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Still Think Taylor Swift & Matt Healy Aren't Dating?!? Then Take A Look At This Video & See For Yourself!

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This is just the CUTEST! Not to mention further proof of these two being an item…

ANYWAY, Taylor Swift has continually denied that she and Matt Healy, the lead singer of The 1975 are NOT dating, but this Instagram video seems to prove otherwise.

In it, Matt is saying hello to Kitty, the daughter of Jamie Oborne — aka the owner of The 1975's record label — when he pulls T.Swift in to say hi to her as well!

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In other words, a totally adorable moment that was all caught on video! We love it!

Now, we REALLY wanna give Tay-Tay her birthday request from the media, but we gotta say, they're just too cute together!

They totally look like they could possibly, probably, definitely be dating! What do YOU think???

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23 comments to “Still Think Taylor Swift & Matt Healy Aren't Dating?!? Then Take A Look At This Video & See For Yourself!”

  1. Lauren says – reply to this


    Honestly ya'll, are you sayingvTaylor can't have Friends who are Guys???, Honestly stop making up untrue stories about Taylor for Publicity, like seriously its getting Old & I don't believe the Rumors anyways so for God Sakes LEAVE TAYLOR SWIFT ALONE!!!

    Unless you do the same to Male celebs that you do to Female celebs, then its a DOUBLE STANDARD & Seriously sounds like a Broken Record…

  2. 2

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  3. ch. says – reply to this


    NO. JUST NO.

  4. 4

    Yes you can tell by this they are in love and talking marriage and having a a bunch of kids.

  5. Spaceman says – reply to this


    What a JOKE Taylor has become, she is the gutter life and people are using her
    because she wants people to like her so bad, like back in high school.
    Its a Shame.

  6. emily says – reply to this


    Why can't anyone just leave her alone?

  7. cass says – reply to this


    I think you're trying to look into things a little bit too much. To me it just seems like he made the video to show Kitty that he was hanging out with Taylor because in all honesty it sounds like Kitty might be a big fan, hence the reason why Taylor said she had signed some things for her.
    So obviously their act of kindness for one of Matt's friends who also happens to be a big Taylor fan means that they must be dating. Wow. Who would of thought. (I hope you can understand sarcasm when you read it.)

  8. nano nano says – reply to this


    They playin wit ya Perez. Shake it off .

  9. ... says – reply to this


    Taylor Swiffer est une lesbienne! Une gouine! Elle mange des tartes aux poils et suce des melons! Ce n'est pas pour rien qu'elle glande avec un tas de top modèles à l'allure hyper gouine! Sûrement que ses propres parents sont lesbiens!

  10. Brit says – reply to this


    She is just covering up her lesbian scandal. Why all the sudden is she seen with him right after she was caught kissing Karlie Kloss. Perez you're smarter than that right? Even if they are dating it's not real…it won't last she just needs someone to write her songs about and have people speculate to get people talking about the song. She's a smart girl she knows how it works by now.

  11. J Stone says – reply to this


    Damn, Taylor must be shoveling money at her PR people right now, who in turn shovel it out to get stories like this ran. I can hear Taylor screaming from right here at her PR team - "Make the swifties think I'm with Matt, or Bill Clinton, or Anyone except do NOT let them know the truth about Karlie and me." Anyone who can not see thru this is a complete idiot - or maybe Matt is sharing his drugs with them.

  12. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: Spaceman – FYI, Taylor did not have problems in hs. She was a singer in a high profile suburb in Nashville where most people are either work in the music industry or for work a company which supports the music industry. She fit in fine. It was in middle where jealous girls shunned because Taylor got to sing for a NFL game, and also because Taylor liked country music. Why don't you grow up. I have seen you troll the internet looking articles to hate on Taylor. You are really childish. Taylor has lots of friends, a lot more than most people, and you probably don't have with hateful attitude.

  13. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: SpacemanRe: J Stone – God,are you pathetic. Taylor doesn't have to set up a fake romance. She has thousands of guys who would like to date her in the acting and music fields alone. Danny of the Script said just last month he would like to marry her. I seen so many celebrity guys say in interviews they have a crush on her.

  14. ray says – reply to this


    Re: Jen – that wasn't his point dumbass

  15. Spaceman says – reply to this


    Re: Jen
    Why doesn't Taylor ever give credit to Max Martin for the music he makes for her
    and the lyrics he writes to for her. Hmmmm

  16. Nida says – reply to this


    This video was taken when they met in November in LA. They were not dating at that time but they had a crush..and exchanged numbers and … they started dating last week in NY (see Taylor at the concert at The Terminal when Matty obviously sang Falling foryou for her in front of tons of fans); they are totally smitten but Taylor is afraid of the Media and she says she isn't dating. Taylor, You are so cute together!!!!

  17. Real Critic says – reply to this


    Everyone knows this is a fake relationship and a PR stunt, right? Google it. This is giving Taylor street cred and raising visibility for The 1975 before their second album drops next fall.

  18. Hipsta Please says – reply to this



  19. Hipsta Please says – reply to this


    Re: Real Critic – YES EVERY WORD!!!

  20. Emily says – reply to this


    This video was taken weeks ago in California when she went to one of his shows. Not new at all, the media must have JUST gotten ahold of it. The two of them haven't been seen together since Matty's mental breakdown in Boston…I'm sure her team has told her he's bad PR.

  21. Emma G says – reply to this


    NO NO NO NO NO. THIS IS NOT REAL. Trust me, Matty Healy is mine, always has been always will be.

  22. Cami says – reply to this


    It's *Matty you idiot

  23. sydney says – reply to this


    no they aren't dating because matty isn't that fucking stupid