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Mini Home Improvement Reunion Will Make Those Nostalgic For The 90's Super Happy!

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Tool Man Taylor is back with his original television family!

Tim Allen is the star of the show Last Man Standing these days but he used to be the star of one of the biggest shows from the nineties called Home Improvement and his TV wife and TV son from that show recently made some guest appearances on his new show!

And it was all so amazing!!!

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Patricia Richardson went on Tim's show and appeared on it this past Friday and it was especially the interaction between the former fake man and wife that had our head spinning!

Here's how our favorite exchange of the night went down with Tim Allen's character speaking first and then Patricia's and rinse and repeat:

""Wow. Have we met before?"

"You do look vaguely familiar," she replies.

"You like tools?" she later asks him.

"Not as much as I used to," he says.

"I've got a million things to fix around the house. My idiot husband thought he was quite the handyman but mostly he just set stuff on fire, blew things up and complained about my cooking," she said.

"Sounds like a fun Tuesday night," he says.

"You should try putting up with him for eight years," she replies. "Eight long years.""

Total references to Home Improvement were happening where Tim Allen played a superstar handyman with a show about power tools!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas played the son of Patricia Richardson's character on the Friday night aired sitcom and made this reunion even more special than we thought it could ever be!

Check out Patricia Richardson and Tim The Tool Man Taylor in a special televised reunion down (below) and a photo of JTT up (above) !

[Image via Twitter.]

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3 comments to “Mini Home Improvement Reunion Will Make Those Nostalgic For The 90's Super Happy!”

  1. 1

    I always hated this show because I always thought it was so stupid how the wife just stays home like a fucking idiot not minding that her husband goes to work with slut whores who are objectified. In real life what wife would be ok with that, and in real life what husband or man would stay faithful. I think this show sent out the stupidest message ever. plus the show wasn't that good at all to warrant a mini reunion. Who's going to watch it? no one even remembers it.

  2. 2

    Love Tim Allen but never watched the show. It would be nice if you would post this ahead of time by a day or two so if people want to watch they can.
    pollopicu, I was married for almost 33 years and had no problem staying faithful because I was married to my best friend and soul mate. Many people do not cheat. I miss my husband to this day (he passed away 6 years ago).

  3. 3

    Re: pollopicu – My aren't you a bitter bitchy troll; apparently one portion of the program which you have conveniently forgotten, is the "fucking idiot" who's husband works with "slut whores" went back to school and garnered her degree in Psychology with the support of her husband. This is not an unusual circumstance in current times. Invest in some psychiatric help, you warrant it.