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The Duggar Family From 19 Kids & Counting Succeed At Helping To Pass Anti-LGBT Legislation

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Well, this is very disappointing.

On Tuesday, TLC's Duggar family from 19 Kids & Counting, successfully helped to pass an anti-LGBT bill which allows landlords and business owners to evict or fire people based on their gender identity.

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Obviously, this bill is very hurtful for those who identify as transgender in the Duggar's hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Not to mention, the legislation is a major setback for America's LGBT community and their supporters.

To push the bill through, the reality TV family donated $10,000 to the cause and matriarch Michelle robocalled members of the Fayetteville community, an act which angered MANY people due to the homophobic nature of the message.

So sad.

Our hearts go out to those who will be negatively affected by this hateful bill.

[Image via TLC.]

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23 comments to “The Duggar Family From 19 Kids & Counting Succeed At Helping To Pass Anti-LGBT Legislation”

  1. haha really says – reply to this


    While I don't necessarily agree with their opinion on the matter, the truth is we live in America and they have a right to believe what they want. This family is extremely honest about their religious beliefs and they are simply following through with what they believe in. You need to stop shaming people for what they believe in. If you want to be accepted for who you are, then you must do the same.

  2. Typhanie says – reply to this


    As a person born an raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I am ashamed that this passed. I will say that it barely passed at all. 49.5% voted against it.

  3. 3

    Re: haha really – They have a right to their opinion and a right to live within their beliefs. But why do they feel the need to legislate their belief system on others? A gay couple getting married doesn’t infringe on them one bit.

  4. Just sayin' says – reply to this


    They have entirely too many children to believe this. Chances are one of them might be gay. What then?

  5. haha really says – reply to this


    You are correct. In that respect, I cannot agree with what they did. I was speaking more generally because Perez Hilton often publicly chastises anyone who doesn't agree with his beliefs which is where I have a problem.

  6. lori says – reply to this


    It will be challenged in a higher court and knocked down. It is all a waste of tax payer money. I find it ashame that this devout Christian family is doing something that the person who they claim to believe in and worship (Jesus) would never do.

  7. houston says – reply to this


    I have got bad news for them then…the odds are in favor that at least one of these children are gay or bi and will probably feel like they have to hide it from their parents…that is the truly sad part.

  8. Amanda Utsch says – reply to this


    I live in Fayetteville and need to clarify your post. The Duggars don't even live in Fayetteville and never have. Also, they campaigned to repeal an ordinance that actually protected civil rights, an ordinance that my husband and his business partners advocated as did other business owners here in Fayetteville. Fear won but so much of Fayetteville is in favor of equality. Just wanted to let you know the facts.

  9. Tracy Krebs says – reply to this


    DISGUSTING! Please make them go away and stop putting so many people on the earth. NUT JOBS!

  10. Jennifer says – reply to this


    i am not okay with the fact that it gives them the right to fire, not hire, or evect them but I was absolutely not okay with transgender men coming and using a women's bathroom visa versa- it would have shot the percentage of women/men that get raped through the roof.

  11. allan says – reply to this


    they are disgusting that poor woman's vag must be like the grand canyon by now

  12. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Maybe it's time the people of America vote with their viewing - how about boycotting the advertisers of this program? I have never watched this program, but for one family to have the power to take away the rights of many is unfair. Let the advertisers know. Need proof that the right-wing media is protecting them? Try to find out who these advertisers are by googling them.

  13. Cory says – reply to this


    That's horrible! I can't believe something like that was even written as a bill. These are human beings that will be effected not trash. Can't it be fought thru supreme court. So inhumane.

  14. e.m says – reply to this


    What are they going to do when one of their kids finally comes out? They need to reevaluate themselves and realize the world they live in isn't as perfect as they think

  15. Jon Bodack says – reply to this


    The Duggars have every right to their opinion, but this is just sad. It's definitely a sad day in America now that this Bill has passed.

  16. alexima says – reply to this


    that’s what we need to turn “beliefs” in something illegal. beliefs are not based on reasoning, proof, ethics or good will. Beliefs bring pain, prejudice, hate, intolerance, ill will. The end of slavery, the right for women to vote, equality to women, equality for some minorities, NOTHING of those came from religion an beliefs. it’s Amazing how The United States of America is leaning towards the dark ages again. No wonder the whole country is in financial ruins, it might be all anticipated karma. Shame.

  17. Kelley says – reply to this


    This violates ENDA and hopefully it will be taken to the Supreme Court soon and become null.

  18. Crystal M. says – reply to this


    Can't wait to find out how many of their kids are in the closet. God don't like ugly and he is not too fond of cute either.

  19. Thomas Farrell says – reply to this


    Re: haha really – That only pertains to people who don't impose their beliefs on others and push for laws that spread hate. Hate only begets more hate.

  20. Nicole says – reply to this


    People shouldn't just pick parts of the Bible. Gluttony is a sin too. Judgement belongs to God not any family. I don't think they are a good representation of what tlc is about.

  21. EW says – reply to this


    Well then I'll just stop paying taxes that go to them not knowing wtf birth control is. These people are actual real life HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. How dare they keep breeding expecting our taxes to pay to feed their herd of idiots who they are breeding HATE into?!?!

  22. ew says – reply to this


    Re: haha really – See its your views and theirs that are making us a racist country. YOU need to accept we are all different. If YOU and these duggar morons dont like it,…leave america and go to a racist country that breeds ignorance. Shame on you. You dont have to like how some people live their life but if you are gonna live here and claim to be american then dammit accept it already. GAY STRAIGHT WHITE BLACK PINK ..it doesnt matter. we are all human beings and sadly your attitude is so ignorant im ashamed for you.

  23. Rainbow says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – That's the stupidest and most ignorant comment I've read. Transgender men using a women's restroom = rape? Really? Where on earth do you get such a ridiculous idea? If a man is going to rape a woman, he will just go in the restroom regardless of whether or not he is transgender. Get real.