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Dr. Phil Is Getting Sued For Making A Paranoid Stalking Victim Look Like A Mentally Ill Paranoid Stalking Victim On National TV

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Well, this is an odd story.

Dr. Phil is facing another lawsuit, and this one is just crazy!

A man named Matthew Barasch is suing the talk show host for, in his opinion, making him come across as mentally ill when he appeared on the show last year.

While the Attorney is aware that his paranoia may have come across as a bit strange to viewers, he's suing because he only agreed to appear on the series under the stipulation that he be treated fairly; an agreement which he said was not followed.

[ Video: Dr. Phil & Uncle Poodle Talk The Mama June Scandal! ]

Matthew believes that he's being stalked by government officials, police, and just about everyone in between, and is now suing Dr. Phil for $100 Million for trivializing his situation.

And not only does his story sound scary, he even goes as far to say that he thinks police planted meth in his home!

We feel bad for Matt that he looked a tad delusional on TV, but his case against his stalkers isn't entirely farfetched.

Ch-ch-check out the segment and decide for yourself (below)!!!

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12 comments to “Dr. Phil Is Getting Sued For Making A Paranoid Stalking Victim Look Like A Mentally Ill Paranoid Stalking Victim On National TV”

  1. H says – reply to this


    "Doctor" Phil exploits these people for his celebrity, so he deserves every bit of this.

  2. 2

    Isn't paranoia in an extreme form like here a mental illness? If so then IMO the man has no case.
    No lover of Dr. Phil here although he is entertaining when I have watched him, but if this man had watched any episodes he should have known what he was getting into.

  3. ed.pedde@gmail.com says – reply to this


    I have been thru his so called therapy, Oprah may suck his dick but I do not It destroyed my life.

  4. Abby says – reply to this


    This guy was clearly a bit crazy pants and delusional. He took simple tasks like a lot of cars turning in a short span, seeing people out at 2am (hello, he was still out so why wouldn't anyone else do it), and someone standing on a corner as proof he is part of this large internet game. He was definitely paranoid, I hope he sought help or perhaps his decisions have gotten worse without help.

  5. MichJB says – reply to this


    Whatever training he used to have, he gave up to be a media whore. If it wasn't for the Oprah/WalMart crowd listening to his psycho babble, he'd be just another unknown strip mall therapist.

  6. Bill says – reply to this


    Several years ago, I was an undercover investigative reporter who appeared on the show with a minor fake "issue." After 16 hours of script, coaching, and rehearsal, we appeared on the show. When I went off the script to test Dr. Phil he stopped the live show and kicked me off the stage. In fact, I feared for my safety, especially since he charged out of his chair, fists clenched, and came after me. To make a long story short, he is a paranoid, fake, megalomaniac. Cannot believe that people still believe his pre-taped show (it was 6 months before it actually aired) is real. He cuts and pastes, does voice overs, etc… But then again, suckers are born by the millions here in the U.S. and people only believe what they see in the media and then try and live it.

  7. Kitty says – reply to this


    im sorry Matt feels like a victim. Abuse of meth can led to paranoia and complete delusional thinking. Dr Phil offered help, did he take it? More interested in knowing that. Matt expressed his thoughts, beliefs and his story-looking through all that "evidence" doesn't change a thing. Matt doesn't want to believe he has a problem. He wanted to tell his story and not take advice or get help.

  8. Matthew Barasch says – reply to this


    Re: Bill – Bill read my reply to your Abby, it was intended for you. Thanks brother. Matthew Barasch

  9. matthew barasch says – reply to this


    Re: Bill – Bill contact me. matthewbarasch@gmail.com

  10. matthew barasch says – reply to this


    Re: Bill – Bill, this is Matthew from the Show, e mail me matthewbarasch@gmail.com

  11. 11

    I am being stalked also. Trust me, it is unbelievable to me and sounds crazy yet it happens daily. Police, firemen, homeland security and military join in. Not sure that it is sanctioned by the higher ups but they do this to me while on duty. Thank you Matt for standing up for Targeted Individuals everywhere.

  12. Grace Onzo says – reply to this


    Firstly, I proudly state that I have known Matthew for approximately 45 years. Matthew has always been an extremely intelligent honest man. He is a well-rounded balanced professional attorney who stands out amongst his peers. I regret the fact that he openly admitted to Dr. Phil that he had dabbled in meth. I say this because it was obvious to me and to the audience that after he stated such, it was quite apparent that Dr. Phil was completely and immediately convinced that Matthew was experiencing paranoid delusions. Matthew did not get a fair presentation on this television show. I will explain why I feel this way. At no time did the doctor offer any kind of in-depth investigation into Matthew's claims of evidence. He only offered for Matthew to undergo treatment for delusional paranoia. There was no Offer for Dr. Phil to hire any private investigators. There was no talk of an in-depth research or study of Matthew's evidence. Dr. Phil did however decide to play Monty Hall, when Matthew asked the doctor if he could contact the FBI. The doctor initially replied by saying he could not guarantee the FBI would investigate, but if Matthew agreed to undergo therapy / medication for delusional paranoia that then Dr. Phil would make a deal and that deal consisted of him asking the FBI to investigate. Honestly I don't think Dr. Phil will ask the FBI to investigate. Because he said he would ask FBI people or FBI people who were retired. What?