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These Parents Returned Their Child's Wii And Cruelly Made The Li'l One Watch Them Do It!

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Not cool!

These parents obviously do NOT understand the spirit of Christmas!

The reason for that is because a new receipt that was posted on Reddit reveals how at least these two parents punished their child for being "naughty" in a most cruel and unusual manner!

The parents of a boy returned their son's Nintendo Wii for whatever his transgressions were, but the worst part was that they made him watch them do it!

So mean!

Here's what the receipt said:

"Son was put on the naughty list, had to watch it being returned"


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That's so not cool!

Listen if these parents don't want their child to have Wii console - that's fine, that's their decision.

But to get their son one, then return it for being "naughty," and MAKE him watch them do it - that's the messed up part!

Like for a kid - that could almost be traumatizing to watch that!

Hopefully this kid doesn't let his mean parents screw up holidays, and maybe one day they'll stop being the Grinch and they'll be more like Santa Claus!

Although we're not counting on it after a stunt like this!

Check out the receipt up (above) !!!

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37 comments to “These Parents Returned Their Child's Wii And Cruelly Made The Li'l One Watch Them Do It!”

  1. 1

    Absolutely nothing wrong with what the parents did!!! Boy needs to learn actions have consequences.

  2. Lo says – reply to this


    I think what the parents did was a good thing! Clearly what he did was bad enough to where they felt he needed to learn a lesson. Can't raise good structured people if they don't learn that EVERY action is not only held accountable but has consequences !

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    Absolutely behind the parents. Actions have consequences. Perez - if think this is a horrible thing to do to a kid, then you better grow up before your kid does. You are a parent - not their best friend.

  4. Twilight says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez. Got to go with the parents on this one.

  5. 5

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  6. AG55 says – reply to this


    These parents deserved Parents of the Year Award in my book. When I was little my parents would have done the exact same thing and when I have kids I will do this. Kids need to learn that if you break the rules there will be consequences.

  7. Ryan says – reply to this


    Sorry, with the parents on this one too. "Traumatizing"? Come on, lol!! It's only returning a gift to teach the child an important lesson. You misbehave, there is consequences and this is them. Would you rather the parents cripple their child in future life skills by letting them think their actions have no consequence? Seriously, the kid isn't made of paper, they wont tear. Yea, they will cry, be upset, throw a fit….but you know what, they'll learn and move on. Seriously, get a clue dude!

  8. 8

    Good parenting on their part. People don't actually discipline their kids now a days and they turn into little shits! Perez, this is not cruel. Kid must have really fucked up

  9. 9

    You must live a really sheltered life if you think this is bad parenting

  10. Nicole says – reply to this


    i see nothing wrong with this at all. Kids now a days have no respect or even appreciate the things we as parents do for them. I applaud them!!

  11. 11

    Who wrote this preach?? Do you know what Christmas is? Jesus was born. Who turned it into this materialistic BS anyway. Wii my a$

  12. tonya says – reply to this


    To me the appalling part was the public humiliation that was involved by telling the clerk all the personal business. This indeed could be traumatizing. If you mess up at work, do you get berated in public? Why not offer kids the same respect? I could only see involving the clerk by explaining and insisting on recording the reason if the kid had stolen something from the store. So to me they took it too far. I'm not opposed to good parenting, especially when the tactics do not include corporal punishment, but public humiliation in what is most likely a victimless offense is cruel.

  13. Comenter says – reply to this


    The parents were completely right! Stop thinking kids can't handle anythjng. How do you think they learn?? That's why all the kids feel entitled and are rude little jerks now. Because parents don't teach then any better

  14. Kimmie says – reply to this


    I don't see how what the parents did was wrong. It's their child and they should parent as they see fit. For example, my girl friend did the same thing to her step son after she and her husband caught him stealing.

  15. Dansk88 says – reply to this


    It's called consequences……good of those parents to make the right choice even if it's the hard one. I bet that child won't be in the naughty list next year. I think more parents need to learn the true lesson here.

  16. Rob says – reply to this


    give me a break. kids today need more NO in their lives, and sometimes an ass whipping!

  17. Reds says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – You can't even hit your kids anymore, even a smack on the hand could get reported to dyfs. I do not think kids should get an ass whooping, but a good whack with a wooden spoon on the ass used to get us to straighten up. So, I agree, and I would do the same thing. These parents should be applauded. Perez hasn't gotten to that age yet, and if he thinks this is bad, then his kid is going to be a nightmare.

  18. 18

    I agree with the parents. When I was young I got a bicycle for Christmas. I was bad in some way and was not able to ride the bike for 3 weeks.

  19. Guest55 says – reply to this


    I'm sure they had a very good reason for returning the gift. Good for them and hopefully the brat learned a lesson.

  20. 20

    Nothing wrong with this at all. At all. And I'm a liberal.

  21. NJC says – reply to this


    You think this was wrong of the parents to do? You have ZERO knowledge of parenting, which is why your child should be taken away from you. If you really care and not just have a kid for trend, you would do the right thing. Your child can be really cared for and shown a life he deserves by parents who are deserving.

  22. tina says – reply to this


    It should have been between the parents and child the clerk didn't need to know anything period…

  23. shhh says – reply to this


    Mario is the king of the populism thought… ^^ Hail the queer!

  24. Hail the King says – reply to this


    Just look at the image above.. The little boy! His name is Macaulay Kunkin, I believe?
    Most certainly, little Macaulay was a piece of shit, spoiled child whose parents did not quite say: STOP! to all of his whims. Now, look carefully what he has become…

  25. Val says – reply to this


    This is a ridiculous article. The parents had all the right in the world to do so and I would hardly call this "traumatizing." This is evidently good parenting. Kids who are brats should be told no.

  26. Cece says – reply to this


    You are absolutely wrong on this Perez. Kids are so spoiled these days - it is ridiculous. Good job on the parents!

  27. Emma says – reply to this


    Maybe if a few more parents acted like this we would have less spoiled selfish adults- people only think about there own needs and wants with no regard to anyone or anything -

  28. Emma says – reply to this


    Maybe if a few more parents acted like this we would have less spoiled selfish adults- people only think about there own needs and wants with no regard to anyone or anything -

  29. Amanda says – reply to this


    My kids destroyed their room last week and I made them return their new toys they'd gotten that day. Nothing traumatic about that and it's not bad parenting to teach children how to respect things. You've a lot to learn Perez

  30. XY says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with doing that. Kids are so entitled and spoilt these days, that's really the way to go.
    They deserve an award.

  31. Kaylee says – reply to this


    Hmmmm really?

    XoX |

  32. www.budgi.nl says – reply to this


    Wooh so much comments…

  33. Fleesh says – reply to this


    More parents need to take notice of this! Absolutely nothing wrong with disciplining bad behavior!

  34. 34

    I thought about this a great deal. I don't believe children should be rewarded for bad behavior. Still instead of buying him a Wii system just to take it away, it would have been better not to have bought it in the first place.

  35. Collin says – reply to this


    Who cares if it was a Wii, they've been out for years. If it was a Wii U though, that's messed up.

  36. 36

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  37. Krystal says – reply to this


    That's called good parenting.