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Whoopi Goldberg Gets Into A Heated Shouting Match With Her Co-Hosts On The View While Discussing Racism!

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Things got VERY heated on The View this morning!

Things are really reaching a boiling point on The View, and not just behind the scenes.

On today's episode, the women discussed a story Michelle Obama had told in which she and her husband President Barack Obama were mistaken for valets!

Well while the ladies and their guest co-host Laverne Cox were discussing how the story was a clear sign of racism, Whoopi Goldberg simply shook her head and smirked.

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However, it didn't take long for her to break her silence and get into a shouting match with EVERYONE, leading to a very uncomfortable experience for pretty much everyone involved!

The question is, was Whoopi out of line, or was she right to call out her fellow co-hosts? Watch the clip (below) and decide for yourself!

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42 comments to “Whoopi Goldberg Gets Into A Heated Shouting Match With Her Co-Hosts On The View While Discussing Racism!”

  1. Hmmm says – reply to this


    Whoopi is always out of line. She's an elitist who talks as if her opinion is fact. She pretends to be open minded but it's all fake. She's very judgmental…

  2. Hillary says – reply to this


    It seems like Whoopie has the courage to speak her mind even when its not popular opinion. Love that about her

  3. 3

    I love Whoopi!

  4. Daryl says – reply to this


    Cant stand Whoopi. She way too full of herself.

  5. anger problem says – reply to this


    She lost me at the very moment she snapped and said that only blacks could understand racism…

  6. Perry says – reply to this


    Whoopi is the reason I dont watch the view. Her tirades are like a two yr old. She does not know it all.

  7. Kiko says – reply to this


    Goldberg is wrong and if she wants her ugly butt kicked Barbara Walters should do it. Kick her butt off the view.

  8. twistdsunshine says – reply to this


    I personally think that it was a valid point. Especially the comments about being followed in a store. Heck I've went into expensive department stores not always done up and I absolutely have been followed and treated differently as a white woman. Stupid people wouldn't recognize the president and first lady but have you ever been mistaken for someone that works in a store? Hell my brother works at Honda and someone asked for his help in walmart recently because his blue shirt lol

  9. Anon says – reply to this


    I agree with Whoopi that stupidity is rampant in America but what is racism if not another form of stupidity? The bottom line is that there are plenty of Americans who are both racist and stupid. End of story.

  10. I like Whoopi says – reply to this


    I think Whoopi has a valid point. She is trying to distinguish between racism (more severe and dangerous) and stereotyping (less severe but insulting). She has the right to voice her honest opinion. That is why she is on the show.

  11. jan says – reply to this


    Rosie is a loud mouth sexually frustrated bully! I refuse to watch the View with her on it. Whoopi has her points….but even white folk get watched while shopping.

  12. Madge D says – reply to this


    Perhaps if all of these celebrities would utilize their vast resources to actually help the youth in America (black, Hispanic, white, Asian) anyone that is struggling, so that maybe they wouldn't make the choices that put them in conflict with law enforcement. We keep focusing on the end result when maybe we could actually focus on the need to help these kids that deserve the guidance and resources that might just be the difference and provide opportunities that they might not have had otherwise. But no, this is much more productive to just keep talking out of both sides of our mouth instead of being productive—awesome choice America! Buying t-shirts is not going to do it!

  13. alpo says – reply to this


    I think she had a good point that stupidity and ignorance are incorrectly labeled as racism quite often. I don't agree that you have to be a minority to understand and recognize racism, but a lot of what Whoopi said is accurate.

  14. Lyn says – reply to this


    Love Whoopi Hate Rosie……….Rosie is obnoxious. Frankly if racism in the context of the Obama is involving an experience many black have then only black people will be able to understand the particular form of racism the Obamas and Whoopi discussed. Its like trying to compare discrimination of homosexuals vs heterosexuals… Heteros would be discriminated for other influences not because they were homos. Therefore heteros cannot state they know exactly what homo bigotry is like…

  15. slap me on the (beep)) says – reply to this


    Re: LynRe: Lyn – Typical from any kind of minorities who want to kept the monopoly on a specific thing. I'm a man, so you, women, you won't ever understand what it is…

  16. slap me on the (beep)) says – reply to this


    But they try to make us believe they are there to unified the people..

  17. slap me on the (beep)) says – reply to this


    But they try to make us believe they are there to unify the people..

  18. Melon says – reply to this


    Whoopi is way out of linw

  19. Mianni says – reply to this


    Catch the Canadian talk show "the social" lots of opinions and lots of respect and laughs- all the good stuff minus the View's bad chemistry and power struggles.

  20. Happy Pappy says – reply to this


    Whoopi Goldberg is a f*cking moron. By her saying that you have to be black to know what racism is she is implying that Black people CAN NOT BE RACIST. Which is absurd. Racism is present in EVERY RACE and YES racial profiling is being RACIST hence the word RACIAL that appears before the word PROFILING. Where is this her head at?!! SERIOUSLY. Also stop defending that serial rapist Bill Cosby its getting RIDICULOUS!!

  21. Hey says – reply to this


    Re: Happy Pappy – White ppl can't understand racism and there is no such thing as reverse racism i.e.. Black ppl being racist towards white ppl. White ppl were not ripped from there lands, enslaved and treated less then human; denied jobs and other opportunities simply because of the color of their skin. So I'm sorry if your white and your feelings get hurt when a black person says something about you being "white", theres no pain or history behind those comments. So it's absolutely not the same as when it happens to a black person. Its americas history, deal with it. No one is saying every white person is a racist, but denying that racism exists or that white ppl can be victims of racism too is so ridiculous.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Whoopi's right on about a lot of stupidity and ignorance masquerading as 'racism.'
    I disagree completely though that white people can't understand racism. White people have done and can get it from other races on occasion. Whitey road's not all paved with gold and never has been.

  23. 23

    Re: anger problem – Ugh yes! She can just shut up real fast. In California with Black, Hispanic, Asian, & White racism exist. OK! Racism takes over stupidity that's for sure.

  24. Martine says – reply to this


    Whoopi is such a sellout uncle Tom b..tch. She does not mind throwing black people under the bus for a paycheck. If Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown did recognize the hatred of racism when they were first approached by their angry killers, they probably would not be six feet under now. Sadly youngsters who have not grasped the reality of racism may get themselves killed because of people like Whoopi. Bias in society is racism and not ridiculousness.

  25. Morell says – reply to this




  26. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: Hey – I think you may need a history lesson HEY. Black people were NOT the first to be enslaved and ripped away from their lands. Slavery began way before any Africans were enslaved. It began a loooong time ago within countries (enslaving their own people) and then enslaving those from another country, one of the first peoples enslaved were actually from what what was called Yugoslavia and now Poland, Croatia etc. Hence the title 'Slaves'. So ACTUALLY my people were the first enslaved or what you would call white people. And Africans were quite busy enslaving each other before any white person came and took them to the US. Maybe you should think about that for a bit. It is sad that a 'white girl' knows more about slavery then a 'black person' who is obv constantly preaching about it.

  27. Gabe says – reply to this


    I agree with Whoopi, and I think a lot of people need here what she had to say!!!

  28. HEY says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – Kelly, i'm not exactly sure what your point is. We aren't talking about the rest of the world, we were talking about AMERICA. We all know about colonialism and slavery in world history. Are you from Yugoslavia? Because that would be the only relevant reason for you to even bring that up. For you to make a parallel between Yugoslavia and Slavery in America is so absurd. Racism in America isn't something that just happened in the past that we can all get over now. Please look up systematic oppression. I don't need to give you a history lesson. Since you believe yourself to be such a smart girl, how about you give me any moment in the history of the world where people of colour have enslaved white people and have made it so that they are not equal in every aspect of society? Your really grabbing at straws trying relate to slavery as a white person in America. BTW, I'm from Africa and very aware of my history of colonialism and tribalism. The difference between America and countries enslaving their own ppl is that it didn't infiltrate government and society in the present day where ppl are being discriminated against and denied opportunities ON SIGHT! You can't hide being black in America. I don't know why white ppl try to act like they can relate and get irate when they can't also lay claim to something. ..your pathetic kelly.

  29. idiotic blindful says – reply to this


    Re: HEY – And Egyptians (from Africa…certainly not white folks) making of Hebrews their slaves… It doesn't counts in the eyes of a racist-fucker black person from Africa?

  30. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: HEY – My point is that black people were not the only people enslaved and a lot act like they were. There are white people whose ancestors were enslaved as well. And I believe you know what my point was you just want to act like your so smart and I am stupid for bringing something irrelevant up. Black people do not have a monopoly on slavery and on discrimination. You have equal opportunities in American just like white people do, you may just have to work harder to get there. How about do the work and make something out of your people instead of just complaining. White poor people in america have just as hard a time in society as blacks do and I believe it is more of an economic issue then a race issue.

  31. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: idiotic blindful – Thank you.

  32. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: HEY – Also, would you like an example of white people facing racism and discrimination in America? Well im going to give you one regardless. How about when the Irish immigrated? And no one would hire them or associate with them based on their ethnicity? And there were signs in store windows that said "No Dogs and No Irish". This is actually very common and happened every time people from a country that wasn't England or France came to America. Are the Irish still crying? Your Pathetic Hey, your pathetic because you have to resort to calling someone pathetic instead of having a decent conversation.

  33. 33

    Whoopi is trash………………………she even broke wind on LIVE TV last week.
    That's racist.

  34. Hey. says – reply to this


    [re=6762208]Re: kelly Obviously you have a hard time comprehending what Im saying. There are many instances in history where ppl were enslaved. MY POINT is that in MODERN DAY, racism against black ppl in America is very alive and has infiltrated every aspect of government and society. If you think there is equal opportunity for everyone in America your absolutely living under a rock. Even affirmative action is benefitted from mostly by Caucasian women. Like I said, you'll never get it because you speak from a place off priviledge. if you've never experienced it, you have no right to speak about it and have all these opinions about it. Instead of being angry that black ppl have suffered and are still suffering, how about you try not to add to the problem by spewing your ill informed opinions. Thanx. Bye

  35. KC says – reply to this


    Of course it's stupidity, Whoopi, because racism is a form of stupidity.

  36. KC says – reply to this


    Re: kelly – Yes, but your high school history books don't discuss white racism and enslavement, and the majority of the Irish Americans who aren't "crying" probably don't even know their own history.

  37. pigheaded says – reply to this


    Re: Hey. – Shut Up!

  38. Helen says – reply to this


    I get the impression that Whoopi is feeling her own stupidity for having pulled out the race card in the Bill Cosby debate. Just as when Bill Cosby made demands on the 'black media', Whoopi's defense of Bill Cosby was her being racist.

    I don't think you have to be black to understand racism, and I do think that black individuals can engage in racist behavior, like Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg.

  39. poosie says – reply to this


    Isn't Whoopi a man herself?! She don't shave herarm pitts and sides with rapists. Speaking of drug dealer of Rapist Cosby comes forward…scored 2000 roofies of 7/different types!!

  40. Jody Schreiber says – reply to this


    Re: Madge D – I agree! I absolutely despise Rosie O'donnell. She will ruin the View and I hope it gets cancelled if she continues. Whoopi is the greatest and I just love her. PLEASE ABC GET RID OF THAT BITCH ROSIE O'DONNELL!!!

  41. willis says – reply to this


    I love the show please come back Whoopi u are the show!,,

  42. Bence says – reply to this


    I fully back Whoopies comment on that specific conversation. If anyone was out of line it was Rosie O!
    Whop pie comes from a place of warmth, even handed respect.
    She may piss you off but I love her truth