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Aaron Sorkin Says The Male Competition Is Harder In The Race For Oscars Than It Is For Ladies… And He Doesn't Stop There

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As emails continue to leak from Sony in the ongoing hacking of the studios, more details are coming to life.

Well, in the newest emails to leak, Aaron Sorkin has said some pretty awful things about men versus women in Hollywood.

Specifically when it comes to the Oscars, he believes that it's easier to win an Academy Award for a woman than it is for a man.

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Uhhhhh, excuse us?

Apparently, Aaron said that the scripts for women just "aren't there" in the industry and that Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar for doing what any "professional actress is supposed to be able to do."


He said (bold is our emphasis):

"That was a great and very interesting column today. I'd only take issue with one thing and that's the idea that something like Bridesmaids is seen as a fluke and that's why we don't see more movies like Bridesmaids. There's an implication that studio heads have a stack of Bridesmaids-quality scripts on their desk that they're not making and it's just not true. The scripts aren't there.

That's why year in and year out, the guy who wins the Oscar for Best Actor has a much higher bar to clear than the woman who wins Best Actress. Cate [Blanchett] gave a terrific performance in Blue Jasmine but nothing close to the degree of difficulty for any of the five Best Actor nominees.

Daniel Day-Lewis had to give the performance he gave in Lincoln to win — Jennifer Lawrence won for Silver Linings Playbook, in which she did what a professional actress is supposed to be able to do. Colin Firth/Natalie Portman. Phil Hoffman had to transform himself into Truman Capote while Julia Roberts won for being brassy in Erin Brockovich. Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side and Al Pacino lost for both Godfather movies. Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep can play with the boys but there just aren't that many tour-de-force roles out there for women."

Well, that's some major BS… not to mention the thought swings pretty close to super misogynistic.

Sure it's his opinion, but that doesn't mean it's the right one.

Plus, all those women gave equally AH-MAZING and BADASS performances as the men did.

What do YOU think of Aaron's email?

[Image via ​FayesVision/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Aaron Sorkin Says The Male Competition Is Harder In The Race For Oscars Than It Is For Ladies… And He Doesn't Stop There”

  1. Mac says – reply to this


    I think most of the roles for women are pretty vapid and don't take an Einstein actress to pull them off.

  2. Mena says – reply to this


    those are harsh words…but he is right. C'mon Perez be objecive

  3. april99 says – reply to this


    Sorkin is an ass. But the movies that are written now are definitely movies for men. The women get trash.

  4. t says – reply to this


    thats because writers like him write weak roles for women. he is notorious for it. shame on aaron sorkin!

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    He makes a lot of truthful points, and don't think the actresses don't bemoan the lack of meaty and realistic roles for women. Women have adventure filled lives full of moral and ethical dilemmas, but you would never know it by watching movies.

  6. d says – reply to this


    He is right, mostly because of the fact that there are far less lead roles for women

  7. undique says – reply to this


    I don't think what he said was remotely misogynistic. He's not saying the women are lesser actresses, just that the parts that exist for men don't exist for them. The bar IS lower because tehre are so few good roles from women. I 100% agree with him about Jennifer Lawrence. She did not give an Oscar worthy performance. Everyone licks her butt like she's some kind of Meryl Streep. Sorry, she isn't. All she proved in American Hustle is that she's really good at scenes where she yells at people. Her accent was inconsistent the whole movie and generally I found it painful to watch her trying to be a New Jersey housewife. They should have just cast one of the Real Housewives. They would have been more convincing in the role.

  8. Jacklyn says – reply to this


    He's an asshole, but it's true there are very few truly good parts for women. But he is one of the problems…Hollywood needs to create better, more difficult parts for women! However, I would really not dismiss the talent of that many actresses. The actresses nominated for awards for this year's award season have done some terrific work. Often their most outstanding work is ignored, but they get nominated for something because obviously whatever crappy material they're given they are able to rise above it through talent and hard work.

  9. Ale says – reply to this


    I think you and your team are just twisting his words to get more people in to reading your “note”. I don't think he's misogynistic at all, he was just simply stating the truth.
    I like Jennifer L. but I agree with him, specially on the movie he talks about, same thing with Julia Robert, she won that Oscar for being a woman who fights for her believes and using a very short skirt and showing her boobs.
    There are way better roles for men than for women, that's the truth.

  10. pryn says – reply to this


    Dont dis JLAW's performance ~ shes consistant w her delivery and a fine actress.
    Oscar was well deserved.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Not only that, but really physical roles for women are fewer and farther between, harkening back to the movie roles in the parlor fanning weak women with the smelling salts. Reese Witherspoon's new movie 'Wild' maybe grabs some of that physical challenge hero stuff to present to today's woman, (but haven't seen it) which is cool. Women daily embrace tremendous physical challenge, but are seen in movies mostly as sidekicks and waiting.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Basically, if you write it, women will come, and they'll act their asses off to the same standard offered to their male counterarts.

  13. mary says – reply to this


    The reason men like him think OLDER female actors are the only good ones is because they're over their sexual prime, and hence not sexually interesting to men, and hence, can be taken "seriously". Younger actresses are beautiful and sexy and that overrides the perception or opinion about their talent — mostly. I'm not saying all men are like him. But it IS the reason men can't take youngish/more attractive women seriously in any field.