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Halle Berry's Husband Olivier Martinez Used His Son’s Car Seat To Knock An LAX Employee To The Ground — Now He's Involved In A Battery Investigation! WATCH!

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Halle Berry's husband just can't seem to stay away from violence.

In case you've forgotten, in 2012 Olivier Martinez was arrested after beating up Halle's ex-husband Gabriel Aubry. And that's an incident Halle is STILL paying for!

Then just yesterday, Olivier got involved in ANOTHER skirmish.

While leading his family through LAX, Olivier held his son's car seat in front of him and used it as a battering ram of sorts — except he was battering humans!

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In fact, he pushed one LAX employee SO hard, that the man flew across the floor!! The victim had to be taken to a hospital and reportedly complained of abdominal pains, leading him to file a battery report.

However, it sounds like Olivier wasn't entirely unprovoked. According to video footage, the employee who got pushed was right in the middle of a group of paparazzi trying to snap a pic with his cell phone when Olivier knocked him over.

Watch the man limp alongside angry paparazzi after the shove in the NSFW vid (below)!

[Image via Ramey Pix/WENN, Video via Ginsburgpaly]

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14 comments to “Halle Berry's Husband Olivier Martinez Used His Son’s Car Seat To Knock An LAX Employee To The Ground — Now He's Involved In A Battery Investigation! WATCH!”

  1. jackie says – reply to this


    He's corn-boy

  2. jackie says – reply to this


    He's corner-boy

  3. boo says – reply to this


    Olivier is hooligan

  4. reader52 says – reply to this


    This guy needs an anger management class or two or three! Why can't he behave like a normal adult. If you have a serious problem with someone at the airport, seek out security to handle the issue. The only exception is if the person is putting their hands on you or a loved when, then you can use physical force to control the situation.

  5. Crystal says – reply to this


    Oh man i really hope Gabriel Aubrey uses this in court!! seeing as nahla's pyscho mother keeps on dragging him there for stupidity!! fight for more custody rights to get his daughter away from that pyscho!

  6. ksyla says – reply to this


    Olivier is going to give Gabriel just the ammo needed to get sole custody of Nahla! Halle Berry get him some anger management help asap or stand the chance of losing your dsughtet t

  7. Jo says – reply to this


    He is an animal. He is a nobody who thinks he is important because he is with Halle Berry. Just wait until his temper gets her daughter taken away from her, because this man is unstable!!

  8. fatbaby says – reply to this


    Hellie is a insecure b8cth,Olive bed old women for cash..

  9. tbound says – reply to this


    Why is he snapping pics on the job?

  10. Dunya says – reply to this


    I always thought the fight at the home was a set up. Halle is crazy bat shit was pissed that Gabriel was blocking her move to France and will stop at nothing to get what she wants including manufacturing lies. Oliver on the other hand has serious anger issues. To me he was carrying the child seat in an aggressive manor and was coiled to lash out. He actually has to turn and take a step in the workers direction to make contact. And who cares if the guy was taking pics on his break…no one has the right to harm another. JM2¢

  11. kat says – reply to this


    People you don't get it !
    Olivier was most probably angry to the black woman police officer due to her tone of voice (rude-unnecessarily strict-disrespectful) when she ordered them to move!
    It was very rude from her (black woman police officer), no matter who you are! I am pretty sure it was the trigger for Olivier's anger ! Just look at the video at the time where the police officer ordered loudly to move forward! We can see the face of Olivier, his eyes rolling literally angry! He hates to be dictated to by someone else, and here by a woman?
    Then the fact that he could not hit the black woman police officer he therefore took to the first guy who was in his way. Oh ladies! What a gentleman this Olivier, he does not hit women, at least not in public…
    I can not even imagine how Olivier must control Halle Berry in privacy, and this, even if it is also possible that Halle is already very manipulative in her own way!
    These two celebrities are an explosive mixture! Collateral damage in approach, guaranteed!
    But still, unfortunately, I have come to wonder if the muscular altercation between Olivier and Gabriel was not one of those loss of control from Olivier..

  12. kat says – reply to this


    Re: kat – "when the police officer ordered loudly to move forward! We can see on Olivier's face,"

  13. Milo says – reply to this


    It's bad enough that this hot headed idiot has his own child to be a horrible role model. He shouldn't be around Gabriel Aubrey's daughter at all.

  14. Super says – reply to this


    Note how the so-called "victim of a crime" walks perfectly fine and at speed, when he approaches the two female police officers - but upon walking back into the airport with the officers, he suddenly appears to have a limp while talking to them.
    Look, shoving someone out the way, not cool - but faking an injury is furthermore tragic. Paparazzi should be aware of distance and not provoke these people. We are all human, after all.