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​Zac Efron & Girlfriend Sami Miro Wear Matching Chucks To The Los Angeles Lakers Game!

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It's a requirement that if you date Zac Efron, you must go to Los Angeles Lakers games!

That didn't seem to be a problem for his new girlfriend Sami Miro, who happily headed to the game with her beau on Friday night, and in matching Converse shoes no less!

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They even had the all-black-with-contrasting-coats thing going on too!


While at the game, the two seemed to enjoy just being together, which is awesome!

Ch-ch-check out more pics from their date night (above)!

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24 comments to “​Zac Efron & Girlfriend Sami Miro Wear Matching Chucks To The Los Angeles Lakers Game!”

  1. Kate says – reply to this


    They look like a couple of real winners. *rolls eyes* Now that he's grown that nasty mustache, I can't decide which of the two is uglier. Can't wait until he wakes up and realizes that she's just a piece of trash who's using him for his fame and money.

  2. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Kate
    you really think sam is using zac? i agree but we really dont know her at all.

  3. Dan says – reply to this


    Isn't she his sober coach?

  4. Leslie says – reply to this


    He looks rigid and uncomfortable. She seems embarrassed. Why are they so stiff and uncomfortable together?

  5. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Dan
    why would sami be his sober coach when she parties herself? that's not a sober coach, he found himself another party girl.

  6. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie
    maybe because she's forced to be with him and this makes him look stable.

  7. aj says – reply to this


    I wonder how much he pays her to be his "girlfriend"

  8. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: lauren – It only makes sense. She quit her job soon after meeting him. From what I've picked up on, she's been after a modeling contract for some time, and dating Zac Efron got her exactly that. She's a party girl and a user. Anyone who looks at her can easily tell that she's on something. She's just going to drag him backdown into the void of drugs and alcohol again. What a shame.

  9. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Kate
    I feel like zac traded in Michelle for Sami , a unknown ,judging from her instagram she parties ,drinks and smokes, she seems more fitted with her ex if many years then zac, don't get the likng of pics and fans of hers and connecting

  10. jtlover says – reply to this


    Y'all are haters,she is VERY educated and prettier than you'll ever be and with the guy u can only be with in your dreams

  11. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: jtlover – You're obviously another oblivious fan who thinks that Zac can do no wrong. Educated does not always mean classy, or stable for that matter She has ulterior motives, and I'm really sorry that you do not see that. & FYI, if Zac Efron laid eyes on me right now, he'd forget Sami Miro even existed. & FYI 2.0, I would turn him down without a single regret, because I respect myself and have no desire to waste my time with a man who is too selfish to better himself for not only his own sake, but the sake of those who love him. Besides, he has a tendency to think with his d***, as the past few years have clearly demonstrated. Unlike Miss Miro, I'm talented and beautiful, and don't need to leech off of some famous guy to achieve my dreams.

  12. ACR says – reply to this


    Re: laurenRe: laurenRe: laurenRe: KateRe: Lauren – I. agree, but I'm not against skin color or whatever, but their kind of actions and stuff.

  13. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: jtlover
    How are beg haters? Not everyone thinks Sami is a good person or likes her? It's life .

  14. GGG says – reply to this


    She's vulgar. Her features are very refined. She's a midget who would like to be a model. This woman needs a reality check on herself. She's so weird.

  15. kob says – reply to this


    Can someone please this girl a real career?

  16. phd says – reply to this


    She should stop trying to whitening her skin. Yikes;

  17. Quentin says – reply to this


    Typical pr relationship: take a good looking guy and match him up with an unattractive woman, it makes him look better.

  18. 4445 says – reply to this


    Her fried hair is so gross. The fact that she wants to be a model is laughable, poor her.

  19. Alley says – reply to this


    She depends on his fame. Be more independent Sami or whatever your name is.

  20. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: phd
    she's mixed but black, how is she whitening her skin?

  21. Jacinda says – reply to this


    Sami is just another soul desperately trying to break into the industry like all of the other wannabes in LA. She will always be riding Zac’s coat tails but still failing miserably. They are two phonies with the matching outfits and the endless need to make people believe that they are really a ‘couple’ in love. . Zac tries to act like he is above it all but the truth is that he is like all the other famewhores in HWood who will do anything to create a facade so they can continue to work. He has truly sold his soul and that is why he looks like he is filled with self-loathing. I feel sorry for him because deep down I believe he is miserable with the path that his life has taken. And to Sami, peroxide is not your friend. The platinum blonde has to go. It’s all kinds of wrong with your skin tone and your hair looks unhealthy. Not sure if your really like it or you're being ironic because it looks so damn fake. It goes with everything else in your life that is less than genuine.

  22. dFGHBN says – reply to this


    She can keep writning that she's a model. sami, real peole from the fashion industry will laugh at you or ignore you. I mean, look at yourself: your face (ugh), hair, body and size and age.
    Good luck to you anyway, you've already lied so much to the public with your incessant bs in your bio and so on and so forth. you actually might be more of a pathological liar than a famewhore,!

  23. lisabonbon says – reply to this


    Zac's let himself go since being with her. I want the sexy zac back. Surely he's not that stupid with this relationship. He could do so much better.

  24. 24

    Zac Efron is the cutes boy alive. I want to plow his boy hole.