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Oxford Dictionary Adds Even MORE New And Ridiculous Words! Find Out Which Ones HERE!

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We guess this is cool?

Although we're not sure our high school English teachers would appreciate it!

Oxford Dictionaries Online is trying to possibly increase its younger audience with a few slang words added to their database, and they do NOT seem like Oxford Dictionary material!

However, it's a new world these days, so maybe this is exactly Oxford Dictionary material!

The online database just added one thousand new words including a bunch of updated slang speak.

And some of the words they've collected are kind of hilarious!

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It's important to note that these words aren't actually going into the dictionary books but rather just the online database.

Still, it's not the same Oxford name, so it's basically the same thing, ha!

A couple of our favorite new additions are: Duck Face, Canadian Tuxedo, and Man Crush.

And that's just the tip of the slang iceberg!!!

Check out an expanded list of some of the best words and their definitions down (below) !!!

"Al desko (adv. & adj.): while working at one's desk in an office (with reference to the consumption of food or meals).

Arancini (pl. n.): An Italian dish consisting of small balls of rice stuffed with a savoury filling, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried.

Canadian tuxedo (n.): a denim jacket worn with a pair of jeans .

Catnip (n): someone or something that is very attractive or appealing to a particular person or group.

Digital footprint (n.): the information about a particular person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity.

Duck face (n.): an exaggerated pouting expression in which the lips are thrust outwards, typically made by a person posing for a photograph.

Five-second rule (n.): a notional rule stating that food which has been dropped on the ground will still be uncontaminated with bacteria and therefore safe to eat if it is retrieved within five seconds.

Hawt (adj.): informal spelling of "hot."

IDC (abbrev.): I don't care.

Jel (adj.): jealous.

LOLcat (n.): a photograph of a cat accompanied by a humorous caption written typically in a misspelled and grammatically incorrect version of English.

Mahoosive (adj.): exceptionally big; huge.

Man crush (n.): an intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one man for another; a man who is the object of another's intense liking or admiration.

Obamacare (n.): an informal term for a federal law intended to improve access to health insurance for U.S. citizens. The official name of the law is the Affordable Care Act or (in full) the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Parm (adj.): of a dish cooked or served with Parmesan cheese.

Permadeath (n.): (in video games) a situation in which a character cannot reappear after having been killed.

Queso (n.): Short for "chile con queso."

Secret Santa (n.): an arrangement by which a group of friends or colleagues exchange Christmas presents anonymously, with each member of the group being assigned another member for whom to provide a small gift, typically costing no more than a set amount.

Shabby chic (n.): a style of interior decoration that uses furniture and soft furnishings that are or appear to be pleasingly old and slightly worn.

WTAF (abbrev.): what the actual f-ck."

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2 comments to “Oxford Dictionary Adds Even MORE New And Ridiculous Words! Find Out Which Ones HERE!”

  1. namers says – reply to this


    I'm currently playing Scrabble on my phone and I'm a traditionalist. Some of these words are ancient but the newer references are just sad. IMHO. ;-)

  2. 2

    It is overrated IMO. I once had an English teacher in college who downgraded me 2 grades from an A to a C because the word I used in my title I used was not in the Oxford, even though I brought the library book in to prove it was a legit word.