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Mike Huckabee Questions Barack Obama's Parenting Skills And Love Of Beyoncé, But Praises The Duggar's Family Values!

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"We really care what Mike Huckabee thinks about the President's parenting skills," said no one ever.

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Former Arkansas governor and Fox News talk show host, Mike "I hate Jay Z and Beyoncé with a passion" Huckabee turned some heads and caused spit-takes when he called Mr. Carter Bey's "pimp" in his book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.

In the self-penned pages, he wonders how Sasha and Malia could be exposed to the music of Bey, and how President Obama and Michelle Obama could encourage their love of Yoncé.

Here's what he had to say in a recent interview:

"That's the whole point. I don't understand how on one hand they can be such doting parents and so careful about the intake of everything – how much broccoli they eat and where they go to school and making sure they're kind of sheltered and shielded from so many things – and yet they don't see anything that might not be suitable for either a preteen or a teen in some of the lyrical content and choreography of Beyoncé, who has sort of a regular key to the door."

Hmmm, let's figure out this conundrum, Mike!

Maybe they like Beyoncé because she's an incredible modern woman who has embraced her sexuality in creative endeavors, and not a pilgrim from the late 17th century silently whittling a chair!

We think that if Mike had his 'druthers, Drunk in Love would be renamed Sober in an Arranged Marriage.

However, in a not so surprising twist, Mike loves the Duggars' parenting skills:

"I've pointed them out as an example of something that's wholesome and wonderful and I've known them since Jim Bob was in the legislature when I was governor. Should I run, I'm hoping they'll do it again. And now there's more of 'em!"

Of course, the 19 Kids & Counting family campaigned for him in 2008.

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5 comments to “Mike Huckabee Questions Barack Obama's Parenting Skills And Love Of Beyoncé, But Praises The Duggar's Family Values!”

  1. reader52 says – reply to this


    Duh, of course. He's a partisan religious fanatic. He needs to stop writing books, they're al the same. The man has nothing to say that's worth listening to.

  2. 2

    I agree with him about Beyonce but more about her lack of education and her distortion of feminism than her lyrics. And I totally disagree with him about the Duggars - there is nothing wholesome about legislated discrimination.

  3. cough_hole says – reply to this


    With Perez it's like:
    Being gay is great, it's almost perfect, but display any other moral values that do not promote homosexuality, then you are wrong! You are then essentially the embodiment of evil!
    (I bet you never thought this about yourselves…)

    With the pro-gay mentality, not even need to try to understand other mindsets! Homosexuality must have all the answers to everything a gay being should need! (probably even for the non gay being…)

    But, let them time.. would you!?.. to take control over even more of the aspects of our daily lives. It is the only politically correct choice to make… As if you ever have the choice since the PC rules the country.

  4. chas holman says – reply to this


    Governor Hukabee's 17 yr old son was fired from his job and faced possible conviction for tying a dog upside down in a tree, beating it with a bat and then slitting it's throat. At the time the Governor declared 'oh, it was just an old stray anyway'. My goodness, the man is the last person I would ask advice from on parenting skills. There is no moral authority there at all.. Zip.

  5. I'm Conjuring OldLady says – reply to this


    Probably related to the fact the father had repeatedly abused the son and the son's mother. The son may have very well surprised his parents having sex too, and this at a very early age. The father sodomizing the mother, or the contrary, the mother with a harness and a huge black dildo… while he or she were attached to the bedposts!

    For the part where he slitting the poor dog. Well, no need to look further, you simply have to look at what Ed Gein, an homosexual serial killer (the real leather face), has done with the skull (a bowl of food for his dog) of one of his female victims.

    Unfortunately, when someone is devilish, we cannot do anything against its will… That is the price that humanity must pay for its right to the free will between good and evil.