reply to this


    Its amusing that she uses her hand to control her key when her key was flat! And the bit at the end singing oooh oooh ooooh as though she was trying to throw her voice around, she just sounded like a p'd off ghost.

  12. Anthony says – reply to this


    Here goes ms hilton perez-jlo-nikki-ari-demi-modonna-bey hating on the Queen of Pop again!!!! Mariah will Neva pay for positive pub to u like the rest. Lol

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    Her voice is as worn out as her face and flabby body. You would think she would lip sync like she usually does.

  14. Kiranaru says – reply to this


    I really do not know what happened… In her tour she was being really wonderful!!!! (not taking into account the 2 first shows, that, even though, had their high points).

    Well, I really do not thinks it was a disaster. She was, for sure, not in one of hr best days, but it was much better than some of others singers in their best days. She is a legend and there is a reason why. Of course she does not have the same vocal ability as in the past years (come on, she is singing for more than 20 years, and singing those impossible songs!), but she is still one of the best singers at all!

    I think that she was not really prepared to these presentation, it looks like she didn't have time to warm up, and this is really very important! And the stress, and nervousness really might have contributed.

    Well, I really want to see Mariah in another performance showing to the whole world why she is a legend!!! And I bet she really can do it! =)

  15. Elandro says – reply to this


    Re: Joannah Yu – It was terrible, not just bad. Give her a break?, she took a break of almost 5 years, how many breaks more does she need.

  16. Eric says – reply to this


    Re: unique – 2 high notes?, more like 4, all the belting, and all the scales on every "you" that she sang which were not even high notes. Terrible, she could only sing right the parts where are almost like talking, 2 verses and that's it.

  17. Eric says – reply to this


    Re: unique – Maybe you could stay there, you would be wasting your time.

  18. Sabrina says – reply to this


    Re: Kiranaru – In her tour she was really bad. She was so bad she was called on for, then she started lip synching the songs she cannot sing anymore and she changed the keys and did fast arrangements to other songs so she could sing with her damaged voice, so she finalized the tour in an ok sound and a slightly well performed shows. But her voice was crummy from beginning to end, and this right here shows it.

  19. brit says – reply to this


    As a Mariah Carey fan I keep wishing everything will get better. I'm praying for her. Thank you everyone that ate positive when commenting.

  20. Brandie says – reply to this


    Come on, the woman has been going at it for more than 20 years…. Your crisizim is unfounded. She's going through a rough time and still people find it amusing to kick her while she's down. Perhaps we should stop trying to find fault in the people who give their lives to create entertainment for us.

  21. Waqas says – reply to this


    I really didn't think it was that bad, there was a couple of hiccoups but no ones perfect

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ten minutes of strategic vocal work a day excep for the silent days and she could whip those muscles back into shape. She has to be an athlete and do the conditioning. Gone are the days of strolling out and hitting it, but on the plus side it reallly doesn't take much besides a few month's dogged dedication to those muscles. She's more than halfway there now anyway. If she or a coach can eventually coax it past the highs and lows she needs, she'll be fine.

  23. boogerTsnottington says – reply to this


    When you are a national singer slash DIVA, you will be held to a higher standard, this is not a school concert. I think the message is set in motion, no more live performances in these arenas.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    She already has the gift; which is her ear. She also had perfect pitch, so she needs a better monitor or some focus on pitch work.