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Chihuahua Loses Friend To A Car… And Refuses To Leave Her Side

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Aww! This breaks our heart!

Lauren Kribbs of Houston, Texas once saw two stray Chihuahuas playing together and it filled her with love.

Here's what she said:

"They just played, and it made me happy to see them. I have a Chihuahua of my own."

But one awful day she noticed that one of the pups had died — it had been struck by a car. But even sadder was the fact that the other dog had dragged its friend to a side of a park and would NOT leave the dog's side.

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Lauren said:

"He kept trying to wake her up. It broke my heart…This morning, he was still there, and somehow I had to help him."

The woman decided to use the internet to potentially find a home for the heartbroken pup, and she has found a temporary foster home for the pup — although a permanent one is yet to be had.

But through it all, this pup's mourning of a friend has made Lauren Kribbs a believer in certain things. She said:

"[It] reinforces my faith in humanity. It puts another thought in your head that dogs aren't just animals without feelings. It shows they mourn just like we do."

Aww! We sincerely hope this Chihuahua is able to find a solid home ASAP.

A dog with a heart of gold deserves at least that!

Check out the original heartbreaking video (below) !!!

[Image via ABC7 News.]

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13 comments to “Chihuahua Loses Friend To A Car… And Refuses To Leave Her Side”

  1. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Do we know what shelter this pup is up for adoption for at?

  2. 2

    Re: Lindsay – Good question, although the story says the dog is with a foster, which is usually a private home. Had a friend in Dallas who used to foster dogs until they could go to their "forever" home.
    Mods this would be a great idea if you could post a link how to adopt this cute dog for those who are interested. Sadly I live in a no dog building myself.

  3. Alex says – reply to this


    Can anyone please tell me where this pup is at I would love to adopt him I have a jack Russell and I feel so sad for the dog maybe he needs a loving home
    Anyone thanks

  4. 4

    Hopefully this creature can show some LOVE, COMPASSION, HONESTY & RESPECT, something a Kardashian will NEVER DO

  5. 5


  6. tom says – reply to this


    Why didnt she try to help them when she first saw them. How is your heart filled with Love seeing 2 strays. I would have saved them before this happened

  7. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: tom – Same thing i was wondering! or when she saw one of the dogs get hit she waited a whole day before helping it! I have picked up so many dogs off the street and found them a home… and if i see a hit animal i take it to a vet that i know will help! but leaving one there next to a dead dog is just not… idk

  8. HoustonPet Rescue says – reply to this


    So GLAD this story is getting how there - HOWEVER…
    The TRUTH is…. the hero in this rescue is the lady rushed to get him after her brother saw the post on Reddit, and she is giving him a home indefinitly and all vet care. Apparetly, Lauren Kribbs, the lady who posted about the terrified little dog protecting the poor and unnecessarily dead dog on Reddit watched those dogs play by the side of the road for DAYS, as she says herself on the news video, and did NOTHING until one of them got hit by a car!! As a rescuerer myself, I don't think loose dogs playing by the road is cute, sweet, or anything remotely kind or sensible to watch. Amazing no one is pointing that out. If she had rescued them or called for help immediatly upon seeing them, the other dog would probably still be alive.
    Amanda Luckey and her brother are the real heros here, and she isn't even mentioned in this article.
    I'm glad people are getting to see this story - but get the facts right!
    NOT READY FOR ADOPTION — Additionaly, the dog has medical issues that need to be treated and are being treated by the rescuer before it can be adopted - which is stated on the live interview she and her brother did on the Houston morning news show at
    6:30 am 1/8/15, and is posted on the KTRK web site.
    abc13pup @ gmail.com is where you can write for the facts.

  9. Ann says – reply to this


    Poor pup has heart worms and other medical concerns. If you have the means to donate to his medical fund, please do!

  10. Bite_Me says – reply to this


    Re: HoustonPet Rescue – And you're adopting it?….no?….making a donation to it's heart-worm treatment?….no?
    It's easy to talk shit when you've make no contribution to the situation, obviously if the young lady was able to take the dog in she wouldn't have bothered seeking 'help' from the public, but instead the story give self-righteous goons with narcissistic-personality-disorders and platform to smack their gums together.

  11. NYC_DogRescuer says – reply to this


    Re: tom – Exactly! You don't just walk by two stray Chihuahuas… It's just awful. The whole story left a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. Bite_Me says – reply to this


    Re: NYC_DogRescuer – Is that the same bad taste you get after sucking dog dick?

  13. Gordon Roberts says – reply to this


    I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on Chihuahua care , here is the link