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23 comments to “Is Madonna Comparing Herself To Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr.?? See What She Said HERE!”

  1. 1

    Oh what fucking bullshit! She posts memes of Frida and Jesus Christ and other people of various racial backgrounds and not one bats an eye or says anything. but as soon as it's a black person you have to cry out racism. like fuck off really.Boo-hoo!!! "Racial sensitivity" has gotten so out of hand in the USA that even when someone is making a positive tribute about race relations, people get pissed off! Instead of picking apart a good intentioned statement like this, these people need to direct their energies towards something substantially worth complaining about… Such as RACISM!

  2. D says – reply to this


    Re: BeautifulKiller – It has nothing to do with race, idiot. It's her reducing those above's accomplishments to her lame hashtag and tacky cover art.

  3. harleymutt says – reply to this


    Bitch is fucking delusional to even think of making any kind of comaparison to these people who sacrificed so much for a belief in something better, adopting 2 African children who are rarely seen only proves they are more her accessories than her children, you hear about Lourde and Rocco often, when do you see or hear of Mercy and David? oh yeah, she trotted him out for a award show. She isn't all that and never was the only thing she is a professional at is self promotion and stripping, remind you of anyone else?

  4. derric says – reply to this


    Re: BeautifulKiller – Thank you for speaking the truth. Its funny you don't see any mention of the others like Miley Cyrus, Frida Kahlo, Jesus, Keith Haring, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga etc.. Its only the black people that are hilighted "HERE" Oh yea that's because its a made up Bullsh*t story. No one is up in arms or upset about this. Why would you be? All the people she posted in fact had "rebel hearts " It's a complement. What I find sad is no one realizes M actually deserves to be in this company. 30 plus years of fighting for human rights, destroying prejudices & breaking records. There's way to much hate for M on this sight.

  5. blacks are such proud says – reply to this


    Re: D – Whaatt!? Excuse me! Excuse me!? But of being a God, without any sin and and who has freely chose to descend on this shit hole called earth in order of saving the same ungrateful fucktards who are about to kill you with one of the most cruel manner, which is called the crucifixion? All done with selfless, with the purest love intent possible in order to avoid the horrible eternal fate that awaits each of them?… No! Your black idols may vanish.. I prefer rather the one who can avoid me this horrible fate. I chose the one who's called Jesus Christ!

  6. s says – reply to this


    Re: BeautifulKiller – You miss the point you feeble minded idiot. No one mentioned racism other than you (so it's clearly your issue). The point, if you need it spelled out, is that she's comparing her achievements/status and relevance to theirs, putting herself in their league and using their images to promote her shitty fucking music. Is that clear enough?

  7. a says – reply to this


    Re: s – How can he have missed the point since the only images displayed here are those of black people?
    Try harder next time!

  8. a says – reply to this


    Re: blacks are such proud – oh and sorry for my english.. he he

  9. Derric says – reply to this


    Re: s – News flash since you need it spelled out. Madonna is a cultural icon. like her or not she's already made history. " feeble minded idiot " Really

  10. 10

    She is inspired by these wonderful men. How can this be bad. Please…..

  11. 11

    I think what she did was in poor taste, putting black tape over their faces, whether she admires them or not, must be a better way to express herself.

  12. MyMDNA says – reply to this


    People just need to calm down. She has done much worse..

  13. MicHJB says – reply to this


    Re: blacks are such proud – Wasn't he that Jew boy that pissed off some Romans?

  14. Jesus the Saint of God says – reply to this


    Re: MicHJB – What's good with that free will so much desired by God, is that a man can accumulate a large number of sins without being truly consicent about it.
    " A big picture of what Jesus said once about the blind and deaf sinner. "
    You are a reality-tv show watched by all kind of angels…

    Tell me how would you see that very physical world without your fleshy eyes?
    The same as, how a complex universe, by its mechanics, could contemplating his wonderful achievement without eyes nor a mind?
    Are you telling me that the complex infinity is less able to understand things than you with eyes but whose intelligence is limited?
    If so? What a sad irony!

  15. my apologies says – reply to this


    being truly 'conscious' about..

  16. X says – reply to this


    She may be a cultural icon, and "fought" for human rights, but she is no martyr. She's never had to suffer for her art. If anything, she's always managed to appropriate social and controversial issues in order to promote her crappy music and made out like a bandit.

  17. Rebel Srce says – reply to this


    Madonna is most famous woman of all time. Nelson Mandela is a war criminal, and Martin LK is only famous in USA

  18. ? says – reply to this


    "and Martin LK is only famous in USA."
    Really? Well, no wonder Madonna is so popular, then. She appeals to simpletons all over the world like you.

  19. JC says – reply to this


    There's no outrage. A couple hundred people in a world of billions calling her out on her bullshit and endless self-promotion is hardly an outrage.

  20. TT says – reply to this


    Re: Rebel Srce – it's not a popularity contest, moron!

  21. SadForMadonna says – reply to this


    Madonna is being dragged, kicking and screaming, by time into old age and banality. It’s going to be a long, desperate and erratic show ya’ll. Her lack of judgment and intelligence in her middle years is making it all the more cringe-worthy. It’s going to be a long, protracted train wreck.

  22. happyrockafellaha says – reply to this


    Re: SadForMadonna – Focus on paying your rent! Lmaoooooo!! Can't wait for M's next record breaking tour!!!

  23. Antonio Beardall says – reply to this


    ONCE again it seems to escape many morons that SHE did not create the images. Her FANS did and she just SHARED them. Geez!