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48 comments to “Vivica A. Fox Throws Some MAJOR Shade At RHOA's Kenya Moore — Read Her Shocking & OFFENSIVE Comments HERE!”

  1. tannaz says – reply to this


    Physical assault is not ok but Kenya Moore needs to be put in her place. She behaves so horribly to people and when it gets served back to her she plays the victim. Her tongue is sharper than anything Vivica has tweeted. She did push Porsha to the brink, she's a young girl who was consistently attacked by Kenya and she flipped. Kenya needs to take responsibility.

  2. GJones says – reply to this


    Violence is NEVER acceptable. Porsha was arrested because she broke the law. Clearly, Kenya is a step or two above Porsha and Foxx. I don't watch the show a great deal, but the episodes I viewed served as evidence that Kenya is intelligent, beautiful, sexy, and articulate. When Porsha spoke at the reunion, I was shocked at the trash that came from her mouth. So, she deserved what she got–Jail time. It appears to me that Porsha and Foxx are jealous of Kenya.

  3. djohnson says – reply to this


    I read in Jet Magazine and on the internet that Kenya Moore graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wayne State University. She is also beautiful and physically well developed. The other women are not in her league–including Vivica whose legs look awful. Don't hate Kenya because she is beautiful. Twirl Kenya!

  4. Tami says – reply to this


    What Kenya has is stank breath, a stank attitude, and a lonley life. She is almost 50 and wants to desperately be married, but no decent man wants her. She is simply a mean spirited, washed-up tramp.

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    I am glad that Porsha whipped old azz Kenya on national t.v. She deserved it.

  6. Poppy says – reply to this


    Kenya has a cow looking face.

  7. Spainwa says – reply to this


    Who cares? Both women are trash!

  8. Globe water says – reply to this


    Is someone at Perezhilton a Serious Kenya fan. No mention of her offensive actions of yelling at Porsha through a Bullhorn less than 5 feet away, which seems to be acceptable behavior. Everyone should get a bullhorn and try that at work one day this week and see how far it gets you!
    This is obviously a one-sided story. And Trump did fire Kenya for her loathsome behavior on the show. And yes, it was reported during there filming that Kenya stole Viv's phone and posted an extremely disrespectful post from it, then promptly deleted it, but not after the damage was done. Thus, as you will see, even Trump was completely disgusted by her negative personality, and that is saying a LOT!

  9. ptt says – reply to this


    I will bet you that the women who hate on Kenya are ugly, fat, or just nasty looking. With a body, face, and intelligence that Kenya has, I am quite sure she has a man. Even if she doesn't, no woman needs a man to validate her. Women who keep speaking negatively about Kenya only make her more popular. She gets paid for bringing the drama, so keep talking. She will thank you as she goes to the bank. Also, let me remind you that many people were fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Vivica Foxx should be fired too because she looks like a real mess. Ugly legs!

  10. PWalsh says – reply to this


    Kenya gets my vote! She looks good on TV and most men I know would love to get with her fine ass. I own ten stores, a restaurant, and a motel and would love the chance to date her. Kenya needs to look me up in the ATL.

  11. Misha says – reply to this


    It looks as though Vivica's legs got into a fight. Keep on talking and Kenya will get richer and richer. She is much smarter than Porsha or Vivica both of whom are washed up. Also, Porsha is so dumb until it hurts. She needs to do something about her reading ability on the Rick Smiley Show. She is really a dumb woman. Violence is the only way she could get her point across. I glad she was demoted and hopefully get fired soon. She is too dumb to believe.

  12. courtney says – reply to this


    Seems Vivica may be upset about her face and is lashing out at others who decided not to take the Matrix pill of surgery for no darn reason at all.

    Oh well,

    TEAM KENYA!! These ladies stay pressed ,keeping Kenya's name in their mouths. Hilarious.

  13. Jamie says – reply to this


    Menopausal Kenya sort of looks like aunt Ester from Sanford and Son

  14. Dara says – reply to this


    Menopausal Kenya actually looks like a mean rasin.

  15. Willa says – reply to this


    Re: PWalsh – I'm sure she will go through hell and high waters to track you down. Kenya is one desperate old hen who will kill, steal and destroy to get a man, practically any man. She will buy you if she has to.

  16. Poppy is a Piggy says – reply to this


    Re: Poppy – And I bet you look like a pig in the face and body!

  17. Poppy is a Piggy says – reply to this


    Re: Willa

    Younsound stupid. Obviously, she is just playing that role for TV. You have no problem believing a mishapened dwarf like Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes ability to get a man but you question Kenya who was Miss USA? People are so stupid. Lol

  18. Poppy is a Piggy says – reply to this


    Re: Poppy is a Piggy – * sound stupid…commenting on here is weird

  19. Poppy is a Piggy says – reply to this


    Re: Poppy is a Piggy

    - * sound stupid…commenting on here is weird

  20. Nancy Brown says – reply to this


    All celebrities appearing on Apprentice should protect their brand. Vivica Fox hurt her brand on Monday's show when she spoke unkindly of Shawn Johnson. She revealed personal information about why Shawn had been ill. Vivica was unclassy during that boardroom and hurt her brand. These tweets now hurt her even more. She needs a new manager. I manage many entertainer's social networks. Vivica Fox needs my assistance. But it may be too late to repair the damage she has done to her brand.

  21. classylady says – reply to this


    I don't condone physical assault but you are also not going to violate my physical space. PERIOD Coming from the inter-city I understand Porsha's reaction, and so does Kenya she's from Detroit. Think about it if someone up and assaulted you or your child will you still holler give peace a chance or drag them.

  22. Judymac says – reply to this


    Fox went too far…once again.
    Viv's comment was ignorant, at best.
    Geraldo? Credibility questionable…like looking for Capone's stash. A skunk always smells himself first.
    Not Kenya's style of writing or attack.

  23. mln says – reply to this


    Kenya got what she deserved. Enough of the poor victim.

  24. Sara says – reply to this


    Violence was the only way Porscha could get her point across because her vocabulary is lacking. Vivca wishes she looked like Kenya

  25. Marcia says – reply to this


    Re: PWalsh – You are in luck. I believe Kenya would actually kill her aunt Lori if it meant she could get a man.

  26. Nancy says – reply to this


    Re: pttRe: GJones – What you sadly fail to realize is that people dislike Kenya because of her nasty, very nasty disposition. Her personsibility is horrible. She is rude, crude, cruel, a liar, mean-spirited and petty. Her inside is so ugly that is is hard to notice anything else about her.

  27. Vivica Is Trash says – reply to this


    Re: ptt – Don't believe everything you read. That story came from the Daily Mail and they LIE all the time. Trump hates the President for Christ sake so why is what he thinks some kind of validation over what everyone in the world is supposed to think about Kenya Moore? Believe it or not Kenya has fans overseas as well from Europe to Africa. Vivica IS 50 so why is it that every rapper she's been with has blasted her for her stank attitude? I haven't heard not ONE celebrity man that Kenya has dated in the past come out and blast her. Now THAT says a lot to me!

  28. Vivica Is Trash says – reply to this


    Re: Nancy – WOMEN dislike Kenya because she's a beautiful, strong, intelligent, and very opinionated BLACK women who doesn't let others just walk all over her. If Kenya was a weak doormat like Cynthia everyone would praise her. What you to realize is that UGLY women HATE PRETTY women who are opinionated. It makes them extremely insecure and threatened. To everyone saying Kenya can't get a man. Watch it now. She might take your man. Boom!

    Kenya had no choice but to build up this wall since her mother hurt her. Most of the women coming after her Kenya look like trash. Overweight, basic, bad plastic surgery, cheap Dollar Tree wigs, stank spandex black suits that don't fit right, wide noses, etc…I haven't seen any women come after Kenya that I would call "respectable." NONE.

  29. Vivica Is Trash says – reply to this


    Re: ptt – LOL! Ain't that the truth! What gets me is that Kenya's haters HATE that she has a growing fanbase! Oh well! Omarosa was cut throat too but you know what? She did have A MAN. LOL. Congrats to her right? Since most women feel that's what defines a woman. I think women who say that about Kenya are saying that b/c they can't find anything else to say about her. That's to validate their own miserable lives. I mean seriously, working at Bojangles with a bunch of kids by random ninjas living in the projects is no life I'd ever want to have! I also don't want to be on welfare. Kenya's haters have HORRIBLE grammar, OMG! Half the time I can't understand what these idiots are saying!

  30. Fred says – reply to this


    Vivica Fox is just another bama APE that's bitter because black men are not attracted to her. She f'd up her face. Look at her. She's had her share of negative publicity ever since 50 Cent dropped her tired a**. I was appalled at how she threw Shawn under the bus on Celebrity Apprentice. OMG. Talk about a classless monkey!

  31. Wanda says – reply to this


    Miss Moore's behavior and actions have cause people to view her negatively. Nobody cares what Donald Trump thinks of her. Her nasty, cruel, messy personality is widely known, and is likely what stunted her growth in Hollywood. She is just not likeable.

  32. Krystal says – reply to this


    Simply put: Kenya is messy, petty and plays the victim. She is too old, and long in the tooth to be so messy and downright cruel.

  33. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Vivica Is Trash
    There is plenty to say about Kenya other than she is desperate for a man. How about this. She is messy, mean-spirited and petty. Ironically, these are probably reasons no decent man wants her.

  34. Toni says – reply to this


    Here's another perspective: Kenya maybe so mean, and nasty because of the way her mother has treated all her life. Let's not be so hard on her. Keep in mind, according to Kenya, her mother has always disowned her. That would likely make anyone grow up to be bitter and somewhat mean.

  35. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: AmyRe: Tami – Stank breath? How do you know she has stank breath…lol I'm sure if she wanted to be married she could. Your assumptions are not valid.

  36. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – How is someone pulling your hair considered an azz whipping? Porcha pulling Kenya's hair was a sucker move. Kenya would put a hurting on Porcha.

  37. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: Jamie – You are joking, right? Kenya is beautiful!

  38. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: Willa – You sound extra stupid!

  39. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: Nancy Brown – Yes she is!!

  40. Rain1 says – reply to this


    Re: classylady – Classylady is questionable after reading your comment.

  41. Here how I know says – reply to this


    Re: Rain1 – I know some people who work behind the scenes at the show who says Kenya's breath smells like do do.

  42. Fact says – reply to this


    Re: Rain1

    Don't forget she practically begged, Walter to marry her.

  43. bkisses says – reply to this


    get off your knees Vivica they are starting to look bad. but thats what whoring around does to you..

  44. Kinni M says – reply to this


    Re: courtney – I agree totally

  45. JanaBanana says – reply to this


    Kenya seems to bring out the worst in people. That's why Porsche lost her cool and attacked her.
    She better watch her back with Miss V, she is barking up the wrong damn magnolia right there!

  46. Venus says – reply to this


    Re: tannaz – so you're saying physical assault *is* ok. Don't get it twisted and think you aren't condoning physical violence when you pay lip service to it being wrong and then, in the very next breath, say that Kenya "need to be put in her place." That is *exactly* what abusers say to their victims. Wife-beating husband to cops: "I had to put her in her place." etc.

  47. bonewatt says – reply to this


    why Kenya don't have a man. All that so called long hair, and she still don't have a man running his fingers threw it. I can't believe that C. Bailey was joking about Nene hair, when she don't have any herself. Why don't Kenya try to get her some commercial with shampoo or hair coloring or something. She act like she's the only black person in the world with long hair. Grow up and get yourself a husband because you're not getting any younger.

  48. salyers says – reply to this


    Mr. Trump should have said"kenya, you're TIRED