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30 comments to “Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn's Mother Still Doesn't Accept Who She Was As A Person — Even After Her Suicide”

  1. DKW says – reply to this


    Ms. Wood Alcorn,

    I was very sorry to hear of the death of your child. As a mother myself, I know the anxious worry that comes with raising a child especially as they get older. It is hard to see them change and transform as they age, from children, to young people with hopes, dreams and aspiration. As parents, we have to learn to support them even when we aren't sure their decisions are right. I hope that in passing your child has found the peace in heaven that could not be found on Earth.

    Reading the words left behind must have been tremendously heartbreaking for you as a parent. I hope that you have read those words and that you ask the Lord for guidance. I think if you stay open to the signs, you will find that forgiveness. Not from you or even from the Lord, but from Leelah herself. Because in God's eyes, there is a unity or solidarity in the Christian body. What is true of one is true of all.

    Galatians 3:28

    There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Finally, I will ask God to protect Leelah, now in heaven, and give guidance to other parents who are struggling to accept their transgender son or daughter. Additionally, I will ask God to help you with the grief and suffering that you have been given in wake of the suicide of your child. I hope that he guides you to a place of understanding and compassion.

  2. Heather says – reply to this


    I just found out the mom is a junior high school teacher. Yucky.

  3. cc says – reply to this


    the way she commited the suicide was selfish

  4. ..... says – reply to this


    That is so heartbreaking. I'm a parent and when my 1 yr old gets older I will support her no matter if shes gay or transgender. I can only imagine what she was going though and the lack of support from her parents probably made everything worse. I hope she has found peace. I'm not religious, but where ever she is I hope it's beautiful. I can tell this Mom is in complete denial of everything. I hope she gets some help and maybe become more accepting of other people.

  5. shannon says – reply to this


    i went to the same school as him and hated it. if you were different you were ostrescized and picked on relentlessly. The only valued people were the rich kids, football players and cheer leaders. Such a sad story..

  6. bright eyes open ears says – reply to this


    The human being is both amazing and ruthless. The amazing human being is one who has discovered that there is no one way to live life or to be alive. The ruthless human is one who claims to have it all figured out. Leelah was an amazing human being. Her parents are ruthless.

  7. Sierra says – reply to this


    I feel so sad for Leelah,sorry but her parents we're pieces of shit to treat her that way… so sad… Im not religious in the least but I hope Leelah has found paradise, and the love and accceptance, she has always wanted and deserved. <3

  8. 8

    Cher still slips up and calls Chas a 'she'. It has to be confusing for a parent. Since I have never experienced this I am going to withhold judgement.

  9. Maria says – reply to this


    And may I say that this mother was so negligent, she got her OWN CHILD'S AGE WRONG. Leelah was SEVENTEEN.

  10. 10

    What a fucking piece of work mom is

  11. Lola says – reply to this


    Re: …..

    you will be an amazing mother.

    hope you enjoy raising your child as much as I have. good luck :)

  12. hgsjghs says – reply to this


    Re: shannon – She*
    Not he.


  13. tacogirl says – reply to this


    IT WAS A HE!!….what is this She shit. He didn't like being a he, but he was born male.
    Gee, I wake up today and don't like being a woman…am I a man?
    Why don't you wait for some surgery to try and at least get technically correct.
    You're an idiot.

  14. MZ says – reply to this


    The mom posted On FB at 2:56pm and Leelah's blog post didn't post until 5:30pm. At the time of the mom's post, she didn't yet know that Leelah's death was a suicide. I read in another article that Leelah's mom later deleted her post, probably after reading the suicide note.

  15. Renee says – reply to this


    Re: tacogirl – Leelah wanted surgery but her parents refused to give consent. They actually forced her to go to like therapy camps for being transgender instead.

  16. Shaw says – reply to this


    Please consider switching out your link for where trans* people can get help. Here is an article worth reading.

  17. Lucy loo says – reply to this


    This kid cried himself to sleep because his parents didn't give him money or acceptance towards a sex change for his 16th birthday? Give me a freaking break. His parents are right, God DOESN'T make mistakes. I hate that any human is in pain, but I can't get behind this kid. Suicide is an easy way out. So tired of hearing garbage like this.

  18. 18

    RIP Leelah. Your pain is over, now your parents will forever be reminded of their mistakes.

  19. Jenna says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy loo – Really? You believe that accidents of birth don't happen? So a baby borjn with Spina Bifida was supposed to be that way? Children born with BOTH sexual organs aren't a mistake? You're an idiot.

    Leelah was clearly born with a lot of estrogen. At 17 years old, look at her! She's VERY feminine in both face and body structure. Clearly something is going on physically that makes HER feel like a WOMAN. And if that was what was right with HER BODY then her parents should have damn well accepted that.

  20. Charlie says – reply to this


    She got the age of her daughter wrong, too…Leelah was seventeen. I think that shows even more how little that woman actually cared for her daughter.

  21. Melanie says – reply to this


    Carla Wood Alcorn, I hope this torment never ends for you. I hope until your dying day you are tormented and tortured for the torment and torture you inflicted onto Leelah for her entire life, and are continuing after her dead. You did not deserve Leelah as a daughter and you never had a son.

  22. Mockie says – reply to this


    Re: cc – That's totally the takeaway from this. you idiot.

  23. theladyebony says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy loo – God and your parents must be so proud that you've embraced Jesus' teachings to judge not lest ye be judged and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. You missed the entire point of why SHE was suicidal. May God have mercy on you for being so merciless

  24. andrew says – reply to this


    Re: ….. – Not quite getting the idea, are we, Corn Chip? Never mind, there is still some slight chance that you will one day become a humane being, rather than just a human being.

  25. Kaylie says – reply to this


    For once, I actually agree with Perez Hilton.

  26. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy loo – *She *Her *Herself

  27. Kaylie says – reply to this


    Re: tacogirl – go back to Mexico

  28. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: cc – and it isn't selfish to expect someone to live life miserably?

  29. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy loo – Actually, suicide is effin brave and far from the easy way out. Sometimes, it's the ONLY way.

  30. GayLizard says – reply to this


    So sorry kid, I hope you are in a better place now.

    We can't let people feel they need to die just for there choice of gender or sexuality.