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Kirk Cameron's Movie Saving Christmas Is NUMBER ONE! …On IMDb's List Of WORST Movies EVER!!

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IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, is a wonderful website with tons of info on basically every movie ever.

From the best to the worst, there's ratings, reviews, trivia, quotes and more!

One of their popular features are their lists.

They have a running list of the top 250 best films and another list of the bottom 100!

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It must take a spectacularly bad film to reach that bottom 100, let alone the #1 spot. But someone had to do it, and that someone was Kirk Cameron!

Congrats, Kirk! LOLz!

His film Saving Christmas is literally the lowest ranked movie on IMDb.

Even lower than From Justin To Kelly.

Even lower than Gigli.

That's low.

Would you watch Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas?"

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Would you watch Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas?"

  • Who's Kirk Cameron? (18%)
  • Nope. (59%)
  • Yeah, it can't be that bad! (23%)

Total Votes: 1,255

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10 comments to “Kirk Cameron's Movie Saving Christmas Is NUMBER ONE! …On IMDb's List Of WORST Movies EVER!!”

  1. Kelly says – reply to this


    You show Usher charging his phone in a woman's vagina, but slam Kirk Cameron? You're the biggest jerk. You just lost a supporter.

  2. 2

    I don't think their records go back far enough, tried 3 different ways to look up a movie I saw 50 years ago (yes I am old) and no results. Wish I could remember the name as I would love to rent the movie if is out on video. It was about a young girl who was traveling with a carnival and spent lots of time talking to the puppets. Think it might have been French.

  3. Randi Mann says – reply to this


    It's Kirk's faith that SOME people don't like
    I think all the recent riots & protest are being created by Muslims
    Just in time for Hanukkah & Christman

  4. mc says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – I think you are looking for the movie "Lili" with Leslie Caron.

  5. TEDCRUZ16 says – reply to this


    Perez, way to show your HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRACY!!! You spew "tolerance and equality for all" but are intolerant of anyone that disagrees with you. Typical libtard bs…. Let me guess the imdb "judges" are libtards too? Dumb hypocrites…

  6. TEDCRUZ16 says – reply to this


    Re: TEDCRUZ16 – *HYPOCRISY*. Kicked me out before I could correct.

  7. CB says – reply to this


    There's no one making you come here and no one making you stay, TEDCRUZ. If you need validating and safety from libtards, please remove yourself to FOX or any of its affiliates. I believe that would be a win-win situation for all of us.

  8. plooper says – reply to this


    riiiight… because IMDB is the most scientifically accurate assessment of a film's worth and is in NO WAY subject to personal bias fueled by media hate and bias!

    Grow up, people - if you don't like Kirk Cameron, who can blame you!? But gloating over his movie being "all time worst" on a site notorious for bias … you come off sounding like a bunch of immature school-children… wait, look who I'm talking to … never mind…

  9. Say What? says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – Maybe you should READ this before making a comment. Perez didn't deem the movie the worst movie. IMD did. And if you're so religious that these kinds of things bother you, why are you on this site? If these kinds of things bother you and you know they're here, stay off here.

  10. Say What? says – reply to this


    Re: TEDCRUZ16 – Your name says it all about you and you complain that others are intolerant and hypocritical? At least they aren't brain dead. But I guess we will leave that up to you CONservatives.