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6 comments to “Did YOU Watch The Interview? Well, These People Did & Their Reactions Say It All! See Them HERE!”

  1. joe says – reply to this


    I took a crap that was more interesting than the pile of crap movie. They were smart to cause controversy. At least people wanted to see it. Anyone who thought it was a good needs to be shot and made sure they cant reproduce.

  2. pieceofjunk says – reply to this


    couldn't get through 1/2 of it - what a piece of crap and completely unfunny.
    Can see why they pulled the huge marketing scam they did (and if you can't see that is was all a bunch of BS, you are gullible) - No one would have bothered to watch it otherwise. -1/10

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    It just proves that for every shitty movie made, there are at least a few dumbasses that will find it enjoyable.

  4. 4

    The sheeple bought into the hype.

  5. Jon Smith says – reply to this


    Speaking about taking things seriously….who in their right mind takes Tweets seriously? I bet quite a few people who Tweeted that they enjoyed it and thought it was funny would have a VERY different take on it if you spoke to them privately and off the record. Just one look at this steaming pile tells you what it is in reality.

  6. Dmitry says – reply to this


    This movie had great potential, if it had the right producer/director combination.
    Unfortunately, the real message will be obscured with the cheap adolescent sex jokes, and over the board profanity. I admit, there were some funny moments.
    The most offensive part of the movie was the “not so” promotion of using exotic drugs, and were not talking marijuana.
    The best part was the actual message: That peace can come with truth. And that's what democracy is supposed to be all about!
    I was fully expecting to see a “Bobby Ewing” ending, where this was all a drug induced dream.
    Yet, I was surprised to see a good ending to the story.
    Not bad. I was expecting worse.
    Yeah, I can see why Kim Jung Un's supporters would not like this move.
    If it were a simple assignation move. No problem. He becomes a martyr, but he's a weirdo, and made to look like one.
    Thumbs up!